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General Pokémon Discussion / Gen 8 Favorite Pokemon
« on: April 03, 2020, 17:24 »
It's been a while since i've been here so i'm genuinely curious as to what pokemon people like from the new generation. To be honest, i'm kinda apathetic towards more of the designs. I just feel nothing special towards them (they're still good designs don't get me wrong), but there's a few I like.

-Nickit (Thievul not so much)
-All 3 starter lines
-Galar Darmanitan (it's a beast in competitive)

Sun and Moon / Odd feeling
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:51 »
US/UM was a game I was obsessed with getting for christmas, but now that I have it, playing it feels like a drag. Once I get going it's fun, but it almost feels like a chore now instead of immersive like the originals. Could it be because it feels a lot of the same and doesn't have enough changes like other games in the middle (like platinum), or is it something else?

Also does anyone else get that feeling playing US/UM or is it really just me?

Gaming / Overwatch
« on: September 22, 2017, 00:00 »

It's the newest esports sensation that's sweeping the (many) nation(s). Play as one of nearly 30 heroes with different powers, abilities and roles. It's exploded in popularity and there's a mode for nearly everyone, whether you like to play the classic "capture the point" quickplay, go into the toxic dump competitive, or take on one of the many fun and different arcade game modes.

So who else plays?

Linkin Park lead singer, Chester Bennington, has reportedly committed suicide. I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed but if it's fake i'll lock the topic. Thoughts?

Team Building / Gen 6 OU Keldeo + Pursuit Hyper Offense
« on: December 04, 2016, 17:21 »
Decided to post another team from Gen 6 to have stolen from me jk love you guys people look at and possibly comment on. Only doing this as I am attempting to stay out of gen 7 until I obtain and beat Sun and the meta starts to settle down (hopefully with pheramosa gone). This is another hyper offensive team, however it's slightly different from my Mega Beedrill Hyper Offense team in that the mega that i'm using focuses on bulk and goes more offensive oriented in other areas. Plus, this team runs pursuit trapping, which can chase out different threats if given the chance. Coming in full health on a lati? Bye lati. Starmie thinks it can run away from the OHKO knock off? You're already dead. Weakened opponent trying to switch into a wall? Doesn't matter, pursuit likely wins.

Ok enough on that. This team runs an odd mega choice for Hyper Offense since it isn't exactly super fast, isn't an immediate world beater, and doesn't just die to any super effective hit. You'll see why once we get there. However, this team also runs a potent offensive core of keldeo (usually specs) and pursuit trapping, which in this case is weavile. Many pursuit trappers help keldeo, but weavile meshes nicely with keldeo since weavile covers most of keldeo's weaknesses, and keldeo can break down physical walls weavile may have trouble with.

The Team

Rainbow Bash (Keldeo-Resolute) @ Choice Specs 
Ability: Justified 
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe 
Timid Nature 
IVs: 1 Atk / 30 SpA 
- Icy Wind 
- Scald 
- Secret Sword 
- Hidden Power [Electric]

Ok, if anyone here thinks I like MLP, you can stop reading here. Anyways, Keldeo-Resolute has Secret Sword, with is basically a fighting type psychock. This is great because it can help bust a hole through things like chansey, which usually walls special attackers to hell and back. Scald can help weaken physical attackers that hope to bulk past keldeo (which doesn't happen often). Icy wind is used mainly on a predicted switch into a pokemon like the lati twins or tornadus and to discourage them from attempting such in the future. HP Electric is to help with bulky water types, which tend to trouble this team. Specs gives immediate power but locks into one move, which is fine since most of the time you just mash scald unless it's resisted. Timid helps keldeo outspeed some 110's in some cases that don't run a speed boosting nature.

So Cold (Weavile) @ Choice Band 
Ability: Pressure 
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe 
Jolly Nature 
- Knock Off 
- Ice Shard 
- Icicle Crash 
- Pursuit 

The second part of the offensive core, weavile. Weavile is the pursuit support that puts the freeze on Keldeo's checks and counters (though with mega sableye gone there aren't too many counters if any). Icicle Crash does a nICE amount, and ice shard moves first to deal chip damage if weavile comes in and either pokemon is near dead. Knock Off is extremely powerful and gets rid of items (very good, especially with chansey). Pursuit is key to this set since weavile can usually take a resisted hit (or come in on a psychic type move used on keldeo)and force a guessing game in your favor. The opponent must either stay in and hope to fake you out or simply switch out and take a massive hit. Jolly gives weavile a fantastic 383 speed and choice band boosts its already fantastic attack power even higher.

