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Find out here about the original classics and the games that had us gripped in a non-literal sense a few years ago- Joeno has written probably the best walkthrough for any game ever, here, so you should read it, even if you are illiterate.

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Sentret questions

What level does Magikarp evolve in R/B/Y?
Sentret thinks like it does when its like happy enough and all that
Read more in Sentret issue 75

Can you find a Weedle in the wild in pokemon blue? I looked for hours but could only find it's evolved form.
Sentret thinks you can yes yes but it's very much rarer therer
Read more in Sentret issue 61

can you catch level 9 pidgeotto in viridian forest on pokemon yellow? I looked but i didnt find any
Sentret thinks like maybe why not they might be very very very very very very rare?
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I cannot find a Mankey on my old Pokemon Blue version. Where are they?
Sentret thinks they prefer Red maybe more
Read more in Sentret issue 56

where do i catch a chancy in yellow
Sentret likes thinks it still is hidding deep in the Safari Zone thingy where like you can't really catch it because it's too cuuuuuuute?!
Read more in Sentret issue 53