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Starting at the beginning, an EV (or EP) stands for Effort Value (or Effort Point). EV's are given to your battling pokemon when you defeat another pokemon in a battle. They are not received from Rare Candies or Day Care Training.

Pokemon either give out 1, 2 or 3 EV's. Usually, the higher up the evolutionary stages the pokemon is, the more EV's it gives (Eg. Ralts gives off 1 Special Attack EV, Gardevoir gives off 3)

Each pokemon you have can receive up to 510 EV's. These can be spread throughout the pokemon's stats to give them a boost of up to 63 extra stats in each category (Speed, HP, Defence etc..). Each stat can gain 255 EV's, meaning you can max out the stat of your pokemon in 2 stats. But since 4 EV's = 1 stat point, that means you will have an extra 6 EV's to place how you like, without affecting the maxed out stats. You can use these 6 EV's to add one stat point to any stat category that isn't already maxed out.

If most pokemon give out 1 EV, that means you will have to fight 252 battles with your chosen pokemon to reach that stats maximum!

Wait! You can use certain techniques to cut down the amount of battles you need to fight. For example, drugs such as Carbos, Iron and Protein each give the chosen pokemon 10 EV's per meal. Each pokemon can eat up to 10 of one sort of drug, meaning you now only have to fight 152 battles (252 - (10x10) = 152)

You can cut it further! By using the hold item "Macho Brace" pokemon gain double the amount of EV's meaning 152 soon turns into 76 battles, and that takes no time at all!!

Any pokemon that participates in a battle gains the full amount of EV's as if they were actually fighting themself. You can EV train a low level pokemon using the EXP. Share this way, as they will get the same amount of EV's as the one at the head of the party. If the lead pokemon is holding the Macho Brace, the pokemon holding the EXP. Share will not receive double the EV's.

Now that you understand (hopefully) how EV training works, you can go out there and try it for yourself!

Good EV training spots

HP: Rusturf Tunnel - Whismur give off 1 HP EV each, and there is nothing else in there!

Attack (Sapphire): Mt. Pyre 1st Floor - Shuppet give off 1 Attack EV, and there is nothing else there!

Attack (Ruby): Route 114 - Zangoose and Nuzleaf both give off 2 EV's in Attack!

Defence: Underwater (Sweet Scent recommended) - Clamperls give off 2 Defence EV's.
Petalburg Woods - Silcoon and Cascoon both give off 2 Defence EV's.
Granite Cave - Aron and Geodude give off 1 Defence EV.

Special Attack: Route 113 - Spinda give off 1 Special Attack EV.
Route 111 - Roselia and Oddish both give off 1 Special Attack EV

Special Defence: Abandoned Ship - Tentacool and Tentacruel give off 1 and 2 EV's respectively. They are the only pokemon in there! Surf or Fish for them.

Speed: Route 118 - Zigzagoon and Linoone give off 1 and 2 Speed EV's respectively. Elektrike gives off 1 Speed EV, Manectric gives off 2 Speed EV's and Wingull gives off 1 Speed EV.

Another way off cutting down EV training is with the virus "Pokrus". It doubles the EV's gained per battle, so combined with the Macho Brace, quadruples the original amount gained. EV training done in no time!

About the amount of stats you gain per level up, just because you fought 8 Zigzagoon holding the Macho Brace won't mean you will gain 4 Speed stat points. It all begins to show more when you gain more and more EV points. When you first start, you may not notice it much, but after say, 200, you will. Another factor is Base Stats. If the pokemon you are training has 100 base Attack, you can expect a much larger bump in Attack each level than one with a base Attack of 60. Don't worry, you will gain all the stats you trained so long to have by level 100!

Don't forget to check with the Ribbon Lady in Slateport so you know when you have maxed out your Effort Values. She will give you an Effort Ribbon when you do.

There is no way to find out EV's apart from counting, which can be annoying, but trust me, it's worth it.

If you wish to check your pokemon's IV's after EV training, I use this calculator.

Thanks to Dan for this!

Page written by Psythor.

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Boggypete on Wed 29 Aug 2007 07:13:06 UTC.
Same above and you forgot that if you have Pokerus and fight pokemon that give 2 EVs then it will only take 19 battles.
Champ on Sun 13 Jan 2008 23:50:19 UTC.
So if you have a 4 pokemon with you and 3 of them have the exp.share and they all have pokerus and you use the first one to kill say a starly do all the pokes in your team gain 2 ev's?
Dyexzos the Deoxys on Fri 14 Mar 2008 21:27:43 UTC.
No a pokemon has to be in battle.
Lion Demon on Mon 03 Nov 2008 18:28:28 UTC.
Do A Sinnoh 1
Lion Demon on Thu 23 Apr 2009 19:54:59 UTC.
on Tue 11 Aug 2009 16:29:20 UTC.
The calculator link doesn't work anymore, Dan. :[