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Forum Games / Give the person above a new username!
« on: September 04, 2008, 19:04 »
Yup, pretty much self-explanatory. Basically give the person above you a new username based upon what is in their profile, whether it's their avvy, signature, personal message...whatever.

So fire away!

Character Guides / Woozii Sayle
« on: August 27, 2006, 22:38 »
Character name: Woozii Sayle

Age and Gender: 16, Male.


He has light brown hair at about medium length. He has round, blue eyes and pointy sort of nose. He was the look on that would make you think that he was always smiling. He is medium build and quite muscley. He wears dark blue jeans, with a beige T-shirt and jacket. 

Personality: He is a friendly boy who will make friends well. But he will be very tough and brave when he needs to be and won't be afraid to jump in to help friends.

History and Position in the Story: When he was younger, be had an older brother called James, but tragically died while on a holiday in the Hoenn Canyons. He's body was never found after he fell from the side of a cliff. He grew up in Violet City untill he was 12.  He completed Pokemon School and was given his Cyndaquil as a present from his Mother and Father. He moved over to Dewford in Hoenn, to embark on a Pokemon Journey at the age of almost 13. He returned home 1 year later after travelling around the Hoenn region with a contest competitor he met in Verdanturf. He got into the final 8 of the Hoenn contest.

After home for a few day he learns of Kanto and sets out for Kanto. He fly on his Flygon arriving at Cinnabar Island.  He continues on and manages to beat Blaine for the Volcano Badge. While passing Pallet Town he encounters with Aedan, Josh, Kristian, Nazar and Steve who are also travelling around Kanto who are linked with the PHQ. He joins up with them and after passing through Viridian City he comes face to face with a the Management. They cause a massive explosion and Woozii ends up lying in the grass, badly injured for a couple of days. He is fully restored and finds himself back with the group. They succeed in beating Brock and Misty for two more badges.

As they arrive in Saffron they meat up with the familiar face; John Tempest. They fidn out about a singnal controlled by the management in Sliph Co. tower. The others are knocked out in the building by management members and end up escaping with minor wounds in Fuschia City Pokemon Centre.  Josh and Woozii make it up to the top of the tower and find ESP, Josh's mortal enemy and a human creature tampered by the Management. After a grueling battle where Josh and ESP are locked in a psychic battle Sonra finishes it off with a Overheat attack. The roof caves in and the buiding starts to collapse. Woozii is almost launched over the edge only to get clipped by the edge of the building. He manages to crawl inside, but is knocked outcold. Josh still concious manages to help Woozii, Tempest with help from Champ to the bottom of the building before it collapses. They are dragged away from the scene by a dark but familiar character Woozii previously encountered.

They both wake up it Ceruleun City Poke centre, where they meet up with Aedan, Steve and some new faces who are hot on the trail on the Management once again.

They all set out on the ferry to Sinnoh, Woozii decided to stop off at Hoenn to stay with his family and train his  pokemon...This was 3 months ago. It's just passed his 16th Birthday and he has decided to set out to Sinnoh and canalave city. He's decided to leave his other pokemon in his PC and is taking Sonra with him...

Friends: Kristian, Josh, Steve, Nazar, Aedan, Lewis, Ozymand

Enemies: The Management, ESP

Pokémon in his party:
Quilava(Sonra) Flame Wheel - Flamethrower - Dig - Rollout - Agility - Swift - Overheat

Ambipom - Swift - Fury Swipe - Double Team - Iron Tail - Bounce - Quick Attack - Seismic toss - Wrap

Kabuto - Substitute - Mudshot - Dig

PC Pokemon:
Flaafy - Thunderbolt - Thunder - Mega Punch - Iron Tail - Agility

Flygon - Double Team - Solar Beam - Steel Wing - Flamethower - Aerial Ace

Seadra (Is Shiny) - Hydro Pump - Ice Beam - Agility - Water Pulse -

PLC stories has been in: Quest for the Badges, In Search Of Suspicion. and Back on the Road

Is currently in 'Sayle and Sapphire again'

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