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Black 2 and White 2 Pokémon


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The new Unova Dex! Unova Dex the second! (66567 views)
Version Exclusives Bit of the eenie.. bit of the meenie.. (11346 views)
Unobtainable Pokémon We even checked in the wardrobe this time.. (15985 views)
New Pokémon Forms Oh no! There's more of them!! (45000 views)
Legendaries Shhhh... (38547 views)
Gift Pokémon You can't eBay them like real gifts (16410 views)
Interactable Pokémon You catch them by sending them friend requests (14025 views)
Pokemon Trades No freebies this time (22956 views)
Swarming Pokémon Grab your net and hope for the best (15535 views)
N's Pokémon They're totally not yours.. (13718 views)
Wild Pokémon Items they bin thieving! (12359 views)
Genesect Things to do with your megabug (15114 views)