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Pokemon that could use an evolution?

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--- Quote from: steven101 on April 07, 2013, 00:37 ---I have a evolutionary chain that would look good paturisu into emolga at level up with super fang

--- End quote ---

I originally thought that Emolga evolved from Pachirisu (or whatever it's called, I hate it anyway) but was unimpressed to find that was not the case. In any event, I agree that they should be evolutionarily (is that a word?) related. I also don't see the need for Pikachu, Raichu, Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, and Emolga. Seriously, it's bad enough that Pikachu and Raichu are ultimately useless competitive-wise. Stop making electric rodents that are worthless pokedex fillers. Many electric pokemon have enough trouble not sucking as-is.

I also agree with whoever said they need more split evo's. I think every pokemon should have at least two evolutions (excluding legendaries). Split evo's are a really cool aspect of the game. Remember Gen I when you couldn't decide what to do with your Eevee? Most other newly caught pokemon already have their fate decided based on the lack of options. Those electric rodents could all be one big happy sucky family. And they could also lump together purrloin, skitty, and glameow. I think the stones (and other evolution items) should be used more. That would be so awesome if you could use a thunderstone on growlithe to form a cheetah-dog hybrid with awesome typing (just stay away from ground attacks) Or if you could trade Growlithe holding a dragon scale to make an Arcanine-like Chinese Dragon.

Richard and Blaziken:
Just because a Pokemon is the same species, it should be lumped into the same evolutionary tree? No thanks.

Well, that is how evolution works irl..

Richard and Blaziken:
There are different species of cats irl, I don't see why all cats in Pokemon have to be part of the same weird evolutionary tree.


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