Everywhere in OU (Garchomp) @ Life Orb 
Ability: Rough Skin 
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe 
Naive Nature 
- Earthquake 
- Stealth Rock 
- Draco Meteor 
- Fire Blast

This is a less conventional garchomp set that capitalizes on Garchomp's great movepool. Earthquake is a standby and SR makes garchomp a fast rocker capable of forcing switches. Now things get a little weird. Draco Meteor is used to surprise teams that assume that garchomp is physical. Fire Blast can surprise switching ice types, or a scizor trying to come in. Rough Skin punishes physical attackers and the spread and nature make garchomp as fast and offensively balanced as possible (though it's kind of hard to when one attacking stat is at 130 and the other 80).

NIN (Jirachi) @ Choice Scarf 
Ability: Serene Grace 
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe 
Jolly Nature 
- Iron Head 
- U-turn 
- Ice Punch 
- Healing Wish

This is the main Jirachi set that has made it live in infamy since Iron Head came about. Iron Head and Serene Grace combines to force an infuriating 60% of flinch. U-turn allows Jirachi to scout. Ice Punch scares away ground types and allows Jirachi to 20% freeze the opponent. Healing Wish is here to give a team-mate a second chance to punch through the other team. Most of the stat boosting via nature and ev's goes into speed to ensure that it can outspeed most of the metagame and flinch them into oblivion.

Mole Knight (Excadrill) @ Choice Scarf 
Ability: Mold Breaker 
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe 
Jolly Nature 
- Earthquake 
- Iron Head 
- Rock Slide 
- Rapid Spin

Excadrill is here to provide fast hazard removal with rapid spin. If there's no hazards, Excadrill can come in and wreck havoc on flying types with rock slide. The spread is to ensure maximum speed and attack power. Mold Breaker is here in favor of sand rush because most of the time, excadrill doesn't need the speed, and Mold Breaker allows Excadrill to surprise levitate pokemon with a nasty surprise. STAB Boosted EQ is not fun to take.

Lissa (Latias) @ Latiasite 
Ability: Levitate 
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe 
Timid Nature 
IVs: 0 Atk 
- Calm Mind 
- Thunderbolt 
- Ice Beam 
- Roost

This is the mega that I was talking about. Mega Latias is decently unconventional for a hyper offensive team, but it works very well. Once check and counters have been weakened or picked off, Latias can come in and mega evolve. It's very bulky and deceptively hard to kill. Calm Mind takes MLatias' special bulk to crazy levels and the special attacking to great levels. BoltBeam Coverage are ran for maximum coverage, even if STAB is not present. Usually BoltBeam is another huge surprise to teams because of the lack of STAB. Roost can help MLatias absorb hits and further boost its' crazy special stats. Unorthodox? Yes. Unviable? Certainly not.

As always, leave a comment below if you so wish to and the exportable version is available upon request. Thanks for reading!

Team Building / RMT Gen 6 Bulky Offense Pillow Pet OU
« on: November 23, 2016, 16:23 »
I know we're a half week into gen 7. However, the meta is not developed, so that means I have time to post the team i'm most proud of atm since it's the first good team I made by myself (barring a few minor edits from a friend, shoutout to Avidity again). This team was built pre-MSable ban so keep that in mind as well.

What is Bulky Offense?

Bulky Offense is sort of similar to Hyper Offense in the way that they both generally don't run dedicated walls (since they sap momentum) and are offensive in nature. However, Bulky Offense differs in the fact of the team structure. Hyper Offense usually runs 6 sweepers in an attempt to overwhelm you by read based play. Bulky Offense does require prediction, however one misprediction won't always land you in serious trouble as would Hyper Offense. Bulky Offense runs 2-3 sweepers, at least 1 good pivot (usually Rotom Wash), and utility. It may look closer to Balance (which with ORAS got blasted out of the meta) than Hyper Offense, but Bulky Offense doesn't run any dedicated walls most of the time since they lose momentum.

ThunderBlunder777 explains this better than I do (his channel is cool, so check him out if you want). Here's the video he did on this team archetype if you want to find a more detailed analysis on this sort of team.

