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Forum Games / Re: Whaddya Listening To Version 1.3
« Last post by DrampardonMe on June 12, 2024, 16:12 »
That one instrumental of the pirate theme from the DLC case of Ace Attorney 5.

All things considered, that case was actually pretty cool. Shame it cost extra...
Forum Games / The next Ace Attorney game: One Bad Idea At a Time!
« Last post by DrampardonMe on June 12, 2024, 12:49 »
A forum game? In 2024??? Let's see how far this goes!

Anyway, it's simple: line by line, spell out the plot/premise for the next Ace Attorney game! Make it as cheesy as possible! If you can, though, try to make it a plausible thing by recent games' standards. That way, when AA7/Investigations 3/Ema Skye's Scientific Table Tennis FINALLY releases, we can see how terribly accurate we are! Or aren't! It's all in good fun!

Anyway, I'll start:

They call themselves... the Disciples of Godot.
Random Randomness / How do you like YOUR coffee?
« Last post by DrampardonMe on June 12, 2024, 12:23 »
Let's put aside whether it's good for you or not. Fact is, my coffee addiction is a relatively recent phenomenon, and I'm curious who else is on the inside, for how long, etc.

Taking coffee straight-up black never ends well for me, so I need a bit of cream, bare minimum, to cut the acidity. Not really big on adding sugar, although I've recently started using this "Irish Creme" flavored creamer (Not sure what the UK equivalent is, but whatever it is, there's a hint of chocolate), which has sugar in it anyway... but the point is, spooning sugar directly into it makes it too sweet.

Anyway, I used to drink it a lot less frequently until about... last month, haha. I think it's only now starting to stabilize in my system, for better or worse. Though, some days...
Games General / Pokemon you've eased up on disliking
« Last post by DrampardonMe on June 12, 2024, 04:53 »
Not necessarily that they "grew on you", more like you don't have as much disdain for them as you once did.

I used to pretty much dislike the entire Solosis line because I was trying to raise something in Pokemon White and wild Duosion kept making that difficult, and while I'm still not fond of Duosion or Reuniclus, I don't think I was being fair to Solosis. I like it, it's a cute lil' brain marble! Even the idea behind the line appeals to me, just not its execution. Caught a Solosis in Scarlet not long ago, and wanted to see how far I could get raising it without evolving it at all... before getting distracted by something else in-game. Probably just doing more Blueberry Quests, haha.

I also remember not liking Unown all that much, until I caught a J-shaped one and put it in my PokeWalker so I could "J-walk". It was so perfect for my Pokewalker, besides. I mean, it's still not winning any battles, but HG/SS gave it its true calling, as far as I'm concerned!

Anyone else have any mercy to show for your not-so-favorites?
Random Randomness / Re: How do you cut your sandwiches?
« Last post by DrampardonMe on June 12, 2024, 00:42 »
Fufufu... Fools, ALL of you! There is only ONE way to cut a sandwich! Observe:

STEP 1: Unsheathe your Katana
The Katana is the perfect cutting implement. It has been folded a thousand times to ensure it can slice through anything. Compared to a tank, cleaving a sandwich is child's play.

STEP 2: Teleport behind the sandwich
This step is, perhaps, the most important of all. Any sandwich worth devouring oozes with sinister intent. You must strike preemptively, before it strikes you.

PRO TIP: Discerning what, exactly, constitutes "behind the sandwich" takes years of indigestion and dark meditation in the Akashic Realm. No two sandwiches are created equal.

STEP 3: Assert your superiority
Sandwiches are frail creatures, their egos frailer. All it takes is a witty retort, such as, "nothin personnel, kid", to disarm it, to fill it with despair.

STEP 4: Sever it into 17 pieces. No more. No Less.
Should you have successfully pulled it off, the Final Fantasy victory theme shall echo through your soul. You will obtain precisely 1 GP, 1 EXP, and, of course, newly acquired sustenance. (AKA Sandwich Chunks, their TRUE name. Because seriously, what were they thinking localizing it as SandBits????????)

