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 Are you a fan of Sukoshi Con or its events are you a fan of Pokemon if yes to 1 of of these or both then you should think about attending Pokecon. For the first time Sukoshi Con is doing a Pokemon themed con.

Current posted info on the site is as follows we are looking for
Panelist Search Do you have a Pokémon related panel or event that you would like to do atPokéCon? Email us at and let us know about it. Also, please make any Pokémon related companies, vendors, panelists, and artists aware of our event. We are currently seeking sponsors, investors, and game runners.

Pokecon will be held at the Crowne Plaza Airport Expo Center, located at 830 Phillips Lane in Louisville, KY.

General registration, Artist Alley registration, and Dealer/Vendor registration is now open for PokéCON.

Current Events known are a Cosplay Contest, and a Sukoshi Con signature event Box Of Doom

There are Currently no special Guest listed

First Pass Offer Ends March 22, 2013, Dealers Pass Offer Ends June 30, 2013, Artist Alley Pass Offer Ends June 30, 2013

I will post more info as it becomes available

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