The Team:

Pillow Pet (Altaria-Mega) @ Altarianite 
Ability: Natural Cure 
EVs: 56 HP / 252 Atk / 200 Spe 
Adamant Nature 
- Dragon Dance 
- Return 
- Earthquake 
- Roost

Mega Altaria is the star of the show and what the team is centered around. Fairy return is a very good typing to have since only a few types resist it, and for those we have earthquake. Dragon Dance buffs Altaria's speed to a great level even after only one boost, and makes it's already great attack even higher. Roost is there to restore health if the luxury can be afforded. Adamant nature is there for max power as are the 252 attack ev's. 200 Speed give altaria an acceptable level of speed without most of it being wasted, and the rest are invested into to bulk.

Water Baby (Manaphy) @ Leftovers 
Ability: Hydration 
EVs: 96 HP / 252 SpA / 160 Spe 
Timid Nature 
IVs: 0 Atk 
- Tail Glow 
- Scald 
- Energy Ball 
- Ice Beam 

This is just your standard stallbreaking set for Manaphy. Tail Glow + 3 Attacks. 1 Tail Glow boost scares a lot of stall mons into going into chansey, which means a double switch or free hit can be inflicted (though it's chansey so you may not get too far). 0 attack IV's so foul play does minimum damage. Nothing really fancy here.

Lavasaur (Heatran) @ Leftovers 
Ability: Flash Fire 
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpD / 252 Spe 
Timid Nature 
IVs: 0 Atk 
- Lava Plume 
- Toxic 
- Earth Power 
- Stealth Rock 

This version of heatran is a utility set. Stealth Rock punishes switching (especially for talonflame to try and take advantage of Mega Altaria) and helps net key KO's. Lava Plume spreads burns and cripples physical attackers susceptible to them. Earth Power is for if another heatran decides to be a wise guy and come in to set its own rocks. Toxic is to help discourage stalling pokemon from staying in. The spread is designed to help heatran do its job well, so it has a lot of HP and Speed EV's, with some for Special Defense to aid switching in. Even if it has no SpA Ev's, utility heatran can hit deceptively hard.

Tachycardia (Latios) @ Life Orb 
Ability: Levitate 
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe 
Timid Nature 
IVs: 0 Atk 
- Defog 
- Draco Meteor 
- Roost 
- Psyshock 

Now Latias can fulfill the same role as latias in this case, but I preferred having a bit more of an offensive presence due to my next two pokemon not exactly being the definition of offense. Defog is there to wisk away entry hazards with SR has worn out its usefulness (and you have 50000 hazards on your side of the field). Roost allows recovery from LO recoil and damage if time permits. DM and Psyshock help to punch holes in the other team. If predicted, it can also be a check to pokemon like Azumarill and Keldeo. Be very careful about how you use either lati if a pursuit user is on the other team, because if you KO a pokemon, the other team basically gets a trade. If the pursuiter is smart, they can sack a pokemon that would be not useful in that match and take your hazard removal out, which would not be ideal, so play this smart.

Tangly Tom (Tangrowth) (M) @ Assault Vest 
Ability: Regenerator 
EVs: 252 HP / 8 Def / 248 SpD 
Sassy Nature 
- Giga Drain 
- Hidden Power [Fire] 
- Knock Off 
- Rock Tomb 

Tangrowth is the first of the two pivots (plus it also provides utility) this team contains. Giga Drain is stab, Knock off to get rid of items and HP Fire to scare away steel types. Rock Tomb is where things start to get interesting. This move is great for if a talonflame thinks it can be slick and try to come in on a "lowly" tangrowth and just click nuke. Rock Tomb not only inflicts 4x damage on the winged annoyance, but also slows it, allowing another pokemon to come in (while regenerator restores health) and scare it out/finish the job. Assault Vest allows it to pivot and assist better. Sassy lowers speed and buffs SpD.

Derplicance (Rotom-Wash) @ Leftovers 
Ability: Levitate 
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe 
Bold Nature 
IVs: 0 Atk 
- Volt Switch 
- Hydro Pump 
- Will-O-Wisp 
- Pain Split

Finally, Rotom-W. One of the best pivots (if not the best) that exist in the sub-uber meta. It's your average set for pivot rotom, but by no means is it bad. It's bulky and can tank a lot of attacks that fly at it (if played wisely), plus it's immune to most hazards and ground attacks, giving it 1 manageable weakness. Volt Switch allows the team to gain momentum, Hydro Pump to weaken opposing mons. Pain Split to punish a healthy mon for coming in, and WoW is there to cripple physical attackers. Thunder Wave can also be used in its place.

