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Issue 76

How do you evolve a togetic into a togekiss?
From yukithewhitewolf
Sentret thinks with SHINY THINGS

Can a pokemon with Mold Breaker hit a pokemon with motor Drive using an electric move?
From TrailerrHikk
Sentret like things like probably yeah but try it if you want maybe

could you tell me secret pathways in amity sqaure
From reduan
Sentret likes them ^_^

Hi, I'm new to the site and this is my first question...Is it dangerous using a Meganium as support in OU? It has access to aromatherapy which Venusaur can't do. I feel that Meganium is better defensively than a Venusaur because both of its Defense and Sp. Defense but it has a handful of common weaknesses. How would you use a Meganium?
From King Chile
Sentret thinks Meganium is very very huggable ^_^

Magikarp-why? Also why does it evolve into a garados?
From umbreonwheresfezes
Because Sentret thinks it's so cuuuute when it's flopping about!!!!!!11

I can't send a nickname what do i need to do? :S
From SuperMudkipGirl
Sentret thinks you should play until there's room again Sentret likes bouncing on his tail

Hey, Sentret! I recently started an exploration team with a Pikachu, and we're currently accepting new recruits. Would you like to join our group?
From thifer20
Sentret thinks that like sounds nice but like Sentret doesn't know where he'd go it makes him scared.......

i put alot of heart and soul into this party. Jaw (feraligatr), Draco (garchomp), Storm (raichu), Kyo (ninjask),Steel (aggron), Silver (shiny ninetales. Does this seem like a good party?
From altodo96
Sentret thinks like theyd be too scary for Sentret so like Sentret couldn't party there :(:(:(:(:(

Sentret do you know why the name rater is such a jerk to everyone here? (besides the ones he actually gives good reveiws too)
From kkira555
Sentret thinks its because people dont hug him

Dear Sentret,I was just inquiring if perhaps, you could tell me how in the Black and White series, there are no Sentrets. Is this because they are anti-Sentret?
From olololololol
Sentret was never asked to move Sentret is stuck on Route 29 :(

Have you ever been called annoying because you never stop showing up in pokemon games?
From Absel123
Only the name rater does but he can't say much when Sentret is hugging him lots!!!

my silver, crystal, sapphire and ruby versions all have dead batteries. the silver and crystal dont save anymore. is there anything you suggest that doesnt involve buying a new battery?
From snoe
Sentret thinks like not really maybe like just be sad

In pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald, you meet wally,an aspiring trainer whos first pokemon is a ralts. but when yuo catch a ralts its only move is growl... how in gods name did wally train this ralts with its only move as growl?
From runexn
Sentret thinks it would like have been struggling