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Pokemon of the Week #10: Farfetch'd door Richard and Blaziken op zo 02 dec 2012 05:00:00 UTC

Welcome to this week's Pokemon of the Week! In our tenth issue, we will be highlighting one of my favorite Pokemon. This week, we'll be covering Farfetch'd


In the competitive community, Farfetch'd is about as much of a joke as you can get. Luvdisc at least gets Swift Swim, which allows it to double it's Speed after using Rain Dance, as well as doubling the power of it's Water attacks. Dunsparce has Thunder Wave, Glare, Serene Grace, and flinch moves to take advantage of it, turning it into a mini-Jirachi of sorts. Hell, even Stunfisk has unique typing.

So what does Farfetch'd have for it's niche in the outcast Pokemon? Farfetch'd has... Stick. Which is even less useful than just slapping a Choice Band, Choice Scarf, Focus Sash, or Life Orb on him and calling it a day. Farfetch'd has terrible stats, a type that is so overdone that it's probably one of the top three most common typings in all of Pokemon, a weakness to Stealth Rock (not that it matters), and so little utility that it will never see it's way out of the Neverused tier, and will never even be used there.

All of that aside... I love Farfetch'd. I think it has an awesome design, and it's one of few Pokemon that carries a weapon, useless as it may be. Farfetch'd is the Knight of the Sky, a true guardian and warrior, and it refuses to give up. Underestimate it at your own peril, for the DUX will not rest until it has layed the leek down on your candy ass.

Competitive Corner

All delusions aside, using Farfetch'd in any battle, ever, is a suicide mission. It has one utility -- to Baton Pass stat boosts to Pokemon that have a chance at beating other Pokemon --, but it's outclassed by... anything else that can do this. A weakness to Rock, Electric and Ice makes him extremely vulnerable to being knocked out in a single hit. Farfetch'd can utilize it's immunity to Ghost and Ground attacks, and possibly the resistance to Grass and Bug attacks, but every other type not mentioned will hit it for neutral, and if it's backed by any power, will probably OHKO the bird.

Ch'Ding Special
Farfetch'd@ Focus Sash / Leftovers
Inner Focus
Jolly nature (+Speed, -Sp. Attack)
EVs: 252 Speed / 252 HP / 4 Defense
Swords Dance / Substitute
Baton Pass
Return / Aerial Ace

Farfetch'd can really only do one thing, and it doesn't do it amazingly. Agility is your overall best bet for the first move to use. Not only is passing Speed almost always useful, but it helps ensure that you get the Baton Pass off after using it, since you'll probably outspeed what you're facing next turn.

In the second slot, you have Swords Dance or Substitute. This is mostly filler, since Farfetch'd generally will not live long enough to pass more than one boost. However, if the opponent, for whatever reason, switches out of you as you use Agility and your Focus Sash is still intact, you can attempt a secondary boost before passing to the recipient of your choosing. Swords Dance, especially coupled with Agility, would make many physical sweepers happy. Sawk is a great example of a Pokemon that would benefit greatly from these boosts in NU. Substitute is another great thing to pass, as it blocks from status attacks, though most Pokemon would probably just opt to attack Farfetch'd.

The last slot is just in case you're Taunted or Farfetch'd is your last Pokemon. Return has a solid base power of 102, and is backed by STAB. This move, however, will do no damage vs. Ghost types, and for that reason, Aerial Ace is a usable alternative, at much less power. Not that it really matters, as Farfetch'd is not meant to attack anything anyway... but it's something to keep in mind, I suppose.

One final note about this Farfetch'd is that Baton Pass is a move that comes from XD only, so Defiant is illegal with it, as well as Egg moves.

Mighty DUX
Farfetch'd@ Stick
Adamant nature (+Attack, -Sp. Attack)
EVs: 252 Speed / 252 Attack / 4 HP
Brave Bird
Night Slash

Why would you ever Baton Pass to a lesser Pokemon, when Farfetch'd exists? Equipped with it's powerful signature Stick, Farfetch'd will break everything in it's path. Brave Bird shows Farfetch'd's true strength and courage, leaping at the foe and knocking them out in a single blow. Return will teach Electric types to switch into the DUX. When there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, DUX comes and kills it with Night Slash. Revenge breaks cold Steel types and evil Rock types in a single attack, smashing them in the name of justice.

The power of this Pokemon is unmatched, leaving nothing but death in it's wake. Farfetch'd is the law, and those who dare to break the law will be broken by His powerful leek.

In-Game Information

This majestic duck can be found on Route 1, only when they are swarming, where their levels range from 15 to 55. It is recommended that you capture one at level 45 or less, so that you won't have to use a Heart Scale to re-teach Night Slash. If you're going to raise a Farfetch'd in-game, you're probably named Richard and have some sort of weird liking for this underdog Pokemon. Nevertheless, here's what I'd recommend:

Brave Bird / Fly
Night Slash
U-Turn / Fly / Cut

Brave Bird provides Farfetch'd with his most powerful STAB attack. Return is mostly for Electric types, though they're likely to outspeed and OHKO you if you don't have a significant level advantage. Night Slash kills off Ghosties. The last slot is completely filler, as without Egg moves, Farfetch'd's movepool is extremely limited. U-Turn allows Farfetch'd to escape to another party member while dealing damage. Fly and Cut are options to use if you need an HM slave, and those two moves on one Pokemon are extremely helpful.

My Thoughts

Okay, it's not the strongest, fastest, bulkiest Pokemon, and it doesn't have a niche that isn't filled by many, many better Pokemon, but you know what? I like it. At it's core, Pokemon is about training Pokemon that you like, Pokemon you can bond with, and Pokemon that you become good friends with. And that is Farfetch'd in a nutshell. He's a protector, a friend, and a Pokemon that you can count on... in any situation except a battle. But he would give his very life to protect yours, and you should do the same. Stop killing Farfetch'd for their delicious meat, and start loving them for their wonderful... delicious soul.

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SirBlaziken op zo 02 dec 2012 15:47:10 UTC.
Not bad, I may have to raise one.
op ma 03 dec 2012 13:07:05 UTC.
You make it sound like its good :P
Avian op za 12 jan 2013 18:42:05 UTC.
shadowappleknight - the idea that this rather simplistic pokemon can mess a team up isn't an idea that's entirely


op zo 10 feb 2013 07:53:58 UTC.
Farfetch'd is the law and its gonna use its leek to break things? Must be the Pokemon version of Joeno and his banhammer. Farfetch'd is gonna "Stick" it to the man. So how about we "Stick" with it on our teams? See, Rich has "leeked" some serious info about Farfetch'd's power. You can't be down in the "ducks" when you lose, Farfetch'd can save you from that. For when you feel your team is bad and you are very depressed, you should go see a "ducktor." Farfetch'd is your ducktor, and he also helps with leeky noses.

But Farfetch'd is nothing more to me than a rare Pokemon. This made it "duck" less than it actually does, but I'll keep killing Farfetch'd for its delicious meat, and I hope Farfetch'd isn't an expensive dish because then the cost would have to be put on the "bill." And vegetarians can eat Farfetch'd too because it has a leek and that's for vegetarians. Or it's a side dish. If you cook a Farfetch'd you have the main course with a side of leek, so that would be worth it. So why did the Farfetch'd cross the road? To prove he's no Torchic. Well, Farfetch'd has a uno-brow, but I like it I guess. I say you shouldn't steak Farfetch'd for granted,
CharizardMasterBall op vr 15 mrt 2013 02:50:37 UTC.
This is kinda pointless... As said in the start, it will never make it's way out of the NU tier.