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In the two years after Black of White, Unova repelled their legislation restricting the amount of Move Tutors in the region, just because. So happily there are more interesting and useful moves to teach your Pokemon. Whilst some might teach your Pokemon for free, if a certain happiness level is reached, others will trade you for shards that you find within the game world.

These Tutors can be re-used as many times as you want, as long as you got what they want.

New Move Tutors

Yellow Shard Tutor
Found: Humilau City

Move Name Type Phy/Spec/Other Shards needed
Snore Special 2
Bide Other 2
Heal Bell Other 4
Knock Off Physical 4
Synthesis Other 6
Roost Other 6
Sky Attack Physical 8
Role Play Other 8
Heat Wave Special 10
Giga Drain Special 10
Drain Punch Physical 10
Pain Split Other 10
Tailwind Other 10

Red Shard Tutor
Found: Driftveil City

Move Name Type Phy/Spec/Other Shards needed
Covet Physical 2
Bug Bite Physical 2
Drill Run Physical 4
Bounce Physical 4
Signal Beam Special 4
Iron Head Physical 4
Super Fang Physical 6
Uproar Special 6
Seed Bomb Physical 6
Dual Chop Physical 6
Low Kick Physical 8
Gunk Shot Physical 8
Fire Punch Physical 10
Thunderpunch Physical 10
Ice Punch Physical 10

Green Shard Tutor
Found: Nacrene City

Move Name Type Phy/Spec/Other Shards needed
Worry Seed Other 6
Gastro Acid Other 6
Helping Hand Other 8
After You Other 8
Magic Room Other 8
Wonder Room Other 8
Spite Other 8
Recycle Other 10
Trick Other 10
Stealth Rock Other 10
Outrage Physical 10
Endeavor Physical 10
Sleep Talk Other 10
Skill Swap Other 10
Snatch Other 10

Blue Shard Tutor
Found: Lentimas Town

Move Name Type Phy/Spec/Other Shards needed
Last Resort Physical 2
Iron Defense Other 2
Magnet Rise Other 4
Magic Coat Other 4
Block Other 6
Hyper Voice Special 6
Electroweb Special 6
Icy Wind Special 6
Iron Tail Physical 6
Aqua Tail Physical 8
Earth Power Special 8
Zen Headbutt Physical 8
Foul Play Physical 8
Superpower Physical 10
Gravity Other 10
Dragon Pulse Special 10
Dark Pulse Special 10

Old Move Tutors

The Move Tutors from Black and White are also in the game, relocated.

Starter Move Tutors, Move Re-learner and Deleter
Pokemon World Tournament

One of the move tutors in the PWT will teach your Pokemon. Water Pledge, Fire Pledge and Grass Pledge, but only to the starters of any generation of their respective type. These moves have special properties that active when used in conjunction with each other in double or triple battles. Your Pokemon must be at full happiness to receive the teaching.

Move Name Type Phy/Spec/Other
Water Pledge Special
Fire Pledge Special
Grass Pledge Special

Next also located in the PWT is the other Move Tutor for the starters, these can only be taught by fully evolved starters and again, if at full happiness. These moves are simply elemental Hyper Beams.

Move Name Type Phy/Spec/Other
Blast Burn Special
Hydro Cannon Special
Frenzy Plant Special

Also located here, and is useful for Pokemon Movesets is the Move Deleter who will delete any Pokemon moves for free, and the Move Re-Learner who for a Heart Scale will tech your Pokemon any move in their level up moveset up to the level they are now.

Draco Meteor Tutor
Opelucid City

After beating the 7th Gym, Drayden will teach any of your Dragon Pokémon (including Arceus if holding a Draco Plate) the mighty Draco Meteor. Once again, your Pokemon must also must be at full happiness.

Move Name Type Phy/Spec/Other
Draco Meteor Special

Legendary Move Tutors

Some Pokemon have special events to learn moves when you take them a special person, this lists how to do it.

Secret Sword Tutor
Moor of Icirrus

In Moor of Icirrus there's a Move Tutor who will teach the exclusive Secret Sword to and only to the event-exclusive Keldeo.

To gain this move bring Keldeo along with Cobalion,Terrakion and Virizion to the moor and you will be met with a man who will offer to teach your Pokemon the move. The move is special in that while it uses the the special attack of the user, it inflicts physical damage to the foe. Other than that, it has no other special properties.

Move Name Type Phy/Spec/Other
Secret Sword Special

Relic Song Tutor
Castelia City

Meloetta, another event Pokemon, also has a special move that can be taught by a Move Tutor. Bring her to a cafe in Castelia City and he will teach her the move Relic Song which will allow her to change forme during battle.

Move Name Type Psy/Spec/Other
Relic Song Special

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