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MOVES: Air Cutter

Number of Pokémon affected:2

Special move (uses Spec Attack and Spec Defense)

In-game description: The user launches razorlike wind to slash the foe. It has a high critical-hit ratio.

Move notes:
Increased chance of getting a critical hit.
Power 55 until generation 5


Contest type:Cool

Contest description: Startles Pokemon that made a same-type appeal.

Contest notes:
Startles all Pokemon that have appealed this turn. If the Pokemon appealed with a same type as this move, it is startled for four turns instead.

Super Contests

Contest type:Cool

Contest description: A basic performance using a move known by the Pokémon.

Contest notes:
No side effects.

TMs, HMs and Move Tutors

4Move Tutor

Type effectiveness

Learned by
Zubat--------31312525 or from TM25 or from TM2526
Golbat--------35352727 or from TM27 or from TM2728
Crobat--------35352727 or from TM27 or from TM2728
Skarmory--------29292423 or from TM23 or from TM2323
Pidgey--------By breedingBy breedingBy breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Pidgeotto--------By breedingBy breedingBy breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Pidgeot--------By breedingBy breedingBy breedingBy breeding or from TMBy breeding or from TMBy breedingBy breeding
Farfetch'd------------2121 or from TM21 or from TM2121
Charizard--------------From TMFrom TM----
Butterfree--------------From TMFrom TM----
Beedrill--------------From TMFrom TM----
Spearow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Fearow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Nidoqueen--------------From TMFrom TM----
Venomoth--------------From TMFrom TM----
Psyduck--------------From TMFrom TM----
Golduck--------------From TMFrom TM----
Aerodactyl--------------From TMFrom TM----
Articuno--------------From TMFrom TM----
Zapdos--------------From TMFrom TM----
Moltres--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dragonite--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mew--------------From TMFrom TM----
Hoothoot--------------From TMFrom TM----
Noctowl--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ledyba--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ledian--------------From TMFrom TM----
Togetic--------------From TMFrom TM----
Natu--------------From TMFrom TM----
Xatu--------------From TMFrom TM----
Yanma--------------From TMFrom TM----
Murkrow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mantine--------------From TMFrom TM----
Lugia--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ho-oh--------------From TMFrom TM----
Beautifly--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dustox--------------From TMFrom TM----
Shiftry--------------From TMFrom TM----
Taillow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Swellow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Wingull--------------From TMFrom TM--33
Pelipper--------------From TMFrom TM--From previous evolution
Masquerain--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ninjask--------------From TMFrom TM----
Volbeat--------------From TMFrom TM----
Illumise--------------From TMFrom TM----
Vibrava--------------From TMFrom TM----
Flygon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Swablu--------------From TMFrom TM----
Altaria--------------From TMFrom TM----
Tropius--------------From TMFrom TM----
Salamence--------------From TMFrom TM----
Starly--------------From TMFrom TM----
Staravia--------------From TMFrom TM----
Staraptor--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mothim--------------From TMFrom TM----
Combee--------------From TMFrom TM----
Vespiquen--------------From TMFrom TM----
Drifloon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Drifblim--------------From TMFrom TM----
Honchkrow--------------From TMFrom TM----
Finneon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Lumineon--------------From TMFrom TM----
Mantyke--------------From TMFrom TM----
Togekiss--------------From TMFrom TM----
Yanmega--------------From TMFrom TM----
Giratina--------------From TMFrom TM----
Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM----
Doduo--------------From TMFrom TM----
Dodrio--------------From TMFrom TM----
Ducklett------------------By breedingBy breeding
Swanna------------------By breedingBy breeding
Chatot------------------By breedingBy breeding
Learned by (Forms)
Land Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM
Sky Shaymin--------------From TMFrom TM

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