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Find out here about all the other Pokémon Games released over the years. From the more recent PokéPark Wii and Pokédex 3D, to old classics such as Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Puzzle League!

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No, not the card game silly. The N64 photography game. In this, you take pictures of the Pokémon for points. In a way, this game reminds you of Shuckle, its short but very, very cool. In another way, it doesnt.

Heres an oddball game. Talk to Pika through a microphone that plugs into your controller. Pikachu does stuff. We can't really judge this because of Nintendos treat-Europe-like-Tauros-droppings policy well never see it on this tectonic plate.

Another section... combined! Here you can find a page of information on both Pokémon Puzzle League for N64 and Pokémon Puzzle Challenge for Game Boy Color. No jokes this time. Monkey Butler.

The handheld smaller than a Hamster now has its own section, thrillingly. Here you can find out all that you wanted to know about Pokémon Mini...

Here you can find out a bit about the two virtual pets Nintendo bought out, the Pocket Pikachu and Pocket Pikachu Color.

Find out here about the first Gamecube game to include Pokémon- the fight-a-thon that is Smash Bros Melee. Thanks to Donkey, Neal and Rex for doing this.

Also known as Pokémon Trozei!

It's a race, it's a race!

Pokémon for your phone!

Pokémon goes all Arcadey and Pucky!

Heeeeeeeeey yall!

Pokémon on your PC? They can't be serious.

So it's not quite BBC News 24, but it's gotta be better than ITV1.

Pikachu's big adventure!

It's a rumble in the jungle! Well, of sorts.

It's a Pokédex. And it's in 3D! Now, what to call it?