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HUGE thanks to Liam for these!

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browngirl on Tue 21 Jul 2009 08:00:21 UTC.
They Look Like Badges To Me!
Liam on Tue 21 Jul 2009 12:44:33 UTC.
All that hard work saving sprites finally payed off. xP Clamperl
ryan bryer on Tue 21 Jul 2009 14:20:43 UTC.
Bulbasaur is wierd. Kakuna is a ball. Zubat is tiny. They all need bodies.
Sizacu on Wed 16 Sep 2009 17:57:18 UTC.
They look rather chibi, imo x333 But they also seem ratehr small D:
Jarl ulfric stormcloak on Wed 14 Apr 2010 15:34:39 UTC.
gulpin: D:
Roxxy the Zangoose on Wed 19 May 2010 23:41:45 UTC.
Surskit is awesome.
HarvestMoonUmbreon on Sat 25 Jun 2011 23:39:38 UTC.
Doduo looks so Cool :D
Zombiekiller23 on Mon 12 Sep 2011 22:20:00 UTC.
Clefairy, Charizard, Articuno, and Omanyte all look awesome!!
on Wed 08 Aug 2012 05:40:59 UTC.
All my revered pokemon... butchered.
Devilicious on Fri 26 Jul 2013 17:17:09 UTC.
-throws the jirachi one about- They seem bouncy...
Guest on Thu 20 Nov 2014 00:23:27 UTC.
*plays around with the eeveelutions sprites* They are bouncy! :3
Lolly on Sat 14 Jan 2017 07:56:26 UTC.
I think they look really good, but I'd guessing some people don't know they're from Pokemon Shuffle :/
TomTord on Sat 11 Feb 2017 17:04:42 UTC.
Lolly, Pokémon Trozei came out on the DS in 2005. Pokémon Shuffle is more like a mobile remake. Since it came out in 2015 with updated sprites and the new gens.
Pokesilver22 on Tue 15 Dec 2020 19:09:33 UTC.
Pokémon has a lot of games I didn’t know about... and I’ve completed almost all the cannon ones!