So this is the team I made with no previous Bulky Offensive experience (and it has since been tested and edited). If you want to give this team a run, drop me a line and i'll shove the pastebin into your inbox here. Leave a comment to give your thoughts (or to tell me to shove off). This may be my last gen 6 team I post here. It was a chaotic gen of extremes (Stall and Hyper Offense mostly ruled ORAS) but it was fun once you figured out how to build a team.

Sun and Moon / Your Sun/Moon Team
« on: November 08, 2016, 00:52 »
Basically here you can tell everyone what pokemon you intend to use from what we know of the pokemon that are in the game.

Here's what I got so far:
Alolan Ninetales

PKMN.NET / Caption Contest Reboot
« on: November 02, 2016, 19:05 »
I know it's been a while (months) since the caption contest has been running, but now it's going again. It's simple: Click here or go under Interactivity and click "Caption Contest". Then click on the set of red words under the first category (Open for Captions) and make funny/witty captions to go with the picture, while staying within site rules. Also rate the other captions. The top 20 (or all of them if there isn't at least 20) go to the final round which everyone votes on which caption is the best. This is done for every picture. So, yeah, click the red underlined "here" or go the other route and submit some captions (or not if you don't feel like it).

Random Randomness / Shoutout to
« on: August 14, 2016, 23:45 »
Basically, if you feel as if someone of a group of someones deserve a shoutout (be for doing something awesome, or a sarcastic one), give it to them here and share the blessings (and curses) they've given to you.

This first one is to you guys here at PUK for the last 5 years here. This place has helped shape me into part of the person I am today, with the people i've met and the conversations i've had. Thanks guys.

Last one (for now) is my mom. I'm a huge emotional wreck right now with anxiety, sadness and anger and i'm finally starting to explore these emotions. So thanks for letting me talk through them with you.

So today I was really bored today and decided to dust off the big 'ol book of pokemon I haven't made a team around. Mega Beedrill sprang to mind, as seeing as it only fits on hyper offensive teams, it gives me a chance to look at this style of play a little more.

What's Hyper Offense?

-Hyper offense is a team composed of mostly, if not completely of, sweepers, wallbreakers, and stallbreakers. Many of these pokemon will have an imposing offensive presence and can take out portions of a team. Some teams under this category can have win conditions (basically a way to "checkmate" your opponent), while they are not required. You, however, can't just slap 6 garchomp on a team and be done, because you'd die to ice. These pokemon need to be able to work together in order to win.

-Hyper offense usually requires you to be able to make good reads based on how your opponent plays, which can include using a move that isn't obvious or double switching, in order to keep immense pressure on the opposing side. This can seem daunting to newer players but it's not bad once you practice a little.

The Team

So now that you know a bit of about what hyper offense is, let's get to the team.

PIERCE THE VEIL (Beedrill) @ Beedrillite 
Ability: Sniper 
EVs: 76 HP/252 Atk /4 Def /176 Spe 
Jolly Nature 
- Protect 
- Poison Jab 
- U-turn 
- Knock Off

Here it is, the star of the show. It's your typical set from the glass bee. Protect allows it to mega without dying to anything. Poison jab is the strongest attack with STAB and terminates fairies and grass types. U-Turn is STAB and helps keep momentum. Knock off removes items and provides utility. This pokemon hates facing steel types (especially heatran) so it requires a little help. Also can revenge kill weakened pokemon very easily, especially psychic types slower than it (which is basically every psychic type except mega alakazam).

Jacksonville (Landorus-Therian) (M) @ Rocky Helmet 
Ability: Intimidate 
EVs: 72 HP / 252 Atk / 184 Spe 
Jolly Nature 
- Stealth Rock 
- Earthquake 
- Stone Edge 
- Knock Off 

The most overused of the overused tier, it's everyone favorite NFL mascot. It sets rocks and gives my team another physical attacker, plus the ability slows down opposing physical attacker, with the helmet further discouraging physical attackers. This pokemon is mostly used for utility and bulk on the team, very useful for dealing with stuff like heatran when given the chance.

Thundercats (Raikou) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Pressure 
EVs: 8 HP/4 Def/252 SpA/244 Spe 
Timid Nature 
IVs: 0 Atk/30 SpA/30 Spe 
- Thunderbolt 
- Hidden Power [Fire] 
- Shadow Ball 
- Volt Switch

Raikou usually isn't the first choice for many OU teams, since most pokemon in OU that are electric types do its job a lot better, making people question its place in the tier. With this team, however, it provides a very helpful bird spam and water check and the special bulk to help support Landorus, as well as said special bulk to have an easier time switching in. At full health, this pokemon can take any one attack from either lati twin and take it out if the opposing is weakened. The special bulk also helps scare off keldeo, lest it take a STAB SE Electric attack Volt Switch also pairs with Beedrill nicely, allowing safer switching.

