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Fake Whatever / Re: Create Imaginative Fake Cheats!
« on: July 16, 2007, 17:29 »
 The Bob cheat TWO(2)
 Requires- Nintendo DS lite, Pokemon diamond or pearl, the last game you tried the Bob cheat on, and Wi-fi.

 Have 3 Unowns in your party. Make them spell B-O-B.They have to be in exact order. Run around 1500 steps (EXACT) outside the pokemon league. The you will find a rope down the edge on the right. Walk over to it. Go ahead one step and you should climb down the rope. Beware of wild flying pokemon!

 When you reach the bottom, you should realize you unowns are gone. All gone. All that are left are your three others. Shift one upfront in your party. Make sure this is your strongest! Bob will then fly down on a Starly. He will steal your backpack- and your belt! The pokemon that you left out fronts pokeball will fall out. It's time to catch Bob! You automatically start to climb up the rope, but when you get about a foot off the ground, Bob drops the rope! Your stuck! You see something shiny! You look in the grass. It's a fly HM! But chances are, you pokemon isn't flying. That's unfortunate. Go into your pocket (That is what your Backpack is replaced with) and check if your pokemon can learn fly anyways. But then, when you check something extrodinary happens.


 You check your pokemon next. Find out it has a fifth move and it's fly! You get on your pokemon and fly off. Time to catch Bob! Your pokemon flies until you reach Solceon. You see Bob in the Daycare center, stealing pokemon eggs, and all of the strong pokemon! When you see him, he sees you and runs. You chase after him. He runs in the spring path. He throws pokedolls to get the wild pokemon away from him, but they attack you instead! You must defeat 15 pokemon in a row. After that you will find a super full restore. It restores all health, status problems, and PP. You run, and find he's running in Turnback Cave! Luckily your pokemon jumps down from a ledge and you jump and use it as a cushion. Quickly, to Turnback Cave! You run into turnback cave, because you can't do anything else. You read engravings on the wall-

 Past three big the almighty...before Bob has surpassed.

 You are puzzled. You quickly run to where Girtina was. Girtina, Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Ho-oh, and Lugia will be standing there. Bob is collecting more pokemon, and hiding them! You quickly run up top try to stop him. But the legendaries attack. You are in a double battle with Ho-oh and lugia, Girtina and Mewtwo, but Rayquaza is alone. Rayquaza is who you challenge last. After you defeat them all, Bob will spread nevermeltice all over you. Your DS will freeze. Now, on the last game you cheated on, smash it in. You should turn into a delibird. The Nevermeltice will help you. You quickly escape from the room by the ceiling. Somehow. Don't ask. Anyway, you'll find yourself at Wayward cave this time. Three Garchomps will attack you. You also must defeat those. They have almost no health but a lot of attack. If your pokemon is fast, your in luck. If it's slow, then try. With no healing items, and not being healed after the ledgendary attack, you should be left with litte health.

 You will see Bob. Now it's time to battle him! Bob knows Growl, Theif, Flamethrower, and anyrandomattackifeellikeusing.

 He will send your pokemon against you. Your pokemon will faint after a few pokemon, for these are from all of the trainers. You battle Bob. He is easy to defeat. You just use fly a few times, and he will be knocked out. Then he will say 'lets take this to Wi-fi!' You go to Wi-fi, and have some random trainers who may be on your friends list come in and help you. But Bob has learned a new move, reheal. You tell one of your friends to use beat up. All pokemon will attack him (Including you) and then Bob casts a magic cheese spell. But he messes up, and your friends turn into pokemon. The more friends, the better. They will attack. Bob has been defeated, thanks to you and your friends. You all claim back your pokemon. You find all of your pokemon, but not unowns. Suddenly, a pokemon takes you back to Turnback Cave.

 You are at the beginning. You see on the wall-

"...Past three big stones...offer Bob the...before Bob is back..."

 In faint letters, you see 'I will be back.' You shiver and run away.

 Your unowns are found outside the cave. You have turned back into a human. You liked being a delibird. Oh well. Your unowns were transformed though, and you look at them. You can read unown, and they read.


Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: June 16, 2007, 23:30 »
 Don't see you often... Though often doesn't really see me either..


Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 27, 2007, 12:34 »
7/10 for u.

  Rate the (Not-so)famous supergrunt.

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 24, 2007, 12:23 »
 Your in my rescue topic and you post a lot in MD. I never see you anywhere else though.

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 21, 2007, 17:33 »
I forgot who you were.. That's life I guess..

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 20, 2007, 19:33 »
Ohmygod. I didn't use 7/10!

