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Gaming / Monster Hunter Stories
« on: September 16, 2017, 23:15 »
I need to know if anyone else has even heard about this game (and rant about how good it is.)
It’s deceptively simple on first look, collect monsters and battle them with a rock/paper/scissors battle style, but there is something so addictive about the whole thing. I’ve basically been playing it for three days straight. The animations in and out of battle are well done and I think that this is one of the most adorable games of all time. Traversing the maps with your monsters feels and the battles feel satisfying. I got this game as a time waster and ended up with an amazing game and I don’t see myself stop playing any time soon. I would recommend this game to everyone, but especial to Monster Hunter fans and people who like collecting things in game (There is a bit of a Pokemon feel to getting all the monsters.)

Has anyone else played this game? If so what did you think of it?

Role Play / [Ad][P] Pokemon Special Forces.
« on: October 02, 2016, 20:05 »
Mission Log 21B-3A
Team: 21B, All agents (7)
Mission: Recon of recent rise in Team Rocket activity and elimination of operation.
Location: Unspecified Location in Kanto
Audio and video feed from 21B-03 “Spider”
“Did you hear about the meeting today.” said a Rocket grunt to another grunt as they walked down the main eastern hallway of their temporary HQ. “What Meeting?” asked the other grunt. “Giovanni is going to meet with the company that has been funding our operation to discuss new research into the …”  the grunts voice trailed off as they passed into the east room. After a minute of silence, a man lowers himself from the ceiling using an Ariados. “Spider in position.” said the man as he approached the western door. “Copy Spider, wait for signal” came the response from his ear piece. Spider knelt by the keypad for the western door and reached for one of his Pokeballs and sent out a Joltik from the ball “Joltik get ready to blow the door control.” In response, Joltik climbed onto the keypad and started threading it’s electroweb into the mechanism. Over the earpiece, Spider received communication from another teammate “Unknown individuals have approached the building from an unmarked car, there are four in total. An escort from team Rocket has met them at the door. These people must be the investors, all agents report ready.”
“Spider ready”
“Truth ready”
“Relic ready”
“King ready”
“Melee ready”. A light on Spider’s gear indicated that their undercover agent had reported ready. After a short wait, the order was given “Engage.”
On this command, Spider yanked out the webbing from the panel causing the door to short circuit and be forced open. Spider ran into the next room startling two grunts, “Ariados, web the left one” Spider ordered, in response Ariados leaped upon the grunt to left of Spider while Spider tackled the right grunt. After incapacitating the two grunts Spider ran to the door whilst talking into his earpiece “I’m about to enter the main hall, what's the situation in there?”
“Spider this is Truth the … Hosti … Do not en … fallb …”
“Can you repeat that Truth … Truth?” Spider cautiously approached the door. As he got close to the door it burst inwards towards Spider with a massive blast of heat and flame knocking Spider on his back, dazed and injured. As he struggled to rise a figure emerged from the flame and approached Spider who communicated to his team “This is Spider, I've been hit and faced with an unknown hostile I need support.” The unknown person got to Spider and easily picked him up with one hand. (Spider’s feed is lost at this point, but team communication logs remain open for a short period)  “Spider this is Overwatch what is your position? Spider? Team respond does anyone have a location on Spider? Team? Truth? Relic? King? Melee? Anybody respond? I’ve been engaged by unknown hostile trainers and need support I repeat multiple unknown train….” (Audio feed cut)

21B-01-MIA “Truth”
21B-02-MIA “Overwatch”
21B-03-MIA “Spider”
21B-04-MIA “Relic”
21B-05-MIA “King”
21B-06-MIA “Melee”
21B-07-ACTIVE “Phantom”

“Did any agent make it out?”
“No one made it out sir, but 07 is still active and undercover.”
“Do we have any teams not on an active mission?”
“No sir, but I have an idea.”
“Now is not the time for one of your silly projects.”
“I don’t see any better for this one, Sir”
“Just give me the idea.”
“We can create a team of those with the skills and abilities we need if we just expand our search a little Sir”
“You mean take in people with no formal training ... Where would we find these people?”
“I took the liberty of making a few dossiers for potential candidates Sir”

That's the idea behind this RP. Characters are trainers with skills that would make the good special forces units, but who would normally be denied entry to the special forces for some reason. Characters are approached by a government official, told they are wanted for a special project and if they accept, they are put on a helicopter a flown away. The character form is below.