STEP 5: Tip your fedora
As if there is any other ritual worthy of congratulating oneself for a job well done.

May this forbidden knowledge serve you all well!


Seriously, though, I'm trying to avoid carbs these days (kind of, sort of) so I don't really buy bread if I can help it. Bread crumbs, on the other hand... I like a little crunch on my meat, so sue me. But yeah, uncut bread for uncut eating, typically.
Your Art / Recommended Art-uploading Sites for Comics?
« Last post by DrampardonMe on June 11, 2024, 11:44 »
[If this topic goes elsewhere, please move it accordingly]

Might be a weird question, but I can't help but ask: what are the best sites these days for hosting comics? Are some of the old ones still good to use? Would some of the new ones be better?

Mind you, I'm waiting on a new computer, which should (hopefully) open my options a bit. I currently browse the Internet on a zombie-potato device, so some of the fancier sites don't seem to want to so much as load (I mean, I get it, but it's annoying for a caveman like me.) Also, if you've seen my stuff, it ain't exactly high-tier art. I figured I'd mention that because I'm not sure how many sites have high standards, and I'd like to respect those standards instead of watering down the pool.

It doesn't have to be a "webcomic-hosting site" either, but then I've never used that format before. It's not like I'd be updating frequently, anyway (I'd rather upload on a chapter-by chapter basis); it's really more for posterity's sake and/or ease of sharing. All I know is, I'd rather avoid using Webtoons. There are a few other sites I wouldn't use, too, but less "out of principle" and more because they'd be a last resort.

Thanks in advance!
^The lack of scaling was disappointing, to be sure. It wasn't a deal-breaker for me, but it would have personalized people's experience/choices that much more if it did, right? And yeah, I only recently got all the terrarium buffs. Found out the hard way wild Torchic were in the very last biome I decided to enhance-- and even then, not out in the open!

For me, it's less that the designs are outright terrible and more that most of them don't stand out. The ones that do really are cool (Armarouge, Dachsbun and especially shiny Cetitan are some of my new favorites, and I kinda liked Espathra after trying Flittle off a whim), but for every one of those, there's a few which look like cheap 3d models-- which, in all fairness, CAN be better than being just plain bad. Either way, I WANT to like Spidops, but it looks... artificial. My current team was mostly Pokemon from previous gens, though... I personally think they started to develop designs with 3D first and foremost in mind around Gen 7, but that wouldn't exactly explain the ones from this gen (and I suppose it doesn't apply to stuff like cross-gen evos or others based off previous Pokemon)

As for characters/setting, I guess I forgot some of the cooler parts, to be fair. I hinted at Team Star's bosses being cool (and Clive!!) and it's hard for me to pick my favorite gym leader between Katy, Kofu and Brassius, and some of them even grew on me over time (When I realized Ryme's design was a skeleton-arm for hair, it just clicked, you know?) but I still think Arven's route is my favorite, base-game-wise. If I didn't say already, I like Kieran, too. Was invested enough I kept calling him "friend" when prompted, haha.

I was fortunate to get a Palafin in a Tera Raid, and to be fair, a lot of trade-only evos are available that way, too, but I do get it's quite annoying. (I haven't paid for Nintendo Switch online at all, so I'm making things harder for myself, I guess!) And yeah, the harder Raids almost killed my enthusiasm for the game entirely. I found myself using EXP Candies on some Pokemon I'd have rather raised naturally, just to try and get the Mighty Cinderace I deep down only wanted for the novelty of it. Not fun. I ended up catching Scorbunny later at Blueberry Academy, anyway. I almost feel dirty just thinking about it...

Overall, definitely fun. A step in the right direction in some ways, needs polishing in others. I've been dying for the PWT to make a proper return, but I miss the Frontier(s) too, and none of what they do these days is a(n excellent) replacement for those. I'm so desperate for a new Frontier, I'd pay for amiibo based on the corresponding Frontier Brain. (Not saying that's a good idea, but I think Game Freak is allergic to amiibo anyway, so whatever). Re-battling previous Trainers from the current game is nice, but you still have to grind for it. In paid DLC. And you can only summon two at a time because there are three others by default (and lately I haven't seen Crispin... Rotten RNG, I guess?) I miss the Vs Seeker/Trainers' Eyes...

