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DK shows us his hands.

Here are so questions that people have been asking me about super smash brothers. (Well people @ my school anyway!) 

Question 1 

Will sonic the hedgehog and knuckles be in the game?


No. Because the game features Nintendo characters, and not Sega characters, such as Sonic and tails. But if you want sonic action for the Gamecube Sonic adventure 2 is a good game.

Question 2 

Will there be a camera option for the game? To take screen shots?


Yes. You can do this by going to vs. mode, special melee. Camera melee, but you need a controller in port 4 to take pictures. That means player four will have to be cameraman!   

Question 3

Will this game be available for x-box and/or Playstation 2?


NO! Because this is a Nintendo only game! Because the smart people that made the game licensed the game to Nintendo only! Sorry guys!


Question 4

Will Turok (the dinosaur hunter) and/or Ash (the Pokémon trainer) be in the game?


They are not playable. But they may be trophies in the game. I don’t know yet because I haven’t got a full trophy set.

Question 5

 How many fighting-fighting grounds are there?


Well you start you start of with one. (Pokemon stadium) But as you progress though the game you get Pokémon floats. Were you have to jump from Pokémon float to Pokémon float. Note: FOR TRUE SMASH MASTERS ONLY!

Question 6

Is there a way to play with just Pokémon things in? Those other items really get on my nerves!


Yes! A way to do this is 1st player as Pikachu 2nd player as Jigglypuff 3rd player as Mewtwo 4th play as Pichu. Or mix and match to see who is best with which Pokémon! Set the playing ground to Pokémon stadium. And go to item set the items on Pokéball and set it to high. And let battle commence!

Question 7     

Okay forget all the rubbish Pokémon such as Marill and Staryu! What Rare Pokémon come out from those Pokéballs!


Note:-Don’t read on if you want the rare Pokémon to be a surprise! Okay the rare Pokémon are:- Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Lugia, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Ho-oh, Mew and Celebi! But you need to do something special for Mew and Celebi. I cant remember what you do for Mew and Celebi! But I know you need to do something special for them!    

Last question.

Okay if I put my super Mario, Zelda or Pokemon game in the Game Boy advance and use the link up cable? To get extra battlegrounds and items?


No! Who ever told you that is a liar! And don’t risk it since you might screw up your game!

Okay that’s it! I hope that puts all those stupid rumors at rest! But if you have herd any other rumors that you need to know the answer to e-mail me at !

Okay bye bye people!


Page written by Psythor.

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Shateon on Sun 24 Jun 2007 18:53:14 UTC.
The only game that will unlock you anything is Pikmin, which unlocks you the Captain Olimar Trophy if you have game data from it in the same memory slot as your SSBM game data. (PROVEN AND IT WORKS!)