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Issue 11

what is the point of Team Aqua and team Magma? (and dont threaten me with hugs or i'll chop ur paws off!)
From Superficial Mycosis
Oooh.. hu.. never mind. Poor Sentret wants to keep his poor paws to answer fun questions with.. and the fun of Team Aqua and Magma.. Sentret asked a wise mister, and he said that.. it showed the effffekt of envyromentalisisistic nuts (Sentret likes nuts!) on our ecolologicalllish system.

Dear Sentret, Do you know the gameshark code for GSC that makes all the wild pokemon have max stats, or do you know anyone who would know?
From Farla
Sentret does not like sharks, and does not know of many codes, but Sentret thinks that you can find it on the internet somewhere.

In pokemon silver there is this gy who is truying to sell you something and when you try to get past him he gets in your way and trys to sell you something(but I can't remember what.)Anyway,could you please tell me how to get past him and could you do it ASAP please.Thank you.
From cool chris cross
Is this in Mahogany Town? If it is the one Sentret is thinking of, then you must first beat the local gym leader, and to do that, you must beat Team Rocket, and to do that, you must have beaten the Red Gyarados in the Lake of Rage!
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Sentret.On pokemon silver I tried to catch a Tauros(well I saw one first)but for some reason I could'nt catch him(I think because I was to weak and now I can't find him.Where do you think it could be?
From cool chris cross
Sentret thinks.. Sentret thinks.. Sentret thinks you were on Route 38 and 39! Look there again, but be careful.. it is very very very rare..!

Um,Sentret.How can you talk?
From cool chris cross
Sentret can talk and bounce and play and dance and sing and have fun! Because Sentret thinks that's fun! Just like this cute Meowth Sentret once saw that was also talking!

How many days does it take to a egg to hatch(with a big mother)on Crystal?
From aine
Oooh.. well... it all depends on the Pokemon in the egg, that's what says how many steps you will need to take! Look at the links in the below section for that!!!
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I am the one who asked the Raikou/Entei question, It just popped into annonymous. And pikachu=thunder rock=raichu! But raichu is preety still! Like pichu! And speaking of baby pkmn, how do I make my cleffa happy so it will evolve?
From Brand-New Charmander
Oooh.. uhh.. lots of comments.. Uh.. Cleffa gets happier by helping beat gym leaders, or the Elite four, or in Crystal, by fighting in the place it hatched, or by eating vitamins.. That's a lot!
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well there be pokemon gamecube games????
From mjam
Sentret has just read news about new Pokemon Gamecube games being out!!!!!!! Read the news now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why do Pokemon have Cute names?
From Eddy
Awww.. because they're cute! And huggable! Don't you want to hug them too??

I have just bred a Snorlax egg on my Pokemon Silver, between my friends Snorlax and my Ditto. I've been walking around with it for quite a long time now, and all it says is "I wonder what's inside? Needs more time though..." and never changes. Can you help, please?
From yoda
Snorlax eggs take a loooooooooooong time to hatch, they like sleeping in their eggs. You need to around for a far looooooooooonger time!!

Where do you get your Pokemon to eat?
From Sardiny
Oooh.. well.. we like berries. And more berries. And these new Pokeblocks. And they're all found in the wild too! Yay! Yummy!

hi can you lot please tell me if my ruby team is good i havnt got pokemon ruby yet but have planned my team and can u please tell me if it is good and give me some good moves for each pokemon and tell me 1 extra pokemon i can add seen as i dont know which last one to pick ok bomanda abusoru groudon ragarauji bosugodora
From salman 786
Oooh.. well... Sentret doesn't know much about fighting. Sentret doesn't like fighting. And Sentret doesn't know these weird foregin names. And Sentret doesn't know what moves are good for each of the lots and lots of Pokemon in the game, and can't give all of them here, and Sentret can't help you now and stuff and awwww.

How do I catch Shiny Raikou, Entei, and Suicune?
From Silver Lugia
Sentret heard that you have to be lucky, because whether they are shiny is determined when you release them, and then you won't know until you meet them, and the chances are very small for even one of them to be shiny, leave alone all, although Crystal is going to give you a larger chance for that. But still good luck and hug!!!!

how do i get ho-oh in crystal
From kecleon king
Oooh.. that's difficult. Very difficult. Very very difficult. Very very very difficult. Very very very very difficult. Very very very very very very very very very very very very very difficult. You need to have caught Suicune, Raikou AND Entei on your Crystal cartridge, and have them in your party, and then you must talk to some person somewhere in Kanto, poor Sentret never met him and doesn't really know who, and he'll give you a wing to go battle Ho-oh! Good luck! HUG!!!

