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Little Brian looked around. Nobody was there. That's because Little Brian has no friends. Little Brian began to cry. Then he remembered; there are always in-game trades in the Pokémon games. This page is dedicated to Little Brian.

The first in-game trade you will find is in Violet City.

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Persim Berry
Nickname: Rocky ID: 48926 OT: Rudy

Goldenrod City

This trade is on the 4th floor of the Department Store.

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Macho Brace
Nickname: Muscle ID: 37460 OT: Jose

Olivine City

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Cheri Berry
Nickname: Billy ID: 29189 OT: Richard

Olivine Gym

This trade is with the Olivine City Gym Leader, Jasmine. After you have beaten her in a rematch, she will offer you a Steelix. You can trade absolutely any Pokémon for this.

Your Pokémon For
Hold Item: Soothe Bell
Nickname: Rusty ID: 26491 OT: Jasmine

Blackthorn City

This trade can only be conducted with a female Dragonair.

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Smoke Ball
Nickname: Doris ID: 00283 OT: Ayana

Pewter City

This trade can be found in the Pokémon Center.

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Wacan Berry
Nickname: Paul ID: 15616 OT: Mondo

Saffron City

This trade is found in the Magnet Train Station with Lt. Surge after you have beaten him in a rematch. He specifically wants a Pikachu caught in Viridian Forest and will trade you a French Pikachu for it.

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Yellow Shard
Nickname: Volty ID: 33038 OT: Surge

Silph Co.

After you have spoken to Steven in the Pewter Museum and received your Hoenn starter from him, he will appear near the entrance of Silph Co. and offer you this trade.

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Dawn Stone
Nickname: Iron ID: 23478 OT: Steven

Power Plant

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Metal Coat
Nickname: Maggie ID: 50082 OT: Lorenzo

Diglett's Cave

After you have defeated Brock in a rematch, he will appear in Diglett's Cave on Saturdays 5pm-8pm. Talk to him and he will offer you this trade.

Your Pokémon For


Hold Item: Passho Berry
Nickname: Hornlette ID: 06845 OT: Brock

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Nigglet on Sun 15 Aug 2010 02:33:12 UTC.
Woah you can get Jasmins Steelix.Omg Do Want with the Exp gain bonus!