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 20, 2007, 18:03 »
No u.
Desupergrunt: No u
Desupergrunt: No u
Desupergrunt: No u
Somerandomperson: Yes u.

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 20, 2007, 00:43 »
Rawr. It's my number. MINE, NOT urz.

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 17, 2007, 22:04 »
7/10. I see you around.

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 17, 2007, 12:31 »
The last I've seen you was when the potatoes told me to watch more TV... 7\10

oy, who are you? mabye I've seen you before, but not your name changed... um...6/10?
Weight lifting Ditto ring a bell? I was going to put it in my sig but I can't find the topic.

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 16, 2007, 22:42 »
I don't really know you, but I have seen you around.

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 14, 2007, 16:51 »
I see you alot. A ton acculay.

Forum Games / Re: How known are you on this Site?
« on: January 09, 2007, 22:25 »
Who are you?
I think this is the lime cat person.. I mthink..
I don't see you very much, bt every now and then in fourm games.

Fake Whatever / Re: Create Imaginative Fake Cheats!
« on: November 07, 2006, 12:29 »
 After you've done the BAB glitch, take ou your game, and it should be all broken and crumpled.
Stick a nail in the part where theres the 'O' in pokeman.
Duct-Tape it together, and put it back in your DS lite, and shove it in so it fits all the way.
When you open it, Officer Jenny will come, and call you most wanted for killing Bob. A ! will appear over your head, and you'll run.
As your running, replaced by the ! is WTF? Your menu should pop up, and your shoe flies away while your looking in your bag.
-Teh part.-
You will run after your shoe, and after running for a bit, you'll se that in frront of you is..
Sadly, he has no lungs because he coughed them up.
All that you hear is
Then you say "......."
 It's Bob, so what? You march past him, BUT youbn see your shoe... BOBS EATING IT!!!! you fling yourself at Bob, and yyou take your shoe back. Dig through Bobs bag while he's knocked out, and take a pokeball.
Labeled across it says (Hey, how do they just pull it out and say 'Go! Bulbamon!') Natlie. WARNING! HAS NOT BEEN FED ANYTHING BUT CHEEEESSSEEEE.
You send out my cousin, then she'll eat you, having a craving for fresh meat, and you'll die.
If your natiile...
You'll be a self canibal and eat yourself.

Fake Whatever / Re: Create Imaginative Fake Cheats!
« on: August 24, 2006, 22:47 »
On emerald type BAB. Then a box should come up saying 'Bab? Oh you must mean Bob!' Then a guy named Bob will fall from the celing, And then talk to him. He says, 'Hey, I'm gonna zap you with my SUPER LAZER POWER!' you get a chioce of yes or no. If yes, He will say 'Okay.' And fry you. If you say no, He'll turn you into a chicken. Theres two parts depending on which anser you took.
 If you said yes...
Bob will steal all of you pokemon. Fromk your P.C and everything. Then you'll be on a quest to find him. You see other fried people as you walk around. If you talk to them, they should say, 'Ugh.. Cow..' Go to Lilycove city. Every trainer should be fried, Except one. This person was a chicken. The chicken goes 'Bucak!' And you stare at it. You haven't eaten in days.. So you chase after the chicken. The chicken should run inside of the pokemon center. Something is wrong. Everyone it muttering 'Ugh.. Cow..' like they should, besides the chicken. Nurse Joy should be standing there. 'Hello.' She says. But wait a second, Her voice sounds manly! You pull of her costume, and Bob should be under it. He will say, Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Non-stop, then you get a choise, to punch him in the face, or let him laugh. If you punch him in the face and he will drop all the pokeball, containing trainers pokemon. You can steal them or give them back. If you steal them, you will join team Rocket. If you give them back, then every one will like you, and pay you money everyday. If you let him laugh, and continue this for about an hour, He should cough his lungs out, and you can choose whether to steal them, or give them back.
 If you pick No....
 He will turn you into a chicken. Some trainer will wake up, and find you hiding in Lilycove. He will chase you everywhere, so run into the pokemon center, and he'll stop. Perch atop a fried person, and he'll ignore you. He'll have a long 1 hour talk. then he'll punch the guy in the face, He will try to steal the pokemon, but you chase him off, and discover, you too, have freing powers! So you fry him. You will turn into a delibird, and give all the pokemon back to everyone. They will all say, 'Ohh! A fling co- I mean, chicken!' Then while your, fling, you like being a delibird. Then, you turn back human. You fall, from the sky, And hurt yourself. Bad. Then save it, and buy a DS lite, then put in you emerald. (Don't really try this.) You will find it doesn't fit all the way. So you jam it in. You hear a snap. Turn on you emerald, and you'll have a Delibird stone! Use it and turn into a delibird!

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