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Steel Winters:
Pokemon: WarzoneStory and Setting:
The Story takes place in a non-canon Pokemon setting in which conflict between the regions brewed into a war of terrifying proportions. Pokemon are a soldier's primary weapon in combat, the Kanto and Johto region, due to their similarities, have formed an alliance; The remaining three regions involved in the conflict are seperated. Most of the war is fought on the Kanto/Johto mainland... You are one of the many young soldiers, age 16+, who are fighting to protect your homeland. You are posted in the small town of Pallet, and it's your job to assist the army in any way possible.
   if you wish to sign up, copy everything in the box below and paste it into a post on this thread. Replace the parenthesis, "(...)", with your character's information.
--- Code: ---[color=purple]
   [b]Name:[/b][i] (Name)[/i]
   [b]Age:[/b][i] (Age)[/i]
   [b]Gender:[/b][i] (Gender)[/i]
   [b]Personality:[/b][i] (Personality)[/i]
   [b]Appearance:[/b][i] (Appearance)[/i]
   [b]Equipment:[/b][i] (Equipment)[/i]
   [b]Other:[/b][i] (Other Information)[/i]
[list type=decimal]
[b]Question:[/b] (What is the name of the Pokemon mentioned in the rules? Hint hint, read the gosh-darned rules.)

--- End code ---
I (GM) will decide upon events such as evolution, success in battle, capturing, and other things. Posts should be limited to your responses and your actions, not how others will react to your actions. Newly caught pokemon should have limitations, and pokemon that are high in level will not obey commands. Onix. Your character's actions and the actions of your pokemon are seperate, and the actions of pokemon should be decided by the GM, their nature, and maybe the convenient roll of a D20.
If you sign up, you get pie.

Name: Alex Blaze

Age: 18

Personality: Mostly a loner, can work in small groups but prefers to go in alone, great for infiltration missions and is very smart, yet tends to be hasty and rush into things, but he is very reliable. Also very skilled at making something out of nothing, tries to salvage every mission no matter the odds, and when forced to fight (is generally peaceful) has a knack for anticipating 3 moves ahead and is very strong. If forced into a fight, he is known to turning the odds in his favor and gives it his all.

Appearance: Blond hair, dark blue eyes, 6 feet 5 inches, solidly built but very skinny and agile.


100 full restores
50 revives
50 Ultra balls

Advanced first aid kit
Basic cell phone
12 arrows
Box of matches
Compound bow (shoots pokeballs off of arrows)


Will shoot arrows tipped with pokeballs to unleash them in battle and to catch them. In desperate situations, will turn into a sort of avatar form that looks like blaziken to fight and use up the rest of his strength. Is cursed to always faint after using up the rest of his energy in a transformation in exchange for arceus's blessing of power and courage.


Combusken lv. 31
Milotic       lv. 33
Espeon      lv. 30
Trapinch    lv. 30

Answer to question: hoppip

Here it is, hope you liked my modified version of it.

Steel Winters:
((I might have to deny this one... But, maybe if the equipment was a little less... Unobtainable, I might accept it. Sacred Ash can only be collected after defeating Ho-oh; Masterballs are extremely rare and nobody should really have one. The bow, the C4 and the arrows are mildly redundant seeing as how he's just recently enlisted in the army and he has not been given weapons; I also feel like mentioning that Pokemon in this story are used as weapons, not companions; and this fact makes weapons redundant in themselves. The only weapons I could think of would have to be a gun that shoots pokeballs, or maybe a bow with Pokeball-tipped arrows. But that's really it. If you modify your post, I may accept it.))

I've modified the equipment on my character and the info, is this acceptable?

(Thank you)

Name: Solen Steelisk
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Personality: Solen is calm and skilled at making friends. He knows it's human nature that people want someone to listen, so he always would around a friend or an acquaintance, even though others would have their own agenda. When someone says something meant for Solen, conversationally, and it doesn't interest him, he would pretend to care by making a comment about it to ensure the one that his or her words mean something. An open-minded Trainer, Solen isn't afraid to make mistakes in battle because he has convinced himself that he can recover from it. Sometimes Solen trains his Pokémon too much if he becomes attached to them, a perfectionist trait.   

Appearance: Solen appears lively and pleasant. Having gone through hard times, he and his Pokémon are hardened by both life and Pokémon battles. Water weaves his hair into thick, dirty-blond locks, giving Solen the "perfectionist" look an inch above 6'3". His fading blue shirt features interlocked prisms of sunlight projected on a deep pool of light blue, giving the shirt the essence of water. Over this Solen wears a red-and-white jacket so thin it had been peeled off a Pokeball. He sports thick, short, dark-gray jeans, barely sliding over a pair of creamy socks within white, slightly dirty sneakers. Solen has normal skin tone between pale and tan to complement grass-like eyes. His strong build is stretched out to span his height, so he appears thin.


1 Scope Lens
5 Water Gems
1 Life Orb
2 Super Potions
1 Mystic Water

Other: I know this looks like more of a Pokémon trainer form. In the actual Role Play, the character is a soldier than a Pokémon trainer.


Porous (Porygon-Z) Lv. 32
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Analytic
Moves: Substitute
           Pain Split
           Trick Room

Spiker (Ariados) Lv. 30
Item: Scope Lens
Ability: Sniper
Moves: Cross Poison
           Night Slash

Buccaneer (Blue-Striped Basculin) Lv. 29
Item: Mystic Water
Ability: Adaptability
Moves: Waterfall
           Ice Beam
           Zen Headbutt

Question: Diglett


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