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Some old stuff we don't really want to delete but won't be updating anymore. We're not sure what half of it is either.

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Pokémon Music. Theres more than you think! Here you can find the lyrics (the words), and reviews of some of the Pokémon music out there. There is also a 50.Grind page that is well worth viewing. The interview will be here!

Over the course of a few years, Pokémon has had a number of comics come and go. Here, Donky guides us through the best.

Get Pokémon ringtones for your mobile phone!

Here you can find out what all the different Pokémon-related companies actually do!

If PUK ever interviews anyone, you'll find it here.

Here you can find information about the Card-E Reader and some card lists!

Buy stuff FROM the wonderful people at Amazon and support PUK!

Here you can find out what Pokémon news managed to get onto real TV news, or more specifically, the BBC.

Explore the best of PUK! Although currently this is just a test, where you can explored the games section. *sees Steffan glaring* Which of course, is the best of PUK!

Find out here about some of the different Pokémon merchandise you can spend your money on.

Find here information that doesn't even warrant a section of its own due to its uniqueness!

Basically the same as the GBA Games page, All the reviews we could be bothered to write on the best games from the GCN. So basically, if we haven't reviewed it, its not that good. Unless it is, and we couldn't be bothered to review it, or don't have it. There.

Here you can find out whats going on with the 'mon in different countries around the world. Including the dreadfully exciting, Pokémon Festa!