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Hey where do you get a bagon in pokemon heartgold
From Reshurott Inferno
Sentret like things after you've lured them in with a loooot of rocks and trees
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at HeartGold and SoulSilver !!! Isn't that kewl???

Hallo Sentret! I'm a New Member here and I'm a LeafGreen, Sapphire & Emerald user. I would like to learn how can I get Pokemon like Mew & Lugia...? These are my favorite Pokemon! I can't find some help on internet... :( So.. Can you help me!??
From Blue Gus
Sentret thinks like you need to be there at the right time... but like not for those old games anymore sad :(:(:(:(

Hi, Sentret! I noticed my previous question was deleted because I was a little ambiguous. Sorry! I'll be more clear this time: Say I have two pokemon, a Ninjask and a Rhyperior, and my Ninjask knows the moves "Substitute" and "Baton Pass". If I have my Ninjask use "Substitute" and the substitute doesn't fade, then I use "Baton Pass" to switch Ninjask with Rhyperior, transferring the substitute in the process. Now, a substitute's HP is 1/4 the pokemon's max HP + 1 and its typing is the same as its owner's but... when I transfer it, will its HP change to match its new owner's? For example, in the situation I just mentioned, if Ninjask had 200 Max HP and Rhyperior had 432, would the Substitute's HP increase from 50 to 108, and would its typing change from Bug/Flying to Rock/Ground? Thanks!
From Sable
Sentret doesn't know but Sentret thinks hugs would make everything alright!!!!!!11 ((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))

What things do name-raters look for in a good nickname? A lot of nickname responses seem to be negative.
From Bruteboii
Sentret doesn't know Sentret was locked out by the name rater Sentret thinks the name rater didn't like the berries he got much....

Hi Sentret! Say we have two pokemon, a Kangaskhan and a Rhyperior. If the Kangaskhan is at 1 HP and the Rhyperior still has the full 400, and the Rhyperior uses Substitute, then it will have a substitute with 101 HP. If the Kangaskhan were to use Endeavor after the Rhyperior uses Substitute, would the substitute take 100 damage (leaving it with 1 HP), or would Rhyperior (which now has 300 HP after making its substitute) take 299 damage (leaving it with 1 HP)? ...Or would Endeavor fail? Thanks!
From Sable
Sentret fell asleep through that... sorry... maybe you like should try to be shorter...? :(:(:(:(

Sentret, why are you so mind-numbingly cute? ;n; I feel really guilty whenever I have to battle one of your kind...
From Reshibam
But Sentret just can't help but be himself... Sentret just wants to be nice to people and get lots and lots and lots of hugs (((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))

Sentret, how come you always say Furrets are mean? ): I think they're really cute, but not as cute as Sentret of course!!! ^____^
From Gochiruzeru
Uhhh like Sentret thinks you never really met them then... :(:(:(:(

where can i get a kings rock in pokemon heartgold.
From pokemaster jay
Sentret thinks like with all the Slowpoke Sentret saw them there lots!!!!
Oooh, ooh, another cool section. Look at HeartGold and SoulSilver !!! Isn't that kewl???

When chaining a pokemon for a shiny, how can you be sure to go in the correct grasspatch on pokeradar and always run into the pokemon you want to chain?
From Anonymous
Sentret wonders whether you could like maybe just be lucky really usually

Can you think of a mnemonic device for memorizing all of the Jhoto pokemon?
From Mightyena
Uhhh Sentret doesn't really like remember all of them without like seeing them really theyre cute mostly though

hey sentret, I need your help. I had a level 40 larion and I found another level 40 larion but the one I trained was way stronger then the one I just caught, why is that?
From Classified
Sentret thinks like maybe like that's how your training like pays off like lots of effort really.

How do you get Ho-Oh in Pokemon Colosseum?
From FieryFlareon
Sentret thinks like you need to get all and beat like lots of trainers first and then you like get it.
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what is the meaning of life?
From kyon

How do I get a Pokemon's happiness to go up, especially if it's traded from another person?
From DeathNearEnd
Sentret thinks like be nice, spend ltos of time and put in nice stuff maybe?

I bought another copy of SoulSilver, I lost the original copy, and I'm struggling to lvl Geodude. My question is this: How do I raise my geodude to 25 from lvl 17? I only have 3 badges by the way.
From Trixter2448
Sentret thinks like battling peoples would like really help?

Is Dusk a good name for my furret?
From Furret_Fan
Sentret doesn't like Furret :(