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So I thought I'd ask the good people of pkmn for some laptop advice (again)!

So basically I've finished uni now but I don't really know what the next few years will bring! I need something that will ideally last another 3-4 years.
I would class myself as a designer but not Pro yet I guess? By that I mean I don't need some bleeding edge thing with eye watering specs and pricing to match lmao.
While at uni I used it for design work, so graphic design stuff on illustrator, a little video editing, prototyping etc. My needs haven't changed /that/ much but still need something Powerful.

My current one is showing its age now but it served me well at college and uni. It's a 15.6' 2013 Samsung with i5 and 6gb of ram. It ran all of the stuff I needed to but could get quite slow when processing huge files.

So I've looked a few things up but just not that sure in what to go for. I'm not too fussed if it's Mac or Windows. Mac would be nice as it integrates with my iPad Pro but it's a lot more money. I've been looking into the 2015 pro but wondering is it worth buying a 2 year old machine at this point?
Windows is what I'm used to but getting frustrated with it now (although that's prob down to my laptop lmao). A lot of Windows seem to be 2in1s - I use my iPad for art now and I've heard the styluses aren't as great on some of them. Was looking into Wacom cintiqs but I think a traditional laptop would be better for me tbh.

Software I use:
[bold equals use a lot/italics occasionally]
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Premiere Pro (nothing too extreme, like I can't see myself making 4K)
  • After Effects (same as above but I'd like to do a little more)
  • Ms Office (mostly Word/PowerPoint)
  • Unity (want to do more in it)
  • Paint tool sai
  • Steam (very easy to run games lmao)
  • Arduino and Processing

  • I'm a little bit of an #aesthetic person so I'd like something that looks nice too. I'm sure gaming laptops would be fine but some just look too Edgy etc so I'd like something that looks Nice.
  • Nothing too bulky
  • I don't really want a 2in1 or a desktop either - lack of space for the latter just now.
  • It needs ports!! USB/SD/HDMI are what I use most
  • 15' screen - preferably a nice resolution etc. I'm open to 13' models with the possibility of getting a monitor later on.
  • Something that runs the above comfortably.

So I have a couple of questions as well:
1- Am I better off going for an i7 processor over an i5? Would I notice a difference even if I picked a current gen i5?

2- So with RAM is this where I should spend a little bit more? Like would it be silly to have an i5 and 16gb? Or should I be going as powerful as I can afford?


Thanks for reading my rambles, if anyone has suggestions/advice it would be much appreciated!

Sun and Moon / Sun & Moon Progress Thread
« on: November 23, 2016, 17:04 »
So now SuMo have been released today for the rest of the world (i.e europe) I thought i'd make a little thread. Post your team, where you're at, etc etc.

I've been avoiding spoilers on a lot of the stuff, I've yet to even look at the world map so it's been fun so far not knowing what's next! So if you've beaten the game already then it would be nice to keep this spoiler free as possible for the time being lmao.

I'm just at Hau'oli City currently, suited and booted with a new hairdo and contact lenses. Just about to fight team skull after some grinding.

My team as of now is:
Rowan - Rowlet lvl 11
Dippy - Slowpoke lvl 9
Spike - Yungoos lvl 8
Mitzi - Meowth lvl 7

No idea what my planned team is going to be tbh.

Random Randomness / Suggest me Laptops
« on: November 18, 2016, 21:17 »
I'm looking for laptop advice (again lmao).

I've been debating for a while about buying a new one, I just have no clue what route to go down!

Basically I'm in my last year at uni and honestly have no idea what the next couple years will bring, whether I stay in design or jump ship and go down another route.

I need something that's going to last and will be future proof I guess?? (I did consider a desktop but like I said I have no idea what I'm doing, so would rather something portable for the time being.)

My current laptop has a second gen i5 2.6ghz processor and 6gb of ram, running windows 10. Like it's fine when it works but even sometimes saving stuff on illustrator can take an age as has booting up these days.

The main use of my laptop is for design with other usual stuff.
+ I mainly use illustrator and InDesign.
+ Occasionally photoshop.
+ I do video edits very very occasionally on Premiere and After Effects, but I can't honestly see myself going into that route.
+ Ms office suite: word and PowerPoint.
+ Paint tool Sai
+ I do the odd bit of work with processing and arduino but I'm interested in learning more coding??
- Not big on 3D CAD stuff (although see above lol)
- Very rarely game on my laptop either
+ Then usual web browsing etc

So I really like the idea of some of the 2 in 1 hybrids (e.g. Surface Book) but I also wouldn't mind to move away from windows at the same time lmao. I did think of getting an iPad Pro and pimping it up but idk. Then I think I could just get a better tablet etc etc

Like basically I'm not sure /how/ much power I'm going to need for stuff? I could go crazy and just get max specs for everything but like I say it could end up being overkill!

