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Su/Mo trailer topic - Alolan forms, leaks and more

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Gonna have to go with Decidueye... and it's the first time I'm actually picking a not-a-Water-type starter, so it sorta feels kinda weird, but I like every single stage of Rowlet's line a lot. Pretty sure I haven't felt that way about a starter line since Squirtle, for what that's worth.

I've read in a couple of places that Sun/Moon has, or at some point will have, some kind of ability to connect with Pokemon Go.

not chloe:
Okay so I unexpectedly came into a tiny bit of money and managed to preorder Moon for myself and wow I'' excited because I didn'5 think I was gonna get to play Sun & Moon but I am.

Think I will keep my starter at their basic form but who to pick... I actually quite like Popplio


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