Name:(You know what a name is.)
Age: (I would say 18+ because I don’t think an elite special forces unit would use children no matter what the situation was.)
Pokemon: (Try and be creative and think of what a Pokemon could do outside of battle)
Skills: (What makes them a suitable candidate for this project and what made them unsuitable for normal recruitment)
Appearance: (Obvious)
Personality: (Also Obvious)
Starter-post: (What happens when your character is approached by the official and given the offer, up to the point the helicopter lands.)
Other: (Anything else)

All normal Rp rules apply and stuff.
Any questions or anything just ask me either here or by pm
I'll add my character later.

Role Play / [Disc]Interest Check/Suggestion Thread
« on: September 20, 2016, 01:10 »
Just making a check if people here are interested in RP of any kind, if people are interested I could throw out some ideas and take suggestions. (Basically I want something else to distract me from writing Elizabeth’s Depressing Journey North (Working title))

Random Randomness / What media has made you cry?
« on: September 18, 2016, 00:03 »
After being bullied for being very emotional when I was younger I have adopted a neutral expression pretty much all the time. However there is still some things that when I see or hear I just can't keep it together.

Most recently this comic page: (As a side effect of crying after this I noticed how green my eyes.)
And oddly the Disney song "Lava", I think it's just something about the situation.

What media has made you cry tears of sorrow or joy?

Your Art / Naming help for characters/locations.
« on: September 05, 2016, 22:15 »
I have started writing a fantasy book and everything is going fine apart from the fact that most character and place names are currently just placeholders. This has really started to bug me and I want to think of names for everything before I just write more placeholder names.

One of my issues is that I don’t know if I can get away with just calling the five major nations in the book by really generic names. The nations are currently being called the Alliance, the Federation, the Empire, the Monarchy and the Republic. Do you think it is OK to refer to places like this or should I think of a name for each nation.

Also feel free to randomly suggest character/place names that you might think fit in a medieval-fantasy setting.

Role Play / Tamashii island [Pw] [S(possibly)] [Sf] [Ad]
« on: October 28, 2013, 00:06 »
Rob looked out the window next to him and the sight he saw rendered him speechless. The last time he  looked he had been above the ocean with no landmarks in sight, but now the plane was above a huge island. Rob thought it couldn't be real for it spanned deserts, forests, jungles, open planes and many mountain ranges some snowy, some with tropical plants growing on the side and one with smoke rising out the top and the whole island had so many rives and lakes the place looked like a miniature earth all on its own. Rob tried to look for other nearby landmasses, but the wonderful island was completely isolated and there was only the ocean on all the horizons. Then, Rob's attention was taken by what he thought must be the main building. The building extended for what must have been at least a quarter of the island and had many high towers coming out of it, the highest of which went far above the clouds and far above where their plane was flying.

Rob's thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the pilot saying “We are heading in for our landing at SDR-001 all passengers prepare themselves.” Prepare for what? Rob thought, slightly unnerved by the fact that some men at the front of the plane had started loading guns and waking very angry and mean looking dogs. There were two reasons Rob did not know what to prepare for, number 1: He did not know where he was, all he knew was that his parents had paid a lot of money and took him out of his old school away from his friends and had him put on this plane alone without anyone he knew not even his sister who he missed even now and wished she was here. He hoped whatever this place was that they would at least continue his education. Reason number 2: Some of the other passengers on the plane looked too young to be travelling without parents and some looked too old to do much by themselves. Rob had also noticed that some people had entered the plane with armed escort and were handcuffed, what was he doing on a plane with convicts on it? Was he being sent to prison?  He didn't have time to finish that line of thought when he noticed that the plane had come to a halt. “Proceed to the back of the plane”  shouted a guard who was armed with a rifle of some sort.

Rob got to the back of the plane just as it opened. Rob noticed that the plane had landed a good distance from the main building. “Start walking,” ordered the armed guard and eventually all of the passengers set of towards the building at a slow pace. Roughly a quarter of the way there a gunshot was heard and a second later the man next to Rob had fallen down with a bullet wound in his back “Run!” many people, including the guards shouted as more shots were fired at them and Rob heard the sound of dogs being released and trying to chase down the crowd. Rob changed his mind and thought it lucky that his sister had not accompanied him to this death trap. Rob kept running as bullets flew around him, he saw many people fall and a few people dragged down by dogs. Rob never saw these people again.