My other requirements are pretty much:
- 15 inch screen (could go 13 if I got a monitor)
- Storage at least 250gb SSD
- Nothing too bulky/heavy
- Aesthetic (see above, no Alienware stuff)
- Not crazy expensive
- Don't mind buying refurb/secondhand

I'm not going to be getting anything asap but just really looking for some suggestions? Throw stuff at me. What's good and what's bad.

Thank you!! 

Your Art / inferna's 123rd (estimated) art thread
« on: November 01, 2016, 21:26 »
uni is killing me slowly and this is a thinly veiled attempt at procrastination

Since it's a new month and all that jazz i'm going to attempt to post daily (hopefully?) and take little (emphasis on little) requests from you guys. I haven't drawn properly in a good while so I may be slightly rusty. 

Request wise I want stuff that's fun/silly/etc and something that won't take ages, so nice simple stuff like Pokemon or whatever.
So yeah don't expect a huge piece with 400 OCs and a BG etc (if you want that i need £££ lmao), it'll most likely be something like this:

So yeah request now while i still have motivation for it!!

Just an fyi :
Spoiler: show
I can be quite scatty and uni may ramp up towards the end of the month so if you've requested something and I've not done it then feel free to send me a PM or post here to get my attention.

Trades / Someone help me evolve my Seadra
« on: August 25, 2016, 20:34 »
I'm finally getting around to finishing oras and I need to evolve my Seadra into a Kingdra! I have a dragon scale just can't trade it lmao

If one of you lovely members would be so kind to help me on my quest, it'd be much appreciated! I don't really have anything to trade in return besides from some Head Smash Aron I caught today. I could do you a little drawing or pixel for your sig though instead (or just have my eternal love and thankfulness).

My FC is: 1375-8550-1401

thank you!!

(also I'm in the UK, so I use GMT as a heads up)

Gaming / PS3 game suggestions
« on: June 16, 2016, 18:55 »
(I'm aware I'm like 5 years late to the party but w/e.)
My little brother doesn't play his anymore cause he's got a ps4 lmao. Obviously it'll be really cheap now to get some games! Only problem is I've got no idea where to start haha. I've downloaded a few old nostalgic ps1 games and I'm in the process of downloading dragon age origins, it was only £3, so I thought why not.

Kinds of games I like are mostly adventure and RPG/jrpg games. I'd prefer ones with a good single player element first and foremost and then a good online mode will be a bonus! I'm not as keen on games that really really gory or violent lmao. I like games with a bit of challenge but don't want it to be a proper slog through either.

but basically I've not played a good majority of last gen games (non Nintendo ones) so I'm open to most suggestions! Leaning towards the bigger titles rather than indie stuff but again if there's any amazing ones then I'm down.

General Pokémon Discussion / Traditions
« on: March 12, 2016, 14:40 »
Do you have any little odd traditions/quirks you have to do when you play through a game?

Since Gold I've always evolved my starter into its final evo with a rare candy. I remember this the most from route 119 in RSE. Speaking of that route I always have my secret base in the big bush on the right just before Fortree. Another place I liked was the tree in the middle of the sea beside Mauville Town.

So yeah, what are yours?

Random Randomness / Laptop Troubles
« on: March 07, 2016, 21:57 »
So for the past while my laptop has been playing up. It's the one I bought after getting advice on here actually but it's mostly been pretty solid, I'll give it its dues!
It's incredibly slow when it comes to opening certain programs. Like with Sai for example (I'm assuming it's a pretty lightweight program), I can click on the icon on the taskbar and it just doesn't do anything. Even trying to run task manager can take an age sometimes. Other times this doesn't happen and it'll be completely fine, like a few weeks back I had a 40 page document on InDesign open, plus illustrator, and a few tabs on chrome.
I'm still running Windows 8.1 (been meaning to get 10 but just don't have my hdd with me at uni) and my antivirus is Avast. It's updated to the latest version. The laptop itself is roughly 3 years old. Had a few niggles with it but nothing major.
I don't know if I might have a virus of some sort or not? I haven't been on anything dodgy recently though lol and I think the last thing I downloaded was rollercoaster tycoon 2 from steam so I doubt that's the problem lmao. Only other thing I can think of is that the wifi both in my flat (uni halls) and at uni is unsecured. Due to my flat wifi being a piece of crap I tend to only have it on my laptop when I need to upload assignments or whatever, tend to keep it turned off while at uni unless I need it.