Hi Sentret. When do you think you evolve? If so do you thin you will you stop answering questions for PUK? I would hate that(!).
From Anonymous
Oooh.. Sentret's not evolving yet. Sentret's too much of his fun bouncing hugging funny self, and doesn't want to evolve yet! Isn't that fun!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

You probibly dont know the answer but when does pokemon AG start in the U.S.
From Treecko
Oooh, Sentret asked, and searched, and asked and searched more, but found nothing.. sorry.. But he'll let everyone know when he does!!!!!

What do you think of AAML? (I like to ask everyone that question:P)
From kitty
AAML? AAAAAAAAHHHMMMLLLL. Sounds cool. Sentret likes it. What is it?

when will ruby and sapphire come out in australia/tasmania?
From Sakura-chan ^_^
Oooh, Sentret thinks it should be out in Australia already. Yes! So get it now!!!!!!!1111

In Pokemon-Master Quest at he start of the program, when it shows team rocket with a Delibird above them, do they get one???
From evilgidgit
Ooh, well, no, not really. That's an evil Team Rocket Delibird that goes to get money from Team Rocket each time!

In Pokemon-Master Quest at he start of the program, when it shows team rocket with a Delibird above them, do they get one???
From evilgidgit
Ooh, well, no, not really. That's an evil Team Rocket Delibird that goes to get money from Team Rocket each time!

In Pokemon-Master Quest at he start of the program, when it shows team rocket with a Delibird above them, do they get one???
From evilgidgit
Ooh, well, no, not really. That's an evil Team Rocket Delibird that goes to get money from Team Rocket each time!

Where i can get Sentret? this is first time that i play Crystal
From ~' 'omegaeons' '~
Right at the beginning, during the day on Route 29! That's fast, like Sentret!!!
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What is Ash Pikachu age?
From ~' 'omegaeons' '~
Sentret does not know. Sentret never saw anything where they said something about it. Sentret doesn't even know whether they thought of one for him!!

How could I make my cleffa happy so it will evolve? And a misswno/missingno is a virus, it is stinky, icky poopy and yucky.
From Brand-New Charmander
Oooh, there's many many many many ways! Just look here, on the below link, and don't forget to give it lots of hugs!!!
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how do you get celibi
From ryancookgbr
Not! Not anymore! Never on the English version, and years ago on the Japanese version!

on ruby,sapphire can you visit johoto and kanto
From ryancookgbr
Nope! Not at all! In no way! No sir! Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know where to catch Lugia in Silver I know its one of the islands but I cant find him! help?
From kitty
Now, this is kind of a bit hard in a sort of way. Go to the Whirl Islands. THe South..-East one! Then surf and whirlpool and waterfall and go around to deeper in the cave, and deeper, and deeper and you'll eventuatantantually find it!
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Sentret, where is Hoenn?
From 54321
Oooh, well, not where Sentret is, because Sentret is not in Hoenn!!! LOLOLOLOL

how can i get the GS ball in pokemon crystal?
From pokeplaza
You can't! Not without cheating, or having a Japanese version, and connecting your cellphone to it, and then be lucky enough to play and call and do everything when they give it out!!!
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Ooooo! Sentret, why don't you answer me!? We could bounce together! I just wanted to know who your best Pokemon friend is!!! Happy, happy, happy!
From BabyWired
Oooh! But Sentret is trying to answer! He's just got many many many questions he still needs to answer!!! So many that Sentret doesn't even have much time to bounce!!!!!111 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............

Dear Sentret, Is it okay to cheat and use gameshark in your pokemon game if you've already gotten all the pokemon and done everything?
From Farla
Oooh, well, are you not going to battle people? And trade with them? And is it fair for them if they are facing cheated Pokemon if they are playing fairly? Is it fun? Sentret sad now..

why have almost all of the pokemon from Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Crystal disappeared? Most of my favorite pokemon like Tyranitar or Dragonite are gone. This just messes up the whole game.
From Tyranitar Master
Because it's different! And finding different new Pokemon is fun! And it will make sure you don't always use the same, strong, boring Pokemon, but now you must use different ones! It's a new game! Wow!!!!!! Only Sentret is not in it anymore..

what level does togepi evolve into togetic
From scizor
At level 6. Or 7. Or 8. Or 97. Basically, whenever it is happy enough!!!
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Dear Sentret, Where can I find a Wobbuffet and it's family in the wild?
From 54321
Wobbuffet is in the Dark Cave!!!!!111 Didn't you know that??

how old is psythor?
From Kyogre Hunter
Oooooh weeelll, the almighty great cool awesome fantastic webmaster thingie is 16 years young! Isn't that fun?