Only a few reached the front gate of the facility were the guards stopped shooting at them and the dogs went back to their owners. Rob looked at the survivors, less then half had survived. Rob wandered what kind of place was this? Suddenly the gates flew open and two men walked through it, one was an ageing man whose once black hair was now mostly grey and was only a little black at  the ends, he wore smart polished black shows, beige chinos, thin glasses and a green overcoat, he walked with a slight gait and had a polished black wooden cane with him although Rob thought the strangest bit about him was the smile on his face considering that a bunch of people just got murdered  in front of his building. The man did not help Rob get a better view of him by saying “Look some survivors this time!” to his companion. His companion was one of the weirdest things he had seen today. He wore gold boots and gold gloves which guessing by the sound his boots made when he walked they might have been made of actual gold. He also wore white trousers and a white duster coat which hid whatever shirt he was wearing. The man's sunglasses were normal however a unsettling green glow came from behind them and the man's hair was silver and went down to his hips. The first man looked at the survivors and said “Welcome to the Tamashii facility.”

After a brief silence the man spoke again “You have already passed the test showing that you have enough luck to stay here by surviving that onslaught you have also shown that you will not break under pressure this is good. You may be wondering where you are and who am I? Well I am Professor Kai this island is called the Tamashii island, the worlds greatest secret. What do we do here? We study and perfect people's use of the Amnuis. What is the Amnuis you ask? Well first let me tell you there are four kinds of people in this world first there are the Standard who are normal people like me and a few of you to access our Amnuis we need and object to open our brain to it and a weapon to channel it through and some of  can't access it at all. There are also the Open who from some event in their lives have had their brains open up so so they can be receptive to the Amnuis, these people only need a weapon and some training to use their Amnuis, sadly enough the event that usually opens up your brain to this is some sort of crime of traumatic event. Thirdly, there are the Gifted who have been gifted by one of our goods, for as you know if you paid attention to religion there are over 800 gods looking after our great planet and those gifted by the gods have grown up with special although usually weak powers, these powers can be used as a weapon to channel your Amnuis through although you still need an item to open up your brain to the Amnuis. Finally, there are the Pseudo-Amnuior PA for short who have the blood of the ancient Amnui running through them  their brains are open to the Amnuis and they have a natural power or “Weapon” with them, these people just need training to use there Amnuis. And, finally why are you here? Well if you are a Gifted, Open or PA you were sent here to train in the ways of the Amnuis, if you are a standard you were sent here to become the best you can be. OK?” He stopped as if he had finished speaking and stood there. The other man lent near the Professor’s ear and said “You didn't actually tell them what Amnuis is Sir.” The Professor looked confused for a second and then went “Err right thank you Arc. As my companion pointed out I should explain what Amnuis is, Amnuis is the physical manifestation of the power of our Body, Soul and mind combined into a power beyond normal human reckoning. It can be many things you could have an Amnuis of destruction or an Amnuis of healing, it could be caused by great stress of by great comfort. Everyone has a different Amnuis. Any questions?”

Well if you couldn't guess this is a RP set at the Tamashii island and will be mainly centered around the Amnuis (If you couldn't guess by the amount of times I used the word Amnuis) Oh and you don't get to pick your Amnuis I'll be messaging you what your Amnuis is and what activates it after I have read and accepted your character.

All normal RP and site rules.
If you choose to be a gifted or PA keep in mind that they should have minor powers, not anything to big or destructive.

Character form:
Name: (You know what to do here … I hope)

Age: (Not so young that they are just babbling imbeciles and not so old they they are babbling imbeciles)

Gender: (Well duh)

Appearance: (What your character looks like)

Personality: (Don't have to reveal all of this if you want to develop it or keep it hidden.)

Type: (Standard, Open , Gifted of Pseudo-Amnui)

If Gifted or PA: (What minor power did they receive?)

If Open: (What event opened their minds to the Amnuis can range from dead parents to killing peoples parents)

History: (What people know about your characters history so you can keep most of it hidden if you want)

Other: (Anything I miss? It goes here.)

Starter Post: (Your characters feelings on the flight, during the death run, during the Professor’s speech and if they have any questions)

I'll make my character later. And if this isn't popular I'll use it for a book or something.

Older Main Games / Leaf Green Nuzlocke - With a difference.
« on: September 26, 2013, 21:51 »
So I'm doing this nuzlocke. It started normally, I chose female and call myself Leaf and my rival Dwerp. So when I get to Oaks lab and choose a starter I get these options.

Yay! I'm using a randomizer, but I can't chose which starter I want.
Suggestions please.

Role Play / Pokemon Conquest style RP?
« on: October 10, 2012, 22:34 »
I liked the idea of Pokemon Conquest with different kingdoms all fighting over territory. But the game was kinda disappointing. Anyway I think the idea could be made into a good RP and I have already got a story in mind. But I don't know how many people know the game and if no one knows the game it would be pointless typing up the story.

So would anyone be interested in a Conquest style RP.

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