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Are you a player or were you a player of the greatly done Pokémon Trading Card game made by Wizards of the Coast? Do you find your self in a difficult situation involving having no opponents? Just get a copy of either of these games and experience winning once again, by showing the CPU how bad their deck is. Information pages and a card list? What more could you ask for?

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Sentret questions

hello, can i ask if there are any legendary cards in the tcg game in gamboy that has been released, like legandary zapdos or anything?
Sentret doesn't think he ever seen one of those really...
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Hi Sentret! Do u think they will ever do another Pokemon TCG game like they did on the Game Boy Colour for the GBA with new cards added? Thanks from Ben Travis Stuart a big fan os Sentret (im not just saying that so you reply to my message).
Oooh, ooh, well, Sentret doesn't really know. Sentret hasn't heard much about it, Sentret just knows that there was the one we've gotten here, and that there was another one for the Game Boy Colour that was only released in Japan, but that one's old too, and Sentret really knows of no others.. Sorry..
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What happens when you finish TCG 1 on the gameboy colour? because I didn't find that in the Games section...
Oooh, well, uh, Sentret wasn't in that game.. Sentret thinks you can go on battling and trading and earning cards and battling and so on so that you can build your ultimate fantastic cool best deck!!
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