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As you may have noticed, the site has had a chatroom for a while now. If you want to go there right away, it's quite easy: Just click the animation on the forums pages and a window with a Java client will pop up.

A few errors may come up, most notably the Unable to connect(null) one. This one can have several causes - a firewall that's not allowing you to connect, something temporary that blocks it, security setting that do not allow you to, or other things. You can try again later, that often works.

The quick and short information for those who already have a client they know how to use:

If it doesn't work, it may be better for you to get a dedicated IRC client. For Windows systems, we recommend mIRC. For Unix and Linux, try X-Chat. For more clients, also for other operating systems, check this website.

Setting up mIRC

Chatting and useful commands

There are a number of handy commands you can use while in the chat.
The different looking text such as * Joeno goes off to moderate the forums can be produced with the /me command:
/me goes off to moderate the forums
You can change your nickname with /nick:
/nick OtherNick
You can send someone a private message others can see with /msg:
/msg Joeno Are you really the great Joeno?
There's far more, of course, but this is a start.

The IRC network we are on, ECNet, also has services. These make sure noone else can use your nick without permission, and prevents channels from being taken over. For normal use, you will want to use the following commands:
/ns register
This registers your nickname so that only you can use it. You only need to do this once. Replace password with a personal password you want to use, and write it down. The email address is optional. Do not add the <>'s when entering this command!
/ns identify
This identifies you to your nick. This way, the server knows it is you, and allows you to do other stuff, and doesn't change your nick because someone else isn't using it.

We hope to see you in the channel!

Thanks to theRealOne for some notes I used

Page written by Psythor.

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PikaKing on Sat 30 Nov 2013 03:52:28 UTC.
Good nick for Litwick is kasai
PikaKing on Fri 13 Dec 2013 23:54:42 UTC.
ermm... hello? plz give me moar messages and goto java chat plz ill probs be there
GENGAR!! on Thu 19 Dec 2013 23:48:28 UTC.
how do you post a nickname on nickname rater
Redguy on Wed 07 May 2014 01:53:43 UTC.
Yeah how do u
Redguy on Wed 07 May 2014 01:54:40 UTC.
Any one know how to post names I'm new
Melody The Jigglypuff on Sat 28 Jun 2014 16:03:22 UTC.
am I the only one online?
The_Pokémon_Master on Sat 19 Dec 2015 18:27:21 UTC.
The_Pokémon_Master on Sat 19 Dec 2015 23:15:22 UTC.
Uh I need help
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