Tachycardia (Latios) (M) @ Life Orb 
Ability: Levitate 
EVs: 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe 
Timid Nature 
- Defog 
- Draco Meteor 
- Psyshock 
- Earthquake

Ah Latios. One half of everyone's favorite keldeo checking duo. Latios is used for busting hole in the team, checking Keldeo (very helpful) and hazard removal (extremely useful). Earthquake with no investment and timid may seem like a very stupid choice, however, it's a great lure move because pokemon like heatran love coming into an obvious latios defog/draco meteor. So why not play a little mind game with them and punish?

0- Atk Life Orb Latios Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Heatran: 291-348 (75.3 - 90.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery

So with SR up, it would come to just a hair under 19% chance to OHKO heatran on the switch-in if the heatran is not air balloon. Either way, if SR is up, this almost completely makes heatran a nonfactor and can force the opponent to play from behind.

P.S. Tachy is fast. Cardia relates to the heart. So basically it means your heart is beating fast, and a well played Latios can drive your opponent's heart rate up.

Srirachi (Jirachi) @ Choice Scarf 
Ability: Serene Grace 
EVs: 252 Atk/4 SpD/252 Spe 
Jolly Nature 
- Iron Head 
- Healing Wish 
- U-turn 
- Ice Punch

Once again, another extremely overused pokemon with arguably its best set: choice scarf, serene grace and the infamous iron head. 60% flinch rate can turn the tide of battle with a little luck, and can even win battles via ragequitting. U-turn provides momentum, and Ice Punch punishes Landorus/Garchomp/Birds, as well as a 20% freeze chance. Healing Wish allows Jirachi to sacrifice itself to give a teammate a second chance to do its job. However, choice scarf locks you into one move, so choose wisely.

Rainbow Bash (Keldeo-Resolute) @ Choice Specs 
Ability: Justified 
EVs: 4 Def/252 SpA/252 Spe 
Timid Nature 
IVs: 0 Atk/30 Def 
- Scald 
- Hidden Power [Ice] 
- Hydro Pump 
- Secret Sword

Keldeo, yet another OU mon in OU. This pokemon is a key check to Bisharp and Weavile, which this team loves to have. Plus, the raw power of a spec hydro pump can break past many threats to this team, with scald punishing physical attackers with the chance of a burn. HP Ice is here to predict a bird or a lati twin switching in to take advantage of Keldeo. Icy Wind can be used here to basically autowin against a weakened lati, but the lower power and accuracy can pose a little of a problem at time, I.E. RNGesus deciding that you have sinned and deserve retribution.

So what do you think of this team? What are some things I may need to watch for? Do you hate me and everything I stand for? Leave a comment below. I will supply the exportable version upon request.

Gaming / User Invented Smash Minigames
« on: July 12, 2016, 03:06 »
As many people know, there's other things in Smash 4 to do besides just battle. You can set your own rules and make fun little minigames with special goals or conditions, as using jigglypuff and only using rest. Here you can post some of the game types you've invented and the rules in case one interests you.

The Windmill

Players: 2
Character: Little Mac only
Coin/Stock/Time: Stock or Time
Stage: Any (non-moving is suggested)
Items: None
Other Rules: Only air attacks can be used. No holding shield, sidestepping or dodge rolling (air dodging is fine, just don't spam it).
Goal: The objective is to hit all 5 little mac air attacks on your opponent.

What You Do: Basically you can jump, use air attacks and dodge. You want to hit all 5 air attacks on the other person. If you can hit the Nair, Fair, Bair (or Bear as some call it), U-Air, and Dair. The opponent must immediately SD. You must keep track of the attacks you make and be honest. Most stocks taken in the time limit or last person with a stock remaining wins.

I actually drew inspiration from a little mac main I met that fought me with air attacks as well as on the ground (and I lost -_-).

Many legendary/mythical pokemon are grouped in sets of 2-x number, such as the legendary birds of kanto, or the 3 mythicals from Unova. They can also fall under more broad groups (like just the kanto legendaries). They can have different meanings to different people, be it competitive uses, design, or just special moments while playing pokemon games or watching the anime. Which group of these kind of pokemon are your favorite?

