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All the information about all different Pokémon games

The main RPGs, such as the upcoming Pokémon Black and White!

Included here are the spinoff games, such as the incredibly successful Mystery Dungeon series and the infinitely superior Ranger series.

They're big, 3D and full of clanky, slow, repetitive movements. But we love them anyway. In here are the Stadium line of console games, including Colosseum and XD.

Find out here about all the other Pokémon Games released over the years. From the more recent PokéPark Wii and Pokédex 3D, to old classics such as Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Puzzle League!

How the RPGs work - why Pokémon are different, why Hidden Power varies, why a move doesn't always deal the same amount of damage and why that last Ultra Ball can barely miss catching that bloody shiny Onix!

BoltBeaming, Boah and SkarmBliss mean anything to you? No? You're missing out sonny. Just enter here for a wealth of knowledge and information about competitive battling. A step closer to being the best is only a click away! Visit #teambuilding on the chat for more!