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Trick Shot

Posted on Tue 19 Jul 2011 15:08:00 UTC. Back to Season 1

The housemates are in the bedroom backing their bags in preparation for them leaving the house.

Chimecho: *panicked* Has anyone seen Ms. Oshawott!?

Politoed: She’s right there next to General Jiggypuff.

Medicham: C’mon man how comes I have less stuff than when I arrived?

Politoed: It’s the same here Medicham… I think some of my stuff got packed by other members… then again I know where all my moisturiser went…

Politoed rummages around her bag.

Politoed: Hey Chimecho I think I have some of your brass polish.

Chimecho: Since I evolved I don’t need it anymore ^_^

Politoed: Oh okay… time for a trick shot.

Politoed throws the polish across the room, the polish bounces off the light fixture and rebounds into the bin

Medicham: Woah man!

Chimecho: That was so kewl!

Politoed: I played netball in college, it’s nothing.

Chimecho: Again, again!


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