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Sprite Resource FireRed/LeafGreen: Shiny Pokémon | The shiny versions of the FRLG sprites
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Pokemon rox on Fri 13 Jun 2008 02:38:08 UTC.
Those look so awesome!!!
Leafdapple on Fri 13 Jun 2008 15:12:55 UTC.
Why is there a Teddiursa?
Joeno on Fri 13 Jun 2008 15:16:04 UTC.
Because, for some insane reason, Nintendo changed the Teddiursa sprite in FRLG.
ld12278 on Thu 14 Aug 2008 15:58:08 UTC.
I caught a green oddish, but I gave it a Sun stone so I now have a purple Bellossom
treehugger0123 on Mon 25 Aug 2008 16:47:06 UTC.
i caught a gold rattata on my lg game then caught a red ratticate later on in the same game
Powerforce on Sat 06 Dec 2008 23:50:37 UTC.
My brother caught a shiny Magikarp and evolved it into red Gayrados =]D
The Shrub Dragon on Sun 22 Feb 2009 12:05:52 UTC.
Mew looks so cool
Gallade rulez on Fri 17 Jul 2009 19:58:31 UTC.
I caught a Shiny Sentret and evolved it into Shiny Furret!
LanceWest1 on Mon 27 Jul 2009 16:29:48 UTC.
i caught a green zubat and it evolved into a ping golbat who looks amazing
Avian on Tue 22 Dec 2009 17:43:10 UTC.
I have a shiny Zubat too! I'm going to evolve it but I'm not sure what a shiny Crobat looks like.
Spriter on Wed 17 Aug 2011 13:41:14 UTC.
They look awesome! My Leafgreen keeps restarting itself when it turns off, so I can't play it properly...
venustoise49 on Thu 24 May 2012 22:44:15 UTC.
has anyone noticed that mew and ditto are the same colors?