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Time For Appeals

Posted on Tue 19 Jul 2011 09:31:00 UTC. Back to Season 1

The housemates have just finished breakfast and are clearing up the kitchen.

Big Brother: This is Big Brother. Since this is your final day in the house Big Brother will be asking each of you to do a final voters appeal. You have until one o’clock to record your appeal message in the Diary Room.

Medicham: Heavy man.

Politoed: Yea, doesn’t give us that long to think of something convincing to say.

Chimecho: Do we have to do this; it’s making me feel nervous.

Medicham: Nah man you don’t have to.

Politoed: But, it would increase your chance of winning.

Chimecho nervously plays with her tail

Politoed: I bet you could bring General Jigglypuff in with you to help make the appeal.

Chimecho keeps playing with her tail

Politoed: We could play dress up with him before go in.

Chimecho: Okay ^_^


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