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A Sit Down With Chimecho

Posted on Tue 19 Jul 2011 19:15:00 UTC. Back to Season 1

Audina interviews the runner up contestant Medicham

Audina: Ladies and gentlemen it’s CHIMECHO!!!

Crowd give her a standing ovation; Chimecho blushes uncontrollably

Audina: So! Chimecho, I think this is the question we all want to know the answer to is how you feel ending up in second place.

Chimecho: Oh, well, you know it’s cool

Chimecho clutches General Jigglypuff very tightly

Audina: I see you brought General Jigglypuff with you.

Chimecho: Ya, Big Brother said I could keep him after the insomnia task.

Audina: And I see that you gave Politoed Ms. Oshawott; you two sure ended up being close in the last week.

Chimecho: Defo, Politoed is the best ever. She was always looking out for me and playing with me and making me snacks and just, well, making me safe. She isn’t a friend she’s my big sister and I will never ever ever lose contact with her.

Audina: Chimecho, you are in a pretty unique position of being the only contestant in Big Brother history to evolve whilst being in the house; what was that like?

Chimecho: Stretchy. I didn’t even know I was gaining experience points… maybe I got them in the tasks… wouldn’t that be cool ^_^

Audina: Indeed, so it’s at this point that we would ask who you wanted to win but it’s a bit redundant now so… what is next for Chimecho?

Chimecho: I want to be just like Politoed and go to college ^_^


Crowd gives another standing ovation

Audina: Right, that is not quite the end of it. I will be going into the Big Brother house itself to interview Politoed and see how she feels about winning the series. See you soon.


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