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Pokémon Emerald was released quite a while after Ruby and Sapphire, so has some new features that are only in this one game.
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Sentret questions

where you can catch chinchou in pokemon emerald? i want one
Sentret thinks like in the faraway sea there's like plenty you knows
Read more in Sentret issue 72

Can you get the prism scale on pokemon emerald?
Ehmmm like they didn't exist then no not yet
Read more in Sentret issue 72

Hi, Sentret... I'm just curious, but what's the fastest speed you can go on Cycling Road in R/S/E? Cheers. ^^
Sentret never goes on the cycling road Sentret prefers the grass with the cute Plusun and Minle ^_^_^
Read more in Sentret issue 62

If i use a cheat in Emerald, can i get a Deoxys?
Sentret thinks like, uh, maybe, but, like, would you want to?
Read more in Sentret issue 59

How do you get Old Sea Map and Mystic Ticket in emerald?
Sentret like thinks there's like special places events like where you get them.
Read more in Sentret issue 56