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By Psythor

What is wrong with the Pokémon internet these days? A year ago the Pokénet was a huge place, thousands of sites and loads of "proles". Since then, most of these sites have shut down or expanded to be an "animé" site. What that basically means is the owners can feature the delights of Dragonball Z and Cardcaptors, have a paragraph of information on each and get loads of visitors. Meanwhile, PKMN.NET has quietly grown into one of the biggest Pokémon sites (in volume, not visitors) online.

What really makes me mad is that for the past two years, I have spent most of my out of school life working on the site your reading now. That is not exaggerating, I enjoy what I do, but I'm really annoyed with crap sites. I'm talking about the Micro$oft of websites. These few Pokémon sites that are left, which are effectively the competition have NOTHING good about them.

PKMN.NET has in-depth content with most things, notably the RPG's. These two-sidebar-nice-looking-heading-picture sites have just a page or two on each game (which for the record are usually "cheats" and information like "there is 100 new Pokémon". Grr!

One major thing that annoys me is the organization - or lack thereof, of these sites. How these webmasters can remember that "cheats.shtml" is in fact a list of gameshark codes for Pokémon Puzzle league copied and pasted from some other site is beyond me.

Look at the address for the page you're reading now. That may not mean much to you but the numbers all mean something, and they tell the page to look into a database for the content. This is all managed by a highly flexible content management system. This isn't a worry for us.

News updates. *shudders*. Admittedly PKMN.NET used to be like this but all these generic sites simply have a huge list of their "news" managed by the ancient Newspro. But the content of the updates get to me, "sry pikachu65461 and gplem321 r moving hosts so ill be down for a week", or worse still, "theres no news but ive got my new dell computer its really slow hahahaha lol lol lol, aim me if you wanna talk....", over and over.

Perhaps the one thing that *pisses* me off the most, is something Mr Miyamoto would be proud of. NO ORIGINALITY AND INNOVATION! These sites are all the same. Where as PKMN.NET innovates in every new layout by incorporating new web-designing skills, these people just make their sidebars different colours! Look at what PKMN.NET's done in the last 3 months; membership, allowing you to customize the site (which is still be made even more customizable), forum integration (look up), fanfics, send-to-friend, printer friendly version, soon V-Cards, and some of the best quality literature your going to find on Pokémon!

So reader, do what's right and use PKMN.NET as your Pokémon source. Pokémon UK: Because everything else just plain sucks�.

Page written by Psythor.

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