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26 years in charge, 38 trophies under his belt, and he's finally decided to call it a day. He's a good manager - how else did Man U get all those bloody trophies - but this probably comes as a surprise to some.
Who do you think is gonna replace him? Jose Mourinho (whatever his name is idk) seems poised, so does David Moyes.

hahaha i nearly mistyped sprite and put a h instead of pr ANYWAY
yo so i haven't sprited pokemon for a zillion years so i require an excuse to do so
don't expect SUPREME KOALATEE because obviously rusty. i mean i have been spriting recently but not like i used to gosh
what i'll dooooooo
  • mixes
  • recolours
  • trainer sprites/trainerxpokemon mix
  • revamps
  • headshot trainers
  • pixelovers (ie check the metagame spriters topic i did some of those)
uh that's p much it. i can't scratch or devamp for crap. i'm only gonna do 3 at a time b/c supremely busy because a-level student who just failed an exam and has coursework. this is just something to distract me. my sock ruse, if you will.
the sock ruse was a distaction
i have the car

Debate / Horse meat in burgers - yay or neigh?
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:58 »
yes the pun was intended
anyway, recently tesco and many other companies have been under fire for supplying burgers with horse meat in them. British people don't eat horsemeat because horses are apparently pets. the continent does eat horsemeat, because it's food?
so, are you honestly ~~bothered~~ about this entire debacle or do you just not care? to be honest, i don't. my guinea pigs are seen as food in other countries and there's nothing i can do about that. also i ate bambi's mom sooooooooooo

Forum Games / Whaddya Listening To Version 1.3
« on: February 26, 2011, 10:34 »
again, it has reached over 10000 replies and Joeno saw it fit to lock it.

np: Time Is Running Out by Muse

Character Guides / 2nd Character: Lauren Tennant
« on: February 08, 2008, 16:43 »
Character Name: Loz

Full name: Lauren Mary Elizabeth Tennant

17 years old

Lauren has now cut her hair down to a more easily kept length, and removed her blarey outfit for one more suited to her personality. Lauren wears black trousers, and black trainers. Under her black coat is a white shirt and black cardigan. On the coat are several silvery buttons, that are only there for display. Lauren also carries around a single black bag over her shoulder.

Personality: A bit depressed and a bit of an emo at times, to get Lauren to be happy would have to be a miracle. Sarcastic, and foolish, Lauren hates it when things don't go right. instead of opting for violence, she use word to sort things out. Never once backed out of a fight, and never lost, her pride would cost her too much to lose. When she is happy, she may go over the top and end up either Hyper, or Hypo. She also talks to herself, which is why she has no friends, which makes her talk to herself more. And the cycle goes on.

History: Lauren has been in Saffron all her life, except when out on holidays. When Team Rocket attacked Saffron, she, her mother and brother hid in the gym, her father staying at the shop for weary trainers passing through. Lauren and her Pokemon have been together since she was 10, and have never left her side.

Story: Sinnoh's Lament
With: Oscar Moore, Lily Perinocles and Jay Trusedale

Friends & Relations:
Andrew Tennant [Father] [shopkeeper in Saffron]
Amanda Tennant [Mother] [Helps run shop]
Jack Tennant [Brother] [Age: 10] [Helps in dojo] [Is being trained in gym, has limited psychic powers]
Sabrina [Friend] [Gym Leader]

Lewis T Sapphire
Benny Malaylia
John Bonz
Delilah Mirror
Martin Trent
Oscar Moore
Zachary Blaze
Lily Perinocles
Jay Trusedale

None as of yet


Finlay [Eevee] [Male]
Personality: Eevee is shy, and doesn't like anyone except Lauren, who he believes is his mother.
History: Lauren received an egg a while ago, and it hatched into Eevee.
Moves: Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Sand Attack
Quiet Natured
Ability: Unknown
Likes sour food

Silk [Spinarak] [Female]
Personality: Unknown
History: Lauren caught Spinarak on an outing from a Café with John Bonz and Martin Trent
Moves: String Shot, Tackle, Leer
Hardy Natured
Ability: Unknown
Likes bitter food

At Home:

Kadabra [Male]
Personality: Is yet to be discovered
History: Is unknown.
Moves: Psychic, Skill Swap, Future Sight, Confusion, Flash
Unknown Nature
Ability: Unknown at this point
Likes Sour food.

Kipper [Mudkip] *SHINY*  [Male]
Personality: This hyperactive young Kipper is friendly and easy to get along with.
History: Jack was out chaining Mudkips when he came across twins. He caught them both and sent one to Lauren.
Moves: Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Water Gun, Growl, Mud Slap, Hydro Pump
Naive Natured
Ability: Torrent [Raises the power of Water move when HP is under 1/3]
Likes Sweet food.

