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AliceBlaze on Sun 11 Nov 2007 08:02:03 UTC.
Has anyone noticed that most of them are the same as in the advance generation?
pochama-chan on Mon 12 Nov 2007 15:31:47 UTC.
wth!? is that a shiny sneasel!?
on Thu 15 Nov 2007 17:00:04 UTC.
No. Sneasel just had funky colors back then. Look at Raikou and Unown.
ameiliaketchum on Sat 17 Nov 2007 14:55:09 UTC.
ya they do look like the advanced thing. WAT THE... SNEASEL IS BROWN!!!!! WHY IS SNEASEL BROWN!!!
Zy on Tue 27 Nov 2007 13:13:53 UTC.
Apparantly, Pidgey is bigger than Lugia.
mura on Tue 18 Dec 2007 10:21:13 UTC.
And mew is a devamp of the pokemon emerald back sprite. >(
Zowayix on Sat 22 Dec 2007 14:19:00 UTC.
actually, all of these are devamps of the adv gen.
Joeno on Sun 23 Dec 2007 00:17:53 UTC.
No, those are not devamps. The advance generation back sprites are almost all just the GSC back sprites, updated to their art standard.
flameyblaze on Sun 23 Dec 2007 16:33:59 UTC.
the mew one is the correct one as i have one on g/s/c
on Mon 07 Jan 2008 07:53:49 UTC.
Their all the same form the R/B/E ones because they revamped one, like Joeno said. I love them! =D
AlphaBetaDelta on Mon 21 Jun 2010 00:24:40 UTC.
Yeah, most of the Advance sprites are just recolours of these.
Pokesilver22 on Tue 15 Dec 2020 19:21:33 UTC.
Waaaiiiiitttt.... does this mean that your rival has A SHINY SNEASEL?!