It's getting pretty irritating tbh. I have been debating to save up and get a Mac and if I can't sort this then this will probably be the last straw. Hopefully it won't come to that though aha.

So yeah does anyone have any suggestions/help/advice? Thank you!

Your Art / before i lose motivation
« on: January 04, 2016, 15:48 »
I'm doing requests! i've not drawn solidly since like last year and i finally got a new tablet. The pic in my sig was drawn today so I guess that's as recent an example as you'll get lmao.

I'd prefer nice fun requests because if they're complicated I'm less likely to do them. Nothing really weird that's going to take ages to do either, i'm willing to draw most things though, obv within the rules so no extreme gore/nudity etc. I'm very rusty with most things atm so yeah bear that in mind?

(if anyone is keen then i wouldn't mind doing an art trade either!)

Your Art / inferna is drawing again
« on: June 22, 2015, 09:50 »
I haven't drawn anything in about 3 months and I'm finally done with college so I thought why not open up some requests!

I'm willing to draw most things as long as it isn't too complex or weird. Nothing nsfw, gory etc. Some of these may be different to my usual style (?) as I want to experiment a little more. If you're wanting a specific character or whatever then describe or link it.

I'll take 3 spots for now, I'll aim to have these done by next week if not sooner!

Gaming / Majora's Mask 3DS
« on: February 10, 2015, 17:45 »
This game is released in a few days here, so I thought I'd make a topic to discuss it!

Personally I never got to play this the first time around, my only experience was on the special GameCube disc that came with wind waker. I'm pretty excited to play it though, oot for 3ds was so much fun (again never played it first time around aha). I've heard that it's a lot darker than all of the other games in the series, I enjoyed twilight princess though so I'm hoping I'll like it!

Is anyone else getting it? For those of you that played it before do you think that it'll be as well done as oot?

Your Art / taking requests!
« on: December 02, 2014, 19:34 »
I haven't done any non college art since like October, so it'd be nice to blow off some steam and draw stuff for fun!

these were some of the last things i drew so yeah

all pokeyman related but i'm willing to draw pretty much anything as long as it isn't nsfw/gory/etc.

I don't really want anything too complex or time consuming, like I said just stuff that's fun! obviously I'm still going to put effort into it but nothing like 'all 700 pokemon at once' lmao.
Christmas stuff would be cool too i guess?

I'll take 3 requests for now~

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Current team in oras
« on: November 29, 2014, 09:18 »
(I know most of you Americans will have finished the game already but still! )

So what's your team just now?

I'm currently in rustboro, training a little for the gym.
Lilli - Treeko lvl 12
Poe - Surskit lvl 9
Alice - Ralts lvl 10
Ava - Taillow lvl 10

Not sure if I'm going to copy my old sapphire team or just make a new one, undecided yet.

X and Y/OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire / Mega Rayquaza!
« on: October 02, 2014, 16:59 »
As pretty much everyone guessed, Rayquaza gets a mega evoloution!
Unlike Groudon and Kyogre it doesn't get a primal evolution but it will be revealed as to why it did not gain one.
It has a new ability called 'Delta Stream'. While Mega Rayquaza is in battle weather is nullified and any moves that are super effective against flying types just do normal damage. Like Groudon and Kyogre it learns a new stab move called 'Dragon Ascent'.

I think it looks pretty cool, although i don't like the huge part around its mouth. It detracts from the design a little but yeah it definitely looks like a Mega.

Gaming / Wii u worth it now?
« on: August 29, 2014, 10:02 »
I've been itching to play some games on a tv rather than on my 3DS.
I've been considering a Wii u for a while now. There's plenty games I want to play on it: hyrule warriors, smash bros, Mario kart 8, wind waker, xenoblade and virtual console games like shovel knight, earthbound and the gba games. So finding something to play wouldn't be a problem! I've also got all of my last gen Wii games too.

I don't know it feels like if I got a Wii u I'd be missing out but then again I'm not a fan of fps games. I know the ps4 has some titles I'd be interested in like kingdom hearts, the last of us, little big planet and psn store games. I am considering a ps4 instead but I'd feel right now I'd get more value for money with a Wii u rather than a ps4 (and no I'm not considering an Xbox one/pc).

So Wii u owners are you happy with it? I'm just wondering if it can be a primary games console. Obviously I cannot afford to get both, the Wii u is a good £100 cheaper. I'd most likely get a bundle with each.

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