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Issue 26

Is it possible to stop a pokemon from being affected by attract?
From Typh
Sentret believes being the same gender would help a lot...

Sentret: how do you look when you're shiny?
From Thomasin_19
Sentret looks very very shiny then!!!111 LOLOLOLOL

Sentret: Why can't I submit more --- CLEVER --- names to the Name Rater? I've only submitted three, and that's all I can submit!
From Thomasin_19
Sentret has heard because two hundred other people also think they have clever names that they want to submit...

What are EVs?
From Empoleon Lord
Sentret thinks they've got something to do with how much training and against which Pokemon they've got it or something, but there's smarter people on here who can explain it better :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at Game Mechanics !!! Isn't that kewl???

what are the best berries to make pokeblocks for Feebas?
From The Hitcherâ„¢ - Because You're Worth It
Sentret thinks it's the ones that make him prettier....

I heard you can cross-breed a Plusle and Minun to make something called a Minusle. That sounds incorrect, what do you think?
From Aruka Shinuro
Sentret has never seen one... or heard of one... or had a trainer pass with one when he went to that Kanto place thingy... or at any other time... Sentret doesn't know it :(:(:(:(

I my Pokemon Coloseum game I finaly got Ho-Oh. But every time I try to trade it to my emerald game I get an error message. Is my game broke? or is Ho-Oh untradable?
From silverlugia89
Sentret's not sure... is the error message that it is because Sentret hasn't gotten enough berries to eat? Because Sentret is really hungry now... Or is it another message :(:(

heya sentret, i really wnat pokemon diamond when it comes out, but i dont have a ds, is it worth getting one just for this game? (even though its gonna rock)
From Anonymous
Sentret thinks we'll have to just wait and see until the game is released.... (((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))

heya, i've already used a metal coat on my onix to get a steelix but i need another one to use on my scither to get a scizzor. is there any way to get another metal coat beside trading one?
From *_sully_*
Sentret thinks that there are some magnetic Pokemon that maybe sometimes carry one....!!!!!!!!111 Yay!1!!!!!

How do you catch Deoxys?
From Rayquaza_01
Sentret believes throwing Pokeballs, or Great Balls, or Ultra balls, or so on, usually helps...