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Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!

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Tim and Richard's HGSS Nuzlocke!
First of all, welcome back to those of you who remember our Unova challenge with Brian and Avalon. Those of you whom we do not recognise, or have yet to read our BW Nuzlocke, we greet you with open arms and invite you to warm yourself by the warm hearth of our new story. Introducing Adam and Danika's Nuzlocke adventure around Johto!

Danika’s Diary

This diary is turning more and more into a dream log. And I think that’s a good thing. My life is so boring that it makes it more interesting to read back, when I write about the dreams I have. When I’m 90, I’ll look back at my fifteen year old self and wonder why I had such screwed up nightmares.

In my dream, I was standing outside, and it was dead quiet. Usually, you can hear the Hoothoot calling to each other, or the sound of the sea in the distance. But in my dream, it was silent.

Then I could hear the stars speaking to me. It’s weird, I couldn’t tell you how I knew, I just did. The stars were talking to me, but I didn’t understand the language they were speaking. I got the impression they were getting fed up with me, because they stopped speaking with the mind-words (telekathy, is it?) and started showing me mind-pictures instead; deep underwater, endless submerged corridors, and the knowledge that something was down there with me, watching me.


And then I woke up, and it was just a usual, boring day in New Bark Town. Anyway, signing off now, I have planssssssss this morning!


Well, this will be an exciting update! I have my very first Pokemon! It’s not completely mine though, Professor Elm leant it to me...I’m getting ahead of myself! ^^; (My teacher tells me off for writing smilies – she says they’re supposed to stay on the screen, and aren’t for work books – but this is my diary, so idc! =D)

So, as per my usual Friday tradition, I went down to the Professor’s to help out, and there was this guy there, Adam, or something, and the Professor asked HIM to run an errand to Mr. Pokemon’s house. And he gave him a Pokemon, the CUTEST Totodile ever.

Naturally, I was upset by this and caused a bit of a scene – and so Professor Elm gave me a Totodile too!! So now we BOTH have one.


We go to Cherrygrove, get accosted by some weird old man that tries to give me his shoes, and then get to Mr. Pokemon’s (which is a TREK, by the way x_x ) and guess who’s there?


Not really, it was Professor Oak – which is still just as awesome to be honest. Anyway, he said he saw ‘Great Potential’ in me and gave me a Pokedex – and he gave one to Adam too (who’s pretty strange by the way. I don’t think he likes me. He spent the whole journey talking to his Totodile, which is a shame, because I’ve seen him at school, and he seems really nice.)

Anyway, Mr. Pokemon gave us two eggs to take back to Professor Elm, and then him and Professor Oak have just started chatting all philosophical and deep – Oak’s all “I believe that this world of ours is a chaotic, spinning ball of determinism,” and Mr. Pokemon says “Indeed – I sincerely believe that everything happens for a reason.” Which is why I’m now writing in my diary, because I just can’t keep up with this kind of heavy stuff ^^;

So! After we’ve finished this cuppa, me and Adam are going back home and giving the eggs to the Professor. Ossum!


Okay shiz just got srs. Not even sure how I’m going to write all this, but I really have to before I forget or change bits of it.

So me and Adam leave Mr. Pokemon’s house, and immediately his phone starts ringing – it’s Professor Elm. ((Don’t even get me started on the fact that Adam has Elm’s number and I don’t. Favouritism rite thar.)) Apparently, some dude has stolen his Chikorita from his lab and is heading towards Cherrygrove.

So me and Adam run the distance, and it’s starting to get dark now, and it’s feeling all moody, and I was getting quite excited to be honest, because I’ve never really done anything this exciting before.

Anyway, we get to Cherrygrove and see this PROPER shady looking guy with a hench Chikorita, standing near the Pokemon centre. Adam starts acting the tough man, and is all “there’s a lot riding on this battle Danika, we’ll double team him and take back Chikorita!” and makes me release my Totodile.

The battle was bangin. My Toto hadn’t levelled up enough, so it was just using Scratch, while Adam’s was using Water Gun (which wasn’t really doing much tbh.)

And then the /worst/ thing happened. Chikorita used this sharp leaf attack thing, and Totodile just fell over and stopped moving.

