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This is an important-ish event in PKMN.NET because it was the first Wifi Tournament hosted, and our very own Vanguard Ike decided to host it.

What's the purpose of this tournament? Quite simply, dear fellow; to have battles over wifi like we would have in NetBattle. Only with the upgraded DP engine and this time, we're pitting our very own in-game Pokemon with each other. It's a lot of fun, really, watching a monster plow through everything after a few Dragon Dances.

The tournament started back in May 20th; about two weeks (14 days) after the topic was started. A total of 24 competitiors signed up for the Tournament by that point, and the first round ended June 3rd - at least, that was the original intention. Due to only one or two battles getting done, Ike decided to extend the Tournament date by a week (June 10th) and if no one got it done in that time, then he'd go around eliminating people based on activity, skill, and in some cases he used a random number generator. Also, due to lack of competence in getting battles done, Round 2 lasted another two weeks. Round 3 lasted another week because of everyone being busy and the fact that Abael did not show up for battle... at this moment, Ike is currently trying his best to get ahold of him.

The rules are very simple. They are as follows;

*Later changed to three legendaries per team, to give newbies more options

The tournament rules were criticized by Dan Dan for the lack of Sleep Clause, especially after his loss. As a result of losing, he made the Dan Dan cup, which will be covered in a different page (hopefully).

And now, some more information.

The Competitors

The First Round Battles

The Second Round Battles

The Semifinal Battles


More will be added later.

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raging rhyno on Thu 12 Jul 2007 11:55:14 UTC.
plssssssssss someone tell me how to sign up for these battles and hw to fight!!!
swampertboy on Tue 17 Jul 2007 19:22:28 UTC.
i dunno how, but i wanna join in! HOW DO YOU JOIN
b1g on Tue 17 Jul 2007 23:29:45 UTC.
you can't any more >.
torterra_king on Sun 05 Aug 2007 18:58:08 UTC.
wow thats so cool
on Sun 19 Aug 2007 17:32:32 UTC.
I missed mashing people with my dragonite
JDer on Thu 11 Oct 2007 23:21:42 UTC.
how do you join????
Arisu on Sun 14 Oct 2007 10:54:58 UTC.
Wow,that is cool!!Well i just started my pokemon diamond and my pokemon are at level 40
Urownstupidity on Thu 17 Jan 2008 23:52:56 UTC.
hey guys im back, any1 wanna battle?
Laprabi on Thu 21 Feb 2008 20:23:27 UTC.
I wanna join!!!
arceus493 on Tue 01 Apr 2008 23:05:23 UTC.
Why do you not tell what pokemon they use!?
The Mighty Pidgeot on Sun 07 Sep 2008 18:26:32 UTC.
Wobbuffet is an 'uber'?
Demon Chicken on Fri 26 Dec 2008 18:42:44 UTC.
of course he is he can mirror coat or counter and kill all ubers. I had a level 76 wobbuffet and it killed a level 100 raquaza in one hit.
Jps101 on Mon 25 May 2009 14:00:14 UTC.
Dang! I wish I had joined PKMN net earlier...I wanted to battle. Oh well. There's always next time.
manikandan on Tue 12 Mar 2013 07:19:04 UTC.