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The key events of Season 14:

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Tags: Ash Ketchum

Turtletron on Fri 08 Oct 2010 18:41:50 UTC.
Ash catches a Pokabu
Shayminfan on Sun 10 Oct 2010 17:37:34 UTC.
OMG!! He does?? Maybe he does have good taste in pokemon after all
Turtletron on Sat 30 Oct 2010 10:43:00 UTC.
Ash catches a Smugleaf(Tsutarja)
Victini on Tue 29 Mar 2011 01:26:49 UTC.
@Turtleton: Its Snivy, not "Smugleaf"...
RCJanes on Tue 12 Apr 2011 16:03:09 UTC.
I believe that it is not water, grass, and fire starters anymore but actually water, grass, and fire-fughting starters its ridiculous in my oppinion
Mondo Oowada on Sat 23 Jul 2011 14:30:34 UTC.
Ash hatches a Scraggy.
SirBlaziken on Sat 30 Jul 2011 14:24:57 UTC.
My starter was Pokabu!
pokefan456 on Sat 06 Aug 2011 20:36:26 UTC.
Ash catches Tepig
Ash gets the trio badge
Ash Catches Snivy
Cilan catches Dwebble
Ash battles Trip and losses
Ash gets a egg
Ash Meets Bianica
Ash's Oshawott learns Aqua Jet
Ash Gets a basic badge
the egg hatches into scraggy
ash catches sewaddle
pikachu learns electro ball
sunglasses sandile evolves
pidove evloves into trainquil
ash gets a insect badge
james catches a yanmask
iris catches emogla
bianca returns
axew perfects dragon rage
trip catches timburr and vanillite
ash and cilan catch palipaltoad and stunkfisk
pokefan456 on Sat 06 Aug 2011 20:41:13 UTC.
Exadrill regains loyaty and learns focus blast
Ash catches roggenrola
cilan catches then releases basculin
kenyan's blitzle evolves
burgundy catches snoutland
trip's timburr evolves
langey catches a panwaird
luke catches larvesta

Zombiekiller23 on Wed 31 Aug 2011 21:21:12 UTC.
It is pretty awesome that Ash is able to catch the three starters. Although, I find it confounding that the makers of the show would have Cilan going along on the adventure with Ash and Iris, but I guess it always has to be three people! =)
Whiz Kid Nate on Tue 20 Sep 2011 04:16:20 UTC.
I agree with Ghost96, but also would like to add that in every season, there is Ash(the rash and hasty protagonist) a quick-tempered female(Misty,May,Dawn,Iris), and a Male gym leader who is also a very good cook(Brock,Cilan). And to think that the Unova series is all about "starting fresh".