I didn’t know what to do. I had run to pick up Totodile (like I’d seen real trainers do on the TV when their Pokemon faints) but the way he felt in my arms was different to what he should have felt like. He didn’t stir and look up at me, expecting a smile of reassurance – he just laid there, not moving at all.

I looked up to see if Adam had noticed, but he was holding his Totodile just like me, and we looked at each other, and I think we both knew – our Totodiles had actually /died./

I dunno if the Chikorita-thief had realised what he’d done, but he smirked and told us we were pathetic, and began walking off – and that was when Adam’s egg started hatching, and this little beak appeared, and guess who hatched out..?

No, it wasn’t Dumbedore, but a Doduo. Anyway, in this like, last act of desperation to stop this guy and get Chikorita back, he tells his new Pokemon to use Peck – and it does, like pretty much FLYING across the grass and nipping Chikorita right on its leaf – and it knocked it out. 

Well, this shady dude (who stupidly told his name which I’m totes telling the police – he’s called Jeriko. Or Jericko. Jerry-ko is how you say it, whatever) flipped out and ran off, after calling his stolen Pokemon back into its Poke Ball.

Anyway, Adam was all “we have to get back to the Professor” and I’m all “dude I don’t have a Pokemon.” He told me to try and heal our Totodile at a Pokemon Centre, but I think he just wanted to give me something to do so I wasn’t thinking about it or something, idk. So he went to the Professor to see if he was okay and to tell him about his Totodile.

I go to the Pokemon Centre, and the nurse tells me that Elm’s Totodiles are definitely dead, and I’m like “woah I didn’t think Pokemon DIED in Pokemon battles” and she gives me this REALLY nasty look and I’m like “woah calm down /I/ didn’t kill them” and I think she’s gone to phone the police on me. =( So not only have I managed to let my Pokemon DIE, but this chick thinks I killed them.

But then my egg hatched and out came THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER ADGJSAGDFKSJDHG – it was  a Teddiursa =33 who I have named Kio. You say it like “key-oh.” Like “Oh I found my keyo.” He doesn’t know about the two Totodile, and my Mum says you shouldn’t let babies see bad things, so I won’t tell him. HE will be my Pokemon from now on.

So...I’m sitting in the Pokemon centre and I’m thinking of running away before the police get here and arrest me for not saving the Totodile. Yeah. I’ll do that. Signing off. Bye.




Richard and Blaziken:
Everything had happened so fast after we left Mr. Pokemon's house. The battle with Jericho was a blur of emotion, and now I found myself running beside the newly hatched Doduo back to New Bark Town as quickly as my feet could carry me. Doduo was running much faster than I was, though, and kept stopping and waiting for me to catch up to him.

I rushed into New Bark Town and pushed the door to Elm's lab open, my chest heaving heavily as I fought to catch my breath. "We found him, Professor!" I nearly shouted, trying to regain my composure. A police officer stood near Elm and I told him about our encounter with Jericho, explaining that he'd used Chikorita in his battle with Danika and I, and we only won because of my new Pokemon, who was wandering around Elm's lab, curiously inspecting gadgets. The officer left once he'd gathered enough information, and Elm leveled me with a stern look.

"Where is the Totodile I gave you earlier?" He tilted his head and crossed his arms, waiting for my response, but I did not know how to tell him I'd failed him. Before I could answer, my PokeGear was ringing.

"Hey Danika... what do you mean they're dead?!" I shouted, seeing Elm's eyes widen. I dropped the PokeGear and fell to my knees, sobbing. Doduo walked over to me and nudged me with both heads and I embraced his furry body. I could feel Elm watching over me and I looked up at him. "The Totodile are dead... he killed them." I spoke with bitter tears falling from my face.

"Adam, listen to me. I have a feeling that you and Danika may be in serious danger" Elm said, holding his hand out to pull me up. "Pokemon don't usually die from losing in battle, even from taking heavy damage from attacks. I have heard of a story like this before; two boys from a very distant region were cursed somehow, and every Pokemon that they owned that fainted in battle... actually died." He said, straightening his stance.

