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Ever since two tiny Snorlax decided to fall asleep in Kanto, Special Pokémon have held a special place in our hearts. They often stand in the middle of the path you're trying to navigate, and the whole world comes to a standstill as nobody appears to realise that Pokémon could either fly over them, or cut down a couple of trees nearby to them.

HeartGold and SoulSilver both have the same four Pokémon which can be found specially within the game. Let's have a look at them!


Sudowoodo, Lv. 20


Hold Item: N/A

Sudowoodo is the first Special Pokémon you will encounter. Battling it is mandatory to the game, since you cannot progress to Ecruteak City without encountering it first. After defeating Whitney in the Goldenrod City Gym, go to the Goldenrod City Flower Shop and talk to the girl there to receive the SquirtBottle. Use it on Sudowoodo at the intersection between Goldenrod City, Violet City and Ecruteak City and you will battle Sudowoodo. Be sure to capture it as this is the only chance you will get in the game of doing so.


Gyarados, Lv. 30


Hold Item: N/A

At the Lake of Rage lies the famous Red Gyarados - the only guaranteed shiny Pokémon you can find in the games. You have to capture or defeat this Red Gyarados before you can progress beyond Mahogany Town. You only get one chance to catch the Red Gyarados.


Lapras, Lv. 20


Hold Item: N/A

During your early travels through Union Cave, located inbetween Violet City and Azalea Town, you may have heard rumours about noises coming from deep within the Cave on Fridays. That's because every Friday a Lapras appears deep within the basement of Union Cave. Even if you capture or knock out Lapras, another one will reappear there every Friday. Although Lapras can also be found in the Safari Zone, this is certainly the easiest way in which to catch one.


Snorlax, Lv. 50


Hold Item: Leftovers (55% chance)

After restoring power to Kanto by delivering the Machine Part back to the Power Plant, go to the Lavender Town Radio Tower and you will be rewarded with a Kanto Radio Card, allowing you to use your PokéGear Radio in Kanto. Go up to the sleeping Snorlax in front of Diglett's Cave on Route 11, put the PokéFlute Radio Channel on your PokéGear and interact with Snorlax to awaken it. While there is only one Snorlax for capture in the whole game, if you defeat Snorlax without capturing it it will reappear in Route 11 after you defeat the Elite Four again until you finally manage to capture it.

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Shinymudkip on Mon 23 Aug 2010 22:55:33 UTC.
4 special pokemon wow
Aurafur on Mon 18 Jul 2011 00:50:59 UTC.
Sudowoodo and the shiny you can get again if you accedentally knock it out and battle E4 again