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Eight years of PKMN.NET Articles: CrystalScizor10 | A mod's perspective
So PKMN.NET is now 8... Wow that�s quite a long time considering I�m only 16 now. I�ve only been a member for about 3 years so I can�t compare my time on the site to others that have been on far longer. However, I have seen quite a few things and I�m going to run through my favourite times on the site as I�ve had quite a few twists and turns, hope you enjoy it.

When I first joined the site, I thought it was just going to be another boring old forum, not that I knew what a forum was then, but anyway. I was browsing the forums and noticed something slightly peculiar. There were these crazed lunatics running after these other guys. The first guys appeared to have �Mods� written on them. The second �RULEZBREAKERZ�. I didn�t quite know what to make of that, so I carried on browsing.

I came across a board that interested me, and I went in it. I fell flat on my face in a room with cages, bars, you name it. It had everything you�d ever think about in general. �This is madness. THIS IS RANDOM RANDOMNESS!� This certainly was the strangest place I�d been. While I was traversing my way through stands and shacks of different topics, a stand got my attention; �Brainiac: Science Abuse�. There was a delightful girl here called �Lottie� apparently. She was nice. Talked a bit to me and became my first online friend, aww. So we got talking about Brainiac and other things and-- hey, wait, you're not interested in this, are you? No? Didn�t think so. Let�s get to the good stuff.

There I was. A black room. Well, it would have been a black room if I didn�t have a blindfold over my eyes. I had no idea where I'd been taken to. These �Mods� I talked about earlier kidnapped me and took me here. I was browsing the forums, walking through the Team Building sections of the huge PKMN.NET City and then grabbed, knocked unconscious and taken to this strange room. No idea what had happened. It was all very dramatic.

They began interrogating me, shouting questions at me. Questions I didn�t know the answer to. They forced me to listen to �It�s a Small World� on repeat for several hours. It was horrible! They kept slapping me, like in those interrogation movies. I mean, we were even in black and white! There was also that random guy with the moustache... Joeno maybe? I mean, he�s ALWAYS there isn�t he? There was also another guy in the room with me. Apparently he was called William. He looked like a pirate, so he was automatically cool in my book anyway.

I was then asked by Joeno, �Yo, how�d you like to be one of us, dude?� I had no idea what to reply with. Panic mounted and I screamed �YES� in the hope that my torture would end. How wrong I was. I was given the job to moderate ten forums, TEN! What did I do to deserve this? That William guy also got a moderating job. We had our fun of drunken nights on desert islands that he took us to on his pirate ship. Good times. Well, I proceeded with this �job� and was given the lovely �Mods� jacket that I�d seen many times. That very one I�d never thought I�d wear because I was a randomer, barely posting.

From this Moderatory job came my arch nemesis... Rex. He has been conspiring against me for years. Even before I was given this. He knows I�m out to get him. He�s already stopped me from getting an admin status. Not only that, but I bet he�s plotting my downfall right now. When I became a Moderator, I got to do many new things. Such as use the �LOCKER� button that shoves people in their lockers and locks them. I could also now remove posts and chase those �RULEZBREAKERS�! I felt awesome. Then it hit me, I could strike fear into anyone I wanted with the raise of a fist.

After a while, I got promoted to SUPREMEGLOBALOHMYGODZ MOD where I was able to do MORE things! What�s more, I became the first person to be promoted on YouTube! Pretty spiffy, eh? Mushroom was promoted in person while I was floating high above the sky on a plane. I�d discussed how I was to jump out of it and make a super �10/10� dive with triple twist somersaults and then land safely... I got trapped in the propellers when I jumped. Oops. I noticed Rex, my ever-watching nemesis, was prowling around; trying to find any opportunity to call me his usual insult �Emo� and I managed to get a glimpse of his post count... I screamed at my monitor �IT�S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND!!!� which attracted a lot of attention from my family who proceeded to ask �What, nine thousand?!� Bet you didn�t know my family were Dragonball Z fans, did you?

Being at PKMN.NET, I met Kay. She�s my princess. You know what happens to princesses? No? What the hell do you mean you�ve never played Mario? Not even Zelda? Dear God... They get kidnapped of course! I�d been given a letter (with the usual �ALEX obtained the LETTER!� Pokémon text) that said:

�Your princess is in my castle, emo.�

I knew exactly who this was. I�m sure you could guess too. Rex. Swiftly, unprepared, like a lot of other heroes such as Mario who just run to certain areas and do their stuff, I had to just fight my way through the castle. All I did was step through the door and I was in the final room. The following fight went as follows:
�I knew I should have installed that maze of cows... or released the cows of distraction.�
�Rex, shut up and give me my princess!
�You�ll never survive the Astley!�
The constant Rick Astley links Rex spewed out were hard to come by. I tripped and hit my head. To my horror, Rick Astley was in front of me and opened his mouth. Dear God no, he belted out his all too familiar song �Never Give You Up�.

The battle begins. Rex uses the power of Rick Astley to swing a few large strokes with his cheap rip-off of Ganondorf�s sword, now engraved with �Emocrusher4�. I was grounded. Rex yelled his usual trash talk.
�NEVER!� I screamed back and blasted out My Chemical Romance�s �Welcome to the Black Parade�.
The shock took Dark Lord Rex back. He lifted his sword one last time and swung it down. He stabbed himself to escape the music, drowning out Rick Astley. I�d beaten him, but this was only a beginning. I found a note at the end of the room.

�The princess is at another castle.�

Trust those references. I give up.

And now, I live in constant fear of Rex returning. At any moment he could appear and emo my account to hell. Ah well, at least I got this written witho�

- End Transmission -

Page written by Anarcree.

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Sappy on Thu 10 Jan 2008 16:47:38 UTC.
epic alex, very epic =D
Dragonpika on Thu 10 Jan 2008 17:14:26 UTC.
Fine, LEAVE me to rot in Rex's castle =[
Mushroom on Thu 10 Jan 2008 20:13:17 UTC.
Yay for mention!
on Fri 11 Jan 2008 05:25:48 UTC.
Emocrusher4... xD Poor Kay... she must be smelly...
Kuranai on Sat 12 Jan 2008 14:47:54 UTC.
Awwwwwww CS10 has a crush on Kay... how sweet.
BlackStatic on Sun 13 Jan 2008 06:40:28 UTC.
That was epic. All I can say.
Veyka on Mon 14 Jan 2008 02:20:00 UTC.
Haaahahah! Very funny =P I dont think Mizz Hyper hyper, aka Kuranai got the bit where your dating Kay =p
Dragonpika on Tue 15 Jan 2008 18:15:56 UTC.
Nah, it's just a crush. He'll get over it =P
on Tue 12 Feb 2008 16:07:54 UTC.
..Very... Erm... Interesting. So they seriously randomly asked you to be a mod even though you barely posted? There's something odd about that...
Anarcree on Mon 18 Feb 2008 21:04:24 UTC.
I posted a lot in Team Building. Barely anywhere else however. I mainly hung around the Games boards and helped people out. However, I was only known by my Team Building buddies (and James and Mike since I met them). I mainly put that in to be ominous and such. All a bit of fun.
Neon Nocturnal on Sun 11 May 2008 16:56:02 UTC.
Oh Alex...T_T That's the scariest story I've ever heard!