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All information about the Pokémon World that does not fit in elsewhere

A collection of sprites from... well, everywhere.

The Trading Card originally owned by WotC and now NOA. R U OK with that?

Another trading game? That figures.

The Pkmndex is Pokemon UK's very own downloadable Pokedex. Packed full of information about your favourite Pokemon. Pokegame is an upcoming new creation from Joeno which attempts to emulate the older Pokemon Gameboy games.

Back in "the day" PUK followed the Walkers Pokémon promotion very closely, partly because it was semi decent merchandise, and partly because it was the only news we had to report on. Anyway. Find out here about the tazo promotion- probably the net's best resource for information!

Find out here all about the British tour of big shops that Nintendo took Pokémon Propaganda to.