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Name:  Nancy Lane
Age:  23
Gender:  Female
Personality:  Nancy is not what people expect when they meet her.  Your initial impression of a literature-loving person working in a bookstore is that they're shy and quiet, right?  Well, people keep making the mistake to keep that stereotype for anyone working at By The Cover, especially in Nancy's case.  She doesn't take rude comments or insults at all, especially when you try to be discreet about it.  She is actually nice when you get to know her, but she comes off as tired and grumpy at first.  She turns into a big softie when around cats, however, and is much more happy and pleasant to speak with when she's around them.  Mice and hamsters are also a weakpoint.  Or sweet desserts.  Or a cinema trip.  You know what, she has a lot of weaknesses to her unintended 'tired of everything' attitude.
Description:  Nancy is 5"7 and has a slender-ish figure, with a bit of a flat chest.  She has ginger hair that she cuts short, giving her a bit of a boyish appearance.  Her skin a shade tanner than fair.  She normally wears jeans, but her shirts are varied (though they're almost always a bright colour / black with funny text on the front).  Her favourite shirt, one she wears most often, is a black T-shirt with "Would you kindly" written in lime and block capitals on the front.
Interests:  Music (prefers orchestral pieces), literature, film & television, food, travel, cats & most rodents.
Hates:  Water (not a strong swimmer), horses (phobia), dogs (phobia), pop music (though she has some guilty pleasures).
Other:  Nancy likes girls as much as she likes boys.  ;)
Starter Post:

"No, ma'am," Nancy sighed, heaving a box over to a set of shelves in the 'just-in' section.  She hated these kind of customers.  "We do not have any books by Jane Eyre."  When she put the box down, she turned to face the student.  "We do, however, have novels by Charlotte Bronte that are titled Jane Eyre."

The student huffed and folded her arms.  "Well, geez, you don't have to be so snippy."

"I'm not snippy.  Your attitude, on the other hand..."

The teenager looked apalled and spat, "Hey! You're supposed to be nice to customers, aren't you? 'The customer is always right'?"

Nancy let out a quick laugh and cut the box open with her scissors.  In this case, the customer wasn't right, but she didn't need to bring that up again.  "And we have a policy that customers should be nice to employees, or be thrown out.  You're not painting a pretty picture here by introducing yourself with, 'Hey, you!' "

The student growled.  "I want to speak to your manager!"  Nancy just pointed in a general direction and let the girl stomp away.  When she was out of sight, Nancy began sliding the books onto the empty shelves.  When she saw which book she was restocking, she sighed.  The masses really liked bad grammar and poor storytelling, didn't they?

The stomping came back.  Nancy looked up in time to be kicked in the face by the student's shoe.  Was this girl possessed or something?!

"Before I go, this is why you're supposed to be nice!"  And the girl reached at the shelves and pulled until the bookcase began to tip.

Nancy was holding her jaw when the bookcase loomed over her.  She tried to scramble out of the way but she wouldn't have got out of reach anyway.  She squeezed her eyes shut and waited.

Nancy felt someone push her.  There was a loud crash as the heavy shelves fell on top of something.  Nancy waited.  There were screams and panicked shouts.  There was pain.  Wait.  The pain was still in her jaw.  She opened her eyes.  Shaking, she looked behind her at the fallen bookcase.  There were hands poking out from underneath it.  Nancy got to her feet and ran closer.  She gripped beneath the edge of the bookcase and started to lift, shouting, "Are you okay?!" at the person trapped underneath.

A couple of cashiers and customers ran over to help.  Bystanders began explaining to people who came to see the commotion, claiming that someone had appeared from nowhere and pushed the ginger-haired woman out of the way.

Trekkie WhoLocked Fangirl!:
Name: Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Kane

Age: 18 (really around 45)

Gender: Female

Personality: Elizabeth has always been a caring person and extremely protective of the people she cares about and the child she was 'given' to protect. Although kind hearted, Elizabeth can be strict when it comes to rules and is one who enjoys order and structure when it comes to plans, disorganisation and mess is something she cannot deal with. Overall she is kind but can be over protective and slightly OCD with messes.

Description: Elizabeth has long blonde hair that is slightly wavy and falls slightly below her shoulders, her skin is fairly pale but there is a hint of pink in her cheeks. Lizzy's eyes are a bright hazel brown that contrast slightly with her pale skin and hair. She has a slender figure and looks a little breakable because of this, her clothes generally consist of something 'practical and smart.'

Picture:  Nopes

Interests: Music, but the classical kind. Reading, proper old literature books, cooking and being a host for people.
Hates: Anything messy, anything macabre.

Other: Erm, I don't believe so?

Starter Post: Elizabeth walked behind a young boy, she had watched him grow up and become fond of him, and even though he couldn't see her she liked to think of him as a friend. Keeping close to Carter as he left the school grounds, waving goodbye to his friends and shouldering his bag he started towards his house. Liz knew the journey as well as Carter by now, if not better and it was usually uneventful, but she kept her look out anyway. Just in case...
The walk usually took about half an hour, but this time it would take a lifetime. That's how it felt to Liz anyway.
Stopping at a main road that had to be crossed, Carter seemed a little big for his boots today and 'forgot to look', Elizabeth had to think quick, and didn't consider the consequences before she had already followed through. And now she was lying on the road, Cater now on the other side, stunned at what had happened.
Elizabeth felt pain, immense pain. It was alien and she was confused. Cars had stopped and were now being held up by her lying in the middle of the road...

'What... What's happening. They can't see me... Can they?' She thought, struggling to remain conscious after the accident.

(Both accepted. We now have two spots available, one as Nancy's Guardian angel and one as Liz's charge. I'm happy to fill the role of the latter)

Tweaked Nancy's 'Other' section, but now I think I made it sound creepy with it's phrasing. XD

Trekkie WhoLocked Fangirl!:

--- Quote from: Legacy on March 09, 2013, 21:56 ---(Both accepted. We now have two spots available, one as Nancy's Guardian angel and one as Liz's charge. I'm happy to fill the role of the latter)

--- End quote ---

Yay, all exited now :D haha


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