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For months now, PKMN.NET has offered many services for people who have registered only. This is to make PKMN.NET more interactive and to make submitted content - such as fanfics - easier to add to the site itself.

Of course, members who return regularly to PKMN.NET will learn more about the way PKMN.NET runs and may want to be promoted. In this page, I aim to explain who does what at PKMN.NET and how to earn yourself a new position.

Let's start with members of PKMN.NET. Members of PKMN.NET who post at the forums will have a post count, MPL and a profile. Members can also submit fanfics, suggest movesets and nicknames for Pokémon, and these will be rated and added to the site itself.

Mods are given control of one or more of the forums. They can edit or delete posts but are expected mainly to make sure everyone's aware of the rules and that they aren't broken. Editing and deleting should only be done if it will not affect the rest of the thread or if the post is intentionally controversial. In rare cases, entire topics can be removed.

Global mods are the same as mods except that they control all the forums. Global mods are rare because of the effort and trust needed and because they're not as necessary as ordinary mods.

Staff members write content or submit artwork to PKMN.NET. They have access to the CMS; the Content Management System. This was created by Pokedude to allow pages and categories to be added quickly and efficiently to PKMN.NET. Staff members can add pages and edit their own work.

Admins control everything. They have global mod rights and more at the forums. They can edit everything on the CMS. They can change the layout of PKMN.NET or the forums, they can add anything they like to the site and can even delete parts of PKMN.NET if it's necessary.

The PKMN.NET admins - Joeno, Ledyba, Gethsemane and Phil - are constantly in contact, almost always working to improve PKMN.NET. They decide who gets to be a mod, global mod or staff member, and they have the final say in how things work at the forums.

Becoming an admin, mod or staff member depends entirely on which one you want to be and how much effort you're willing to put into it.

Let's start with becoming a mod. If you propose a new board that the admins decide to use and they know you can be trusted, they may ask you to help moderate that one board. Some people who are very active at one board more than the others may be asked to moderate that board. Earning the admins' trust will take a while, though, as most current mods could tell you.

A global mod is very different. Months ago, the admins let several people be global mods as a trial. It did not work, as the mods fought between themselves, which was very unprofessional behaviour. To be fair, all global mod rights were taken away. Virtually everyone resented it, and more than a few people behaved childishly, wanting the rights back.

From that trial, it was concluded that there's more to being a global mod than simply taking care of the forums; there's a certain status that goes with it. New global mods will automatically be resented by the old mods, so you'll only be made one if you're really trusted, you're certain you want to be one and it's felt that you're actually needed to be one.

Becoming a staff members is easier, and actually lets you control a lot more. Simply contact one of the admins (Pokedude, Psythor, Iceduck, Typhlosion or Joeno), preferably via MSN or by email, and explain what you'd like to do for the site - writing content is the usual job - and your work will be reviewed and you will be considered as an official staff member. For an idea of what we want on PKMN.NET and of the quality expected of our pages, check the site itself. Note that this usually means you will not become an official staff member until you have actually written some content for us.

You don't have to write content, though. If you can draw well, then you can submit some artwork to PKMN.NET. Contact an admin if you want to know what to draw.

The easiest way to contact the admins is through the general purpose e-mail address, Of course, if you need to contact an specific admin, here are their e-mail and MSN addresses:

And see our staff list

Becoming an admin is not easy in the slightest. If you're an admin, then you could technically delete PKMN.NET in its entirety. It takes a deep level of trust to become one. Most of them had been working for PKMN.NET for many months, and had been in contact with the other admins the whole time before they an admin. That shows something for the level of trust that is needed to have in admins.

As a reference, Psythor created PKMN.NET, and Pokedude and Iceduck have been around for roughly three years. Typhlosion worked for PKMN.NET long before getting any rights at all, and Joeno worked incredibly hard on the forums and worked his way up through the ranks.

Of course, being a member requires no effort at all, and you can still contribute to PKMN.NET. You can currently suggest movesets, nicknames and submit fanfics. Bearing in mind that there's often a lot of pressure on mods and staff members due to the high traffic in the forums, it's often best to simply be a member.

Page written by Psythor.

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Poison2008 on Sun 28 Oct 2007 12:55:05 UTC.
this sounds good.
Dyexzos the Deoxys on Sat 15 Dec 2007 09:58:38 UTC.
this makes sense to me, earn something, and you might get it! (but don't count on it)
Sir Eggs and Toast on Tue 08 Jan 2008 04:18:08 UTC.
Also, that it is a great deal of work... don't forget the work part. Long hours... and absolutely no considerations. :D
Jack Bradley on Wed 03 Dec 2014 20:17:34 UTC.
How do I submit a nickname for a Pokemon?
Burninator on Wed 08 Jul 2015 18:04:53 UTC.
I don't seem to be able to submit nicknames from time to time b/c I get the message that there are 401 unrated nicknames even if the Name Raters recently rated nicknames.