Gem [Persian] [Female] 
Personality: Gem is as tough as a brick wall, and never backs away from a fight. Always there for her emo of an owner, she acts silly to cheer her up.
History: Gem was given to Loz by her Father, who is a store owner in Saffron.
Moves: Pay Day, Lucky Chant, Slash, Bite, Fur Swipe, Taunt, Faint Attack, Fake Out.
Bashful Natured
Ability: Limber [The Pokemon is protected from paralysis]
Likes to eat anything.

Ark [Arcanine] [Male]
Personality: Ark is soft, and easily hurt, and hates to be insulted. Though he is soft, he lashes out when angered.
History: Loz found Arks ball one day, but could not find the owner, and as he was a baby, she took him in.
Moves: Ember, Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp
Gentle Natured
Ability: Flash Fire [Powers up Fire-type moves if hit by a fire move]
Likes Dry food

Rayn [Gyrados] [Female]
Personality: Rayn Likes to sing, although, it isn't very good.
History: While on a boat in Cinnabar, a young Magikarp had ended up entangled in a fishing net. Loz fished her out and watched her evolve, and caught her.
Moves: Bite, Dragon Rage, Leer, Twister, Surf, Waterfall, Surf.
Serious Natured
Ability: Intimidate [Lowers the foe's Attack stat]
Likes to eat anything

Cotton [Altaria] [Female]
Personality: Cotton is quite, and considerate, but will stand up for herself.
History: Cotton was being attacked by a group of Houndooms when Rayn slithered in the way. Cotton and Rayn have been best friends since.
Moves: Peck, Fly, Dragon Breath, Dragon Dance, Wing Attack, Dragon Rush.
Naive Natured
Ability: Natural Cure [All status problems ar healed upon switching out]
Likes sweet food

Ray [Raichu] [Male]
Personality: Not much is known about Ray yet, although he is very protective of Lauren.
History: Lauren caught Ray on an outing to the Sevii Islands
Moves: Volt Tackle, Thundershock, Thunder, Double Team, Swift, Slam
Rash Natured
Ability: Static [Paralysis occurs on contact]
Likes bitter food

Badge Case - KANTO - 2 badges
Badge Case - SINNOH - 0 badges
Trainer Card
Poffin Case
Town Map (1X Each region)
Vs. Seeker
Explorer Kit
Super Rod
Timer Ball X 10
Dusk Ball X 5
Ultra Ball X 5
Poke Ball X 15
Heal Ball X 10
Nest Ball X 10
Revive X 10
Hyper Potion X 5
Fire Stone
Thunder Stone
Leaf Stone
Sun Stone
Dusk Stone
Water Stone
Dawn Stone
Moon Stone
Shiny Stone (All stones X 1)
Old Amber

Posted on: 10 January 2008, 17:28:50
Recieve a Male Kadabra from Danny Aximili on GTS
Posted on: 16 January 2008, 16:29:16
Jack gave Lauren his Shiny Mudkip.
Posted on: 17 January 2008, 20:06:44
Lauren left topic, The Ranch.

She is currently travelling to Saffron City.

Character Guides / My Character. Al Elec
« on: October 31, 2007, 20:52 »
Character Name: Al, Full name: Alexandria Maya Elec

14 years old


Height: She is five foot and three inches
Hair: Creamy brown about 15 cms long
Eyes: Hazel with a tinge of grey, on her left eye she has a strange dot, like her mother.
She wears baggy jeans that go down to her knees and has goggles on her head. Her jeans are ripped and her trainers are old and dirty. Her shirt is a pale baby blue colour, with the words 'Muse' on it, as she is a big fan of Muse. Her hair is usually tied up and a bit of a mess, but most of the time she lets it flow. She has a black belt with a Beautifly buckle on it, her shoes are a dark grey colour and she has fingerless gloves that go up to her elbows. She also wears a gold ring on her index finger on her left hand.

Srpite [Creds to Suicune Rider]:

Personality: She is very willing and cunning. She can sometimes be a jerk but thats because she is angered easily. She is very funny at times but is a bit stupid when asked simple questions. She is strongwilled and smartmouthed which can sometimes get her into trouble. Though she is stubborn and unforgiving sometimes, she can be easily misunderstood or misinterpreted. She can be stupid and sarcastic though, as well as funny and kind. She is considerate but sometimes she is too friendly for her own good.

History: Born and raised in Sunyshore Al adores water and electric type Pokemon. Her father is the gym leader and she does not know her mother as she passed away when she was born. Her first Pokemon was a Pachirisu she found as an egg abandoned in the woods. She hatched it and taught it to be strong. Her big sister is a coordinator and sent her a Pikachu from Hoenn when she was ten. She caught in the safari zone and it does not like its Pokeball (Much like Ash's) so she lets it out of it's pokeball once in a while.

