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I thought I'd just wake up this topic, seeing as it hadn't been used since 21st Sept.

v4.3 is out now, this is a much wanted update for me, not only because of another level cap raise, but because we get a story level built specifically for our training needs! We can't lose on this level either, so that's a thing! I'm also happy about map movement with the arrow keys, now I don't have to move my mouse for no reason! We get Venonat... I care not for Venonat... but we get Super Potions! :D They also made a seemingly pointless change to the game corner, boosting the amount of coins used per turn, but boosting our chances of winning coins also, so that's silly... So yeah, other than some bugs being fixed, that's round about what we've been given, I quite like our new additions!

Richard and Blaziken:
The coin change was so the server would stop crashing, due to so many people doing their 500 clicks per day. A much needed change.

I haven't had internet for a while, and mine is still acting up, but I'm looking forward to seeing this new map. Super Potions will be helpful as well.

Owen Daynes:
I've just managed to get my Dragonair to evolve into a Dragonite, not going to lie, I think it's awesome! I currently run a Special Dragonite (which isn't really important in this game), which from my childhood, I always called it "Puff" after Puff the magic dragon!

Either way, my Moveset is Thunder, Fire Blast, Blizzard, and Dragon Rush, while being assisted by my Nidoking, who not only is the helping hander of my team, but also rain dances for my Thunder.

Now, I plan on changing the move set of Puff slightly, I'd like to change Dragon Rush, as it hasn't really proved useful as of yet, the thing is, I'm having a problem deciding what move to replace Rush with. I was think either Roost or Agility, both of these moves would help I believe, but deciding which would help more is hard. I could also choose Bubble beam, as I believe Rain Boosted Bubble beam might still pack a punch.

Anyone got any suggestions?

hermesguy I play this game and that's awesome , I like it , thanks .


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