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Hello everyone, it's Martini here...Now, I have been the Leader of the Flying-type Gym since the inception of this most recent Gym Leader Castle type deal that's been going for a few months now. I'm making this thread because when it started, I was extremely enthusiastic about the concept and very much so looking forward to the fun, challenge and somewhat revitalization of this wonderful site that I've been a member and avid supporter of since finding it WAAYY back when I was 14, some 7 years ago now. However, as of late I have become somewhat disenchanted with this whole deal because of it's lack of activity(I actually come to think of it don't think anyone that wasn't a Leader challenged and beat every Gym), and this saddens me a great deal. Now don't get me wrong, I realize everyone has lives outside of games and the site, not everyone has a good competitive team that they're confident enough in, some people don't have X or Y and can only use Showdown or vice-versa, myself being the latter of the two, or just simply aren't into Competitive Pokemon battling. So all in all, the point I'm trying to get across is that I love battling, and this site, and want to see if anyone is still interested in the Gym Challenge, because if not enough people are, I will resign from my position as the Flying Gym Leader, and I don't really WANT to do thay. Discuss...

Richard and Blaziken:
There aren't enough competitive battlers on here to run 8 Gyms and have people left to challenge them, I think. It was fun while it lasted, and I'd be up for getting it running again, but there aren't a ton of competitive battlers here. I am making an effort to teach people competitive battling that want to learn, but I dunno if interest is still there. Anyway, I don't see a need to "resign", as it's essentially meaningless if challenges aren't coming in anyway. I'd love to see this revived, but it seems unlikely to me.

I'm with Rich. However, if I see a challenge (unlikely, since Rich already beat me into the ground), i'll rebuild my dark type team and battle.

the bread dragon:
also agreeing with the past 2 posts, id love to see #thereturn, but it probably wont happen

Since I am new (Rich knows that ;~;), I don't think I know about this. Basically, do we have to stay in a server in Showdown waiting for folks to defeat us? If that's the case, damn straight; I would like to be the Normal-type (or another) leader if that is possible. However, I prefer the real thing (X and Y).


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