Customization is/was always cool, but I'd be happy if I could just BE the Blackbelt instead of, say, the Protagonist merely dressed as one. (One of the cool Blackbelts, though, some of their designs are weird) Considering all the Trainer classes/designs over the years, I'm surprised customization for the MC has been pretty limited overall, even when there ARE more options (Custom battle quotes like in Battle Revolution would be neat too, but I'm asking for a miracle there). I'm hoping Gen 10 is good, too, whether I play it or not.
Games General / Re: My "Review" of Pokemon Scarlet [SPOILERS FOR ENDING/DLC]
« Last post by Del on June 10, 2024, 22:47 »
awful performance aside, I thought S/V were pretty fun games. I have a few issues with it, mainly performance, but also the fairly rigid, fake open-world feeling (boss levels never scale based on you, so if you do stuff out of intended order, it's a breeze), and the grind required for fully unlocking the Terrarium in the DLC being truly insane unless you co-op it, but even then it takes a while.

I don't really know what people's beef with the designs are, a lot of them are really cool and I think it's a pretty nice dex overall. my full Paldea team might be one of my favourites I've used in ages, in fact? I didn't love the school setting, not because I particularly care about the school setting, but because they used it as an excuse to remove all the customisation and force you into ugly uniforms, which isn't great. Otherwise it was a fine setting, I suppose. It's not like you really engage with the setting beyond the first like, 20 minutes and then the ending anyway. Don't have any particular issues with any of the characters, and thought the story was pretty fun throughout base and DLC.

Think it was a massive shame that they introduced the Link Cable in Arceus, removed it here, and then doubled down on annoying mandatory-co-op-evo methods (Palafin), but at this point it is what it is I suppose. I also think some of the raids are just kind of Too Hard? I spent a lot of the 7 star raids trying to carry a friend through them and unless I basically give them a Pokémon and a set of instructions on what to press when, we were basically never duoing them, but I suppose this is what they wanted us to grind as a post-game now that they've removed basically everything else.

Fun games overall though, I enjoyed them. Fix performance, make boss levels scale, add real post-game content (Battle Tower/Frontier/whatever), make 7* raids a bit easier, and re-add real trainer customisation, and Gen 10 should be great I think.
PKMN.NET / Re: Happy 20 years
« Last post by DrampardonMe on June 10, 2024, 22:21 »
It's crazy that this forum is still up, since nearly every other forum I went on in the 00s-10s has been gone for quite some time.  I made this account two decades ago when Ruby and Sapphire came out when I was 10 years old!  It definitely felt like a sanctuary back then when kids my age were already moving onto other stuff, and the internet and the world was a very different place.

I feel that! I can't remember when I first joined (this is a newer account), but I wasn't really active until the year after, just shy of Diamond and Pearl's release, if I recall correctly. I think I was in high school when Ruby/Sapphire came out, so imagine how it was for me, haha. Boy, do I miss the simpler times!

Quote from: Ultration
Now I'm married with a daughter, and haven't touched a pokemon game since HG/SS, but I guess I'm sort of on a vision quest these days to try and track my origins.  I'm really grateful this place has been kept going for as long as it has.  We did most of our communication back then on Instant Messengers so a lot of it isn't archived.  Luckily I have 1 or 2 messages from 2003-2005 still in my inbox!

Congratulations on the marriage and kid! It makes me happy to know this forum is/has affected people in a positive way, too!
General Pokémon Discussion / Re: Snorlax best Pokemon
« Last post by DrampardonMe on June 10, 2024, 18:13 »
I know it's years after the fact, but


I think this poster is a real Snorlax who somehow got access to this forum. But don't say that too loud, he's trying to sleep!

Jokes aside, I keep telling myself I'll use a Snorlax some day, but I never do. I guess I'll never know the truth on how good it is...

i would be the best pokemon if i could sleep that much

Wouldn't we all?
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