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PkmnDex and Pokegame

The Pkmndex is Pokemon UK's very own downloadable Pokedex. Packed full of information about your favourite Pokemon. Pokegame is an upcoming new creation from Joeno which attempts to emulate the older Pokemon Gameboy games.

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Sentret questions

Hi Sentret! Do you know how I can make my bagon learn hydro pump? I know you have to breed it with something, but I dunno what.... :(
Sentret thinks like there are lots of dragonish Pokemon that can, like Magikarp and Feebas like maybe at level 100?
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what level does nuzleaf evole on ruby?
Sentret's been told it's the same as on Sapphire
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Where can I find a breeding chart for Poke'mon Ruby/Sapphire? I'm trying to breed a female Garafig (I can't spell) with a male Xatu...and it's not going so you know why?
Sentret grabbed his trusty Pkmndex which told him the two can't breed at all! D'OH!!!
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Where can you catch Houndour in Pokémon Silver? People keep saying in route 7 is this true because I can't find one.
Oooh, ooh, yes, yes, Sentret just checked and Houndour's are at Route 7 - but only during the evenings, because they're only there during the evenings!!!!!!!!11111 So search then! They're pretty rare too!
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