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Psychic? Me Too!

Posted on Tue 19 Jul 2011 13:23:00 UTC. Back to Season 1

Politoed and Chimecho are playing tea party in the garden for the final time; Medicham is practicing his Tai Chi

Chimecho: Hey Politoed?

Politoed: Yes?

Chimecho: What’s Medicham doing?

Politoed: It’s called Tai Chi, it’s a form of martial art. Since Medicham is a fighting-type Pokémon he is rather adept at different fighting styles but since he is a pacifist this is the only one he practices.

Chimecho: Medicham’s a fighting type?

Politoed: Umm… yea. He’s a dual-type; both fighting and psychic.

Chimecho: *gasps* I’m a psychic type too!

Politoed: Yes I know.

Chimecho: Oh… how did you know that?

Medicham: Because it’s pretty common knowledge man, now can you both lower your voices it’s like uberly hard to concentrate on my breathing.

Politoed: Sorry.

Chimecho: Sowee Medicham.

harryheart on Tue 19 Jul 2011 17:25:17 UTC.
Chimecho is just so cute. And it was a cutie as a Chingling as well!