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Sprite Resource Platinum: Female Pokémon, Frame 1 | Only female
To use, right click on image and click on "Save Picture As..."
Only Pokemon who gained a new sprite in Platinum appear in this list, for the others, check the Diamond and Pearl pages!

Male only Pokémon
Male only Pokémon
Male only Pokémon

Thanks to The Doctor for these!

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swampert26 on Mon 09 Mar 2009 14:56:28 UTC.
octillery looks weird
swampert26 on Mon 09 Mar 2009 14:57:22 UTC.
magmoarter has a strange "grand theft auto" fell to it.
swampert26 on Mon 09 Mar 2009 14:59:27 UTC.
toxicroak is pointing,carnivine + croagunk looking. palkia + diagla growling at phione
RHiiZZA on Mon 09 Mar 2009 19:25:10 UTC.
Skuntank: Leave me alone, I;m peeing! Chatot: Evil Looks.... Hippo guy 1: Lazy Moo! Duskonir: HUUUG!!! Quagsire: No comment Shellos and Gastrodon: AHHHHHHH
Demelza on Mon 20 Apr 2009 14:10:00 UTC.
lucario looks super cool
Sleepy_Dratini on Sat 22 Aug 2009 10:01:17 UTC.
lickytung: woah! I never knuw that I was so ugly!
RHiiZZA on Wed 04 Nov 2009 17:20:33 UTC.
Abnomasnow- I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO! (From Beavis and Butthead)