Friends & Relations:
Volkner Elec [Father]
Kiara Elec [Sister]
Joe Richards [Half-brother]
Albert Ross [Freind]
Manda [Manny] Bedford [Freind]
James O`Mally [Neaighbour]
Serser Matthews [Best friend]
Faryl Marchand [Just met]
Kenneth Juihhg [Just met, Doesn't like his Lucario though]

Josh Mizuki

None as of yet

Pokemon Team:
Pachrisu Female [Spike]
Thunder, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Charm
OT: Al
Sinnoh Region
Ability: Static
Personality: Spike is fiesty and fiery and hates to lose. She can be ignorant and mean sometimes but when you get to know her she is kind and fun to work with.
History: Spike was found as an egg abandoned and Al found her. She was taken in by the Elec family and given a good home.

Mantyke Male [Tyke]
Net Ball
Surf, Water Gun, Water Sport, Tackle
OT: Al
Sinnoh Region
Ability: Swift Swim
Personality: Tyke is very mellow and a listener. He likes to give other Pokémon rides when they're near water. He is protective of Al and will risk his life for her.
History: Tyke was the first Pokemon the Al caught. She was fishing with her friends and he tugged on the line wanting to play. when he tugged to much and Al fell in the water she sent out Spike and she zapped him. She then took out her spare ball and threw it, Tyke and Al have been together since then, as she was ten at the time. Tyke also has a scar he received battling against a Houndour.

Pikachu (Shiny) Male [Volt]
Safari Ball
Volt Tackle, Thunder, Agility, Quick Attack
OT: Kiara
Hoenn Region
Ability: Static
Personality: Volt is quite and kind, though he can be withdrawn and ignores people, if you find what is inside him he will be hyper and silly. He works brilliantly in a tag team with Pixie.
History: Kiara was out hunting when she came across Volt. Immediately she saw it was different as she had her Pikachu with her. She chucked bait at it but it just sniffled. She then chucked a rock at it and it turned. She threw seven balls before eventually capturing him.

Reltz [Ralts], Male
Luxury Ball
Confusion, Psychic, Teleport, Future Sight
OT: Al
Sinnoh Region
Ability: Trace
Personality: Reltz is headstrong, and a born leader. He can get shy though, and likes to hang around on Al's head.
History: Relts was given to Al after she rescued it from a river from drowning; the trainer was planning on giving it away anyhow.

Pixie [Buizel], Female
Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Tackle, Quick Attack
OT: Al
Sinnoh Region
Ability: Swift Swim
Personality: Pixie is very rash and loves to fight; she's a fighter and will never back down from any kind of fight. She works brilliantly in tag team with Volt.
History: Pixie is just like Misty's Psyduck, she caught it by accident.

Charmander Male [Cinder] 
Ember, Scratch, Leer, Growl, Ember
OT: Al
Kanto Region
Ability: Blaze
Personality: Cinder is timid, but as Al has only just got him, she has no idea what else he is like.
History: Received from Proffesor Oak on a very brief trip to Kanto.

Pokemon in box:

Eevee Female [Vee-Lee]
Ultra Ball
Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Attract
OT: Al
Sinnoh Region
Ability: Cute Charm
History: Vee-Lee was wandering alone in Sunyshore when Al came across her. Her leg was badly injured and it was infected. Al picked her up and took her to the Pokemon Center. Vee-Lees leg was so bad that it had to be amputated. As she could not go to the wild again Nurse Joy asked around if anyone wanted her. Nobody did so Al and her family took her in.
Personality: She is jumpy and twitchy though skittish and muddled. Al father says she needs to "get it together". But she can be evil at times, and has a split personality.

Egg Unknown
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
OT: ??
Region: ?
Ability: ?
History: When a travelling circus came to Sunyshore, a strange woman gave the egg to Al.
Personality: Unknown as of yet

Prinplup Female [Pingu]
Peck, Tackle, Water Gun, Take Down
OT: Serser
Sinnoh Region
Ability: Torrent
History: Al received this Pokemon from Serser when she had to move to a smaller house. She gave a Ratatta to her and looked after Pingu as if she had caught her herself.
Personality: Pingu is brave yet greedy, as well as jolly, timid and rash. Though she is modest and hardy she can get muddled easily.

Gastrodon, Male
Body Slam, Water Pulse, Surf, Screech.
OT: Josh Mizuki
Sinnoh Region
Ability: Storm Drain
Personality: Gastrodons personality is unknown, as he was received via GTS.
History: Al only knows that Gastrodon was found in a Steel crate on the boat towards Sinnoh.

Weedle, Male [Spike] 
Great ball
Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden
OT: Al, 54788
Kanto Region
Ability: Poison Point
History: Faryl leapt over this Weedle when they were running from a mad Oak.
Personality: Freshly caught, unknown

Any other info: She received Pikachu from her sister who is travelling in the Hoenn region.

Pokeballs x 10
Great Balls x 7
Ultra Balls x 3
Berry Pouch. all berrys x 2
Potion x 10
Super potion x 5
TM Case empty
Coincase x 60 coins
badges x 1
Contest Ribbons x 0
Poke'radar x 1

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