"What do I do?" I asked desperately, drying my eyes. "You can give up now... or you can get stronger. Professor Oak and I have seen something in you, and I know you're not going to give up. Go now, Adam. You're about to learn something that very few Trainers can ever fully realize."

Outside of Elm's lab, I looked up at the stars as Doduo and I walked slowly towards Route 29. "I promise, Doduo, I won't fail you. You're very important to me, I'm not going to let you die, okay?" Doduo's heads were still aimed at the heavens, and I couldn't tell whether or not it was paying attention. "I'm gonna call you Terry" I said, smiling, before returning my attention to what was in front of me - Danika. I watched as she snapped a Hoothoot into a Pokeball, accompanied by a Teddiursa beside her.

"Danika!" I shouted, running over to her, lowering my head as I approached her. "We need to talk, Danika"




LV 5

Oh wow this is quite interesting already! Great to see the return of some of the best nuzlockers here XD

I like how Danika is almost the opposite to Adam, which is a nice touch to the nuzlocke. Also, the relevant mention of the Unova Nuzlocke is a nice touch as well. I forgot how good nuzlockes were actually...good luck and nice "starter" choices too.


--- Quote from: Spriter SR|XL on February 20, 2013, 11:21 ---Oh wow this is quite interesting already! Great to see the return of some of the best nuzlockers here XD

I like how Danika is almost the opposite to Adam, which is a nice touch to the nuzlocke. Also, the relevant mention of the Unova Nuzlocke is a nice touch as well. I forgot how good nuzlockes were actually...good luck and nice "starter" choices too.

--- End quote ---

Aw, cheers! Yeah, it's good fun having two completely opposite characters =3


Danika's Diary

So I’ve had like the best day ever!!
I have caught SO MANY POKEMONS!
So, after I left the Pokemon centre to run away from the police, I found the most awesome Pokemon ever, who I just knew I would catch – a Hoothoot, which I have called Eli. He’s a lovely little bird, does the cutest thing where he blushes when I tell him good he did in battle!
Then Adam comes running up to me, and starts telling me some stuff about Pokemon dying in battle and I’m like “dude, I know, I totally saw what happened to Totodile” and he’s all ~you’re not taking this srsly at all x_x; ~ and I’m all “Uh, I am, I’m taking it so srs that I’m RUNNING FROM THE POLICE GDI”
I think he got bored and ended up going off towards Cherrygrove. I didn’t care, because even though he’s nice, he’s way too srs for me. Kio was really upset though. He was riding on Adam’s Doduo’s back and was like having the best ever time and was SO SAD when they left.
So I went to some other place and captured...
No it wasn’t really, it was a Geodude, which I captured and called Roxie because it’s a rock and Roxie sounds like rock.
But yeah, Roxie is AMAZING. Everything’s all TACKLE and she’s like NU-UH and then wins SHE’S SO AMAZING X-X;
So then we went and played up in the grass passed Cherrygrove (and we saw Adam and I really did try my best not to spy on him BUT IT’S SO EASY GDI ) but then this Ledyba appeared, so I caught him and called him Hilton, because it’s got five stars on its back and me and my mum stayed in a hotel called the Hilton and it was a five star hotel so that’s why! =D
So then we went a bit further up and I found a Rattata which is SO HARD TO PRONOUNCE OMG so I called him Ratter which is so much easier to say.
And then I saw something moving in this cave, so I went in and it was proper dark, so I went out again, but this Geodude came and attacked me, so I captured that too and called it Mason, because there are these things called stone masons and Geodude is a stone, so yeah.
So now I have two Geodudes but Roxie is so much better omg she’s so good x_x
And then it started getting dark, so I just laid down in the grass to watch the clouds change colour and I started writing my diary. Before it gets proper dark, I’m going to go and find somewhere to sleep – I can see some lights in the distance and I think it’s a gate, so there might be a town – I know there’s one close by. I can’t go back to Cherrygrove because of the police.


LV 9 Kio (Teddiursa)
LV 11 Roxie (Geodude)
LV 8 Eli (Hoothoot)
LV 3 Hilton (Ledyba)
LV 3 Ratter (Rattata)
LV 2 Mason (Geodude)


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