Author Topic: Double-posting and other rules-breaking  (Read 7245 times)

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Double-posting and other rules-breaking
« on: October 02, 2005, 17:38 »
Ladies and gentlemen spriters,

We have noticed that there is far more double-posting in this forum than in others, as well as other violations of the rules.

Since we are, quite frankly, getting sick of the people using this specific forum breaking the rules, we are giving you this single last chance:

If we do not see a significant improvement in the way the rules are followed, especially having no double-posting and no breaking the three word rules, this forum will be restricted to only those that have proven to follow the rules. Every single one of you will need to get permission to post here first, and no, you will not be allowed to place your sprite art topics in another forum.

Reminder: Ladies and gentlemen, the rules also mention advertising as not being allowed. This includes a certain Freewebs site that appears to be popular with some regulars.

Stealing: I've just spend quite some time cleaning some things up, so here are a few things I want all of you to remember:
If you see someone stealing, there is only one thing to do: Either the person who created it, or someone who has permission from the original creator, must contact the other admins with proof of this theft.
If you do not have proof, your accusation is baseless, and I have no reason to believe someone stole it. If you are not the original creator, it could be that - without your knowledge - the original creator has given permission for it to be used, and you do not know the terms under which this was done. Again, the accusation could very well be baseless.
If you instead accuse people on the forums, it will be taken as harassment and an attempt to start a flamewar, and it will be you who gets a warning and who is likely to be warned, get their access to this forum revoked, or be completely banned.

Also, I am making one other demand, following the demands others are making. Almost all sprites here are based on the work of Nintendo. Although they have been altered, they are still derived works. Since you are all making a huge fuss out of how someone might have stolen from another person, if you give credit, you must also give credit to those who made your original art: The Pokemon Company, through Gamefreak and Nintendo. If you do not do so, you yourself are in violation of copyright law, and I don't see why we'd have to go after people who stole 'your' art as well. You want people to stop using your material, so make it clear that that is based on the material of someone else as well.
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