On pokemon Gold & Silver how do you get Pichu? please tell me Sentret.
From Pokeneo
Oooh, well, it's this thing when a female Pikachu or Raichu meets this special other Pokemon, and then they play at the Daycare Centre, and then you might get a cute little nice Pichu! Awwww.. Sentret wants to HUG it!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Sc... er, sorry, almost called you Scout ^^;; baka me... Well, my question this time is, if there was a big pokemon contest that covered every aspect of pokemon, which type would be best to use, normal, fire, psychic, or something else??
From Tanya64002
Scout? Sentret is not Scout, Sentret is Sentret. But Sentret did know a Sentret named Scout! He was FUN!!!!!! Now, uh, type? Sentret!!!! Or, well, it will depend on the Pokemon, not the type, and every one of them has an advantages and an disadvantages!! So it's very very very very very hard to say just one!!!

Who am I?
From Mew King
You are you!

Which Pokémon is the best
From Mew King
Every Pokemon has its weaknesses, so that it can be defeated by others. However, some are just not fun in battle, because they are not as easy to beat. They're usually angry too!!!!! Just look at Mewtwo and Rayquaza!!!!!! They're not fun!! Sentret likes fun Pokemon more!!!!!! Like Spoink!!! Spoink Spoink Spoink!!

how do you smash boulders on pokemon silver
From cookie21588
Oooh! You just use Rock Smash!! Easy peasy!!!

You didn't answer my questions!!! and you said that you'll answer every question... I'm gonna cry now... ;_; okay I'm done now... why?
From Misty's D
Sentret is very busy, and has lots of questions he still needs to answer. Sorry! It's just sooooo much, and Sentret isn't such a fast typer!!!!11

Can I capture you? Please? You're very cute!!! I'll hug you every day...
From Misty's D
No! Sentret loves to bounce around and go everywhere and be free and have fun and hug everyone!!!

Hello Sentret! I heard a rumour that you can't catch pokemon from previous games in Ruby and Sapphire. Is this true?
From pika2k
Yes. Stupid people didn't include Sentret. Sentret not happy because of that. Go blame them.

what happened with the GS ball? what is inside of it??
From earendil
Sentret doesn't know, Sentret hasn't seen much more than that you have seen on TV! So you'll probably just have to wait to find out!!!

how old is misty?
From cool arse
Oooh.. Hmm.. Hmmmmm.... Hummmmmmmmm.... That's a DIFFICULT question you're asking Sentret!! Sentret does not know.. They never told him, and it's impolite to ask a lady that!
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how do i evolve piloswine?
From marie
You can't! Piloswine will stay a Piloswine for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever!

How do I win the contests in pkmn Ruby/Sapphire????
From gold_pidgey
Oooh, ooh, Sentret recently did a bit of this yesterday! Sentret knows!!! Make sure the Pokemon eats a lot of the right berries (Sentret was completely stuffed before he started at the Cutey contest!!!), and use the right moves at the right time, and they'll LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it!!!!!!! We are the champions!!
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How do you get Eon Mail because I want to know what it looks like.
From pokewizard
Sentret thinks you need to be lucky. Very lucky. Even luckier than that. And then use mystery gift, and if you're really really really really really really really lucky, you might get Eon Mail!!!!!!!!111111
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Gold, Silver and Crystal !!! Isn't that kewl???

Where can you catch Houndour in Pokémon Silver? People keep saying in route 7 is this true because I can't find one.
From Chris Spencer
Oooh, ooh, yes, yes, Sentret just checked and Houndour's are at Route 7 - but only during the evenings, because they're only there during the evenings!!!!!!!!11111 So search then! They're pretty rare too!
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I want to know when there will be more masterquestpictures in the episodeguide it is allways advancepictures
From pokemorten
Oooh.. Sentret does not really know these things, Sentret doesn't make those, and the peopleis who do are very very busy now and don't have the time to always do it..!
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Episode Guides !!! Isn't that kewl???

hi sentret! how do i get shiny legendary pokemon? for example i want a shiny lugia, what i have to do is start the fight and if i´m lucky he will appear like shiny??
From earendil
The only advice Sentret can give you is to keep trying and trying and trying and trying and trying and trying!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoneoneoneone

who the hell are you, really, who are you?
From earendil
Me? I'm just your nice, fun, furry, bouncy friend Sentret!!!!!

How do u get celibi without codes
From lawrence
Unless you live in Japan and were very very very lucky, you can only get it through some Nintendo tour or something! Awww, sad isn't it? Poor Celebi.. it has no-one to play and bounce and have fun with!!!! Hug!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 8 badges and am trying to defeat the pokemon leage on sapphire. how do Iget to Pacifidog town? plese help!!!
From jobo100
Sentret has never gone so far.. Pacifidlog is all the way over to Hoenn.. that's far for a poor little Sentret.. but for you, he went searching, and apparently, according to those smart people who do stuff here, you should surf west from sootoppolis!