I have a few highlights:

First is the Kanto Legendary Birds. Moltres is a bit eh to me, but I really like Zapdos and Articuno is one of my favorite pokemon. They may all be weak to stealth rock, but they can make up for that with utility in battle. They can all run different offensive and defensive sets and can be a boon to teams looking to patch up weaknesses (Zapdos is also featured in many top stall teams but let's not talk about that).

Next up is the Eon twins. I do like the weather trio a lot, but these two have been a boon to me when battling, plus I really liked the Ranger game based around them (Guardian Signs). Latios can kill extremely fast, and Latias has been a great offensive defogger and a great mega to use.

Lastly is my overall favorite grouping, which is the Unova Mythical Pokemon. Genesect is cool, don't get me wrong, but it's what moltres is to me basically. Meloetta and Keldeo are two of my favorite pokemon, with Meloetta being my second favorite legendary and Keldeo just being adorable at the same time. Meloetta was also on my Black 2 team and was a very good pokemon for that playthrough.

So what are some of your favorite legendary/mythical groups?

PKMN.NET / Database Error with PMs
« on: June 22, 2016, 01:38 »
I attempted to send a PM a couple of times to a user involved with a couple of things here, only to get a message saying that a database error occurred and to alert an administrator if it happened again. So I tried to send Joeno a PM regarding this for the same thing to happen. There was no link on the database error page to report it, which is why i'm posting a topic here to report it.

Anyone else having a problem with this?

Older Main Games / White Nuzlocke Run
« on: June 19, 2016, 01:29 »
I decided to do a nuzlocke run of White! I'm currently training for Nimbasa's gym at the time I posted this.

What is a nuzlocke?

It's a playthrough of a pokemon game. However, there are special rules

-You can only catch only one pokemon per route if you have not previously caught it. You may choose to recatch this pokemon but it would be your 1 per route
  -If you faint the first pokemon on a route that you haven't caught, you can't catch another pokemon until the next route.

-You must nickname any pokemon that you catch.

-If a pokemon faints for any reason, it is presumed dead and must be released (or stored in a PC box as I did to keep track of my deaths).

-If your starter dies, it's game over. No redos. No revives. That's it.

My team as of now (levels to come later):
Tidus (Dewott)
Hooke (Solosis)
Dante (Pansear)
Snappy (Sandile)

The Fallen:
Scout (Patrat) (Level 2 - Level 7) - Died to a crit from Cheren

Zuri (Blitzle) (Level ? - Level ?) - Died to a crit from a route 3 trainer

L.C. (Timburr) (Level 13 - ?) - Died to a crit from Lenora

P.S. I hate Crits.

Tournaments / Just for fun ORAS OU Tourney!
« on: June 10, 2016, 22:27 »
So there's been pretty much no competitive discussion here for a while so I figured why not try to start a tourney? We're doing this on Pokemon Showdown, which is a battle simulator that anyone can access (unless you're banned) and use. It's a lot of fun to tinker around with so i'd give it a try.

So here's the rules and clauses in effect:

-6 pokemon are advised but not required

-Your 6 pokemon must come from the OU tier or any tier below that (UU, RU, NU, PU, LC, LC Ubers and NFE pokemon as well as the borderline tiers between them). If you have mega rayquaza (AG) or anything from Ubers, it doesn't matter if you win or lose, you will be automatically disqualified (and possibly shunned). To find out what pokemon are banned, here's the ubers

-You must arrange a time and battle each other within the timeframe given. If you can't make the time, pm me and your opponent and maybe something can be worked out. If you randomly disappear without explanation, you'll be disqualified

-Be respectful. No one likes a sore loser or a braggart of a winner.

-Once your team is used in a battle you can't use another team for the rest of the tournament

-Submit replays to my pm box. No replay = No battle.

Sleep Clause: No more than 1 pokemon can be put to sleep by the other team at a time (rest doesn't count against this total)

Freeze Clause will not be in play due to the super low chances of occurring (though if you freeze 2 mons on the other team at the same time you have the right to mock the other person mercilessly)

Endless Battle Clause: Any combination of moves and items that can force a never ending battle are banned

Species Clause: Having more than one pokemon of the same species is banned (no different rotom forms either)

Evasion Clause: Having evasion boosting moves are banned

OHKO Clause: Using OHKO moves (like Sheer Cold) is banned

Moody Clause: Pokemon can't have the ability Moody

Users Registered:

Round 1:
ShinyBlaziken2000 vs. dragoncat